The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 321

“I can enter directly? I lined up because everyone was lining up!” said Ye Lang. 


The guards finally knew Ye Lang was as confused as what they said in the stories. The Light Riders had already told him he could enter directly, but this Ye Lang lined up instead because other people were lining up. 

At the same time, the group of young people understood Ye Lang wasn’t as simple as they thought he was. Who was he? 

“Who is he? Why do you believe him?” 

“This gentleman is the genius doctor, the confused genius doctor who saved tens of thousands of people. If we don’t believe him, you think we would believe you, a bunch of kids who only know how to tell people who your dad is?” said the guard, the first half of his sentence very respectful, while the second half plain disgust. 

Ye Lang earned the people’s respect with his own effort. In comparison, these kids were absolutely disgusting! 

“Oh so that’s him…” muttered the people nearby. Ye Lang’s nickname was very well-known. However, most didn’t know his real name. 

“Get in line if you still want to enter or we will not be so kind!” barked the guard. 

They clenched their teeth, glared at Ye Lang, then left very reluctantly. 

There was no one to blame. The only thing to blame was their awful luck to bump into Ye Lang! 

“Yep, exactly! Leave!” cried Ye Lang excitedly, though he didn’t seem to intend to leave the line himself. 

The guard looked at Ye Lang. When he was certain Ye Lang was still queuing up, he finally spoke, “Sir, why are you still in line?”

“To get into the city!” 

Why are you still in line?! With your status, you can enter any gate in this place…

“... I think you should just come with us, we’ll bring you inside.” 

“Oh, really? Would it affect other people?” he was worried he might take up another person’s spot. 

“Sir, you lining up here WILL affect other people. You could’ve entered the city directly, why would you want to take up a spot in line?” 

“Oh. Then enter we shall!” nodded Ye Lang, leaving the line. He entered Sheng City, the part on the mountain, for the first time in his life. 

As he walked along the paths in the city, he realised there was perfect harmony between the buildings and the structure of the mountain, it was very pleasing to the eye. 

This city had existed for thousands of years, its structures had undergone thousands of years of re-alignment too! After so long, it had arrived at a flawless state, attaining perfection. 

It wasn’t the work of one person. Even the genius of the geniuses couldn’t do something so perfect! 

Other than shopping, Ye Lang had another important task: to look for the place Ye Academy’s students were staying at. He would find Ye Lanyu and the rest there. 

Thank god he had Zhen Xiaoyan with him to bring him to their destination. While Ye Lang couldn’t leave the city with its tight security, he would’ve gone somewhere very far away. 

A Light Rider led Ye Lang and Zhen Xiaoyan to a huge mansion. Well, it was considered huge by Sheng City’s standards. 

There were different buildings, all three storeys high. They were connected to each other to resemble a very luxurious palace. This was a classic Western-style mansion that resembled the Buckingham palace, with over two thousand rooms inside! 

Mansions built like palaces were not rare in Sheng City. These mansions were everywhere because they were accumulated over thousands of years. 

Every day, visitors arrived from the six great kingdoms to come into Sheng City. The accumulation of these structures was often because the followers needed them for different functions or they just needed something to do. 

And because this place had over two thousand rooms, all the participants from different academies were staying in this mansion. And many academies only needed about one room each so there were so many rooms left over. 

There were no privilege-related conflicts because none of the schools was treated better or worse than the rest. All guests were treated the same in Sheng City! 

And therefore this was a very special situation. In the past, the stronger, better schools were clearly differentiated from the rest. This time, everyone was mixed together evenly. 

Better schools didn’t receive better treatment, everyone was the same! 

“Ye Lang, Ye Lang…” This place was temporarily called the Students’ Palace. Within the palace came panicked shouts. It was a beautiful voice, as if a phoenix was flying out of the valley. 

“?? Who’s calling for Ye Lang?” The seventh princess was currently in an argument with Ye Lanyu. When she heard the shouts, she stopped to ask Ye Lanyu. 

“That’s Xiaoyan’s voice, can’t you recognise it?” scoffed Ye Lanyu as if she was still mad about the thing they were arguing about. 

“Oh, Xiaoyan… Why is she calling for Ye Lang? He’s not here… Wait…” as the seventh princess spoke, she suddenly realised something and gave Ye Lanyu a look. 

Ye Lanyu was also looking at the seventh princess…

Soon, they both said at the same time, “Oh no! Ye Lang is missing again!!” 

“Xiaoyan!!” Both of them dropped everything to run as fast as they could towards Xiaoyan. 

Why would Xiaoyan shout for him if he wasn’t missing? Based on her personality, she wouldn’t scream so loudly with strangers around. 

They were certain of one thing: Ye Lang went missing here- or Xiaoyan wouldn’t be screaming here and would’ve sent a search party. 

“Xiaoyan, did he go missing again?” Ye Lanyu very quickly appeared before Zhen Xiaoyan. She was still looking everywhere for him, two hands at her mouth like an amplifier, screaming Ye Lang’s name. 

“Yeah. He just arrived, I blinked, and he went missing again! He was just here…” Zhen Xiaoyan nodded. She was relieved to see Ye Lanyu here- but only a little. 

“We’ll separate!” 

At this moment, Ye Lanyu and the seventh princess did not blame Xiaoyan for this. Even they couldn’t do anything if Ye Lang decided to go missing! 

It was unnecessary to ask ‘why didn’t you watch him’ or ‘why were you not careful’ so they didn’t ask her. The most realistic solution was to immediately start looking for him. 

He had just gone missing, so they still had a chance to find him quickly. Any later and god knows where he would be!