The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 323

After Ye Lang’s lecture, Edward went completely silent. He never asked Ye Lang about it anymore- at least not on this topic!

“You sick sicko…” Unfortunately, another person appeared to annoy Ye Lang just as Edward stopped…

And this person was the teenage girl on the same team as Edward--- Fei!!

“…” Ye Lang walked along, following the walls and looking at the etchings on the walls and not reacting to Fei’s shouts. 

Sicko? That’s not my name!

“…” After witnessing Ye Lang’s utter disrespect towards her, Fei was about to explode in rage when she was stopped by Kesha who was next to her. 

Kesha gave a seething glare at Ye Lang then said, “Fei, don’t go after him. He’s not a good person, what if he hurts you?” 

“What’s there to be scared of? I’ve just entered Level 9 as a fighter, he’s nothing to me!” scoffed Fei proudly with some disgust as she swung a sword in her hand. 

Her pride was of course in herself. Her disgust was—of course at Ye Lang! 

“If we’re talking about skills, he can’t even win if you fought with one finger but this person is too lowly, too shameless!!” Kesha shook her head. She was very apprehensive about Ye Lang’s methods in the battlefield. 

“Yeah, he’s exactly that kind of person, don’t you go near him!” agreed Edward. He had completely forgotten about Ye Lang helping himself! 

“But…” Fei wanted to say something but was interrupted by Edward. 

“Be patient, I heard he’s here to participate in the competition, that’s why he’s here. I know we’ll definitely meet him again!” said Edward. 

“Oh, alright! You sicko, just wait!” Fei stomped her foot- at least this released some of her rage. And this matter stopped here. 

As for Ye Lang, he seemed to be fated to be annoyed by everyone today. He wasn’t found by Ye Lanyu but rather by other people. 

“Ye Lang! I can’t believe you’re alive!” At one point, there was a group of people who seemed to recognise Ye Lang.

And within this group, some were friendly, some were clenching their teeth while the rest were neutral. It was very odd. 

All would be clear once you knew which school they were from! 

That’s right, they were from the Soaring Sky Empire’s Royal Institute of Education!

“You are…” Ye Lang was confused once again. He hadn’t met these people in a very long time. No, a more accurate explanation was that he hadn’t met most of them ever, and met a small portion of the group only a handful of times. 

Ye Lang was a famous person in the Royal Institute of Education but it was always other people recognising him and not vice versa. He always stayed within the compound of the alchemy academy and only talked to people within the same academy. 

There were alchemy participants here but very few and they weren’t even in the same class as Ye Lang. That was why he could barely remember them. 

“My name’s Li Xiande, you should’ve heard of it!” growled one of the people who was clenching his teeth. 

Ye Lang thought for a moment. “I’m sorry, I haven’t!” 

“…” Li Xiande fell silent. From Ye Lang’s reaction, he knew Ye Lang had never placed any important on his entire family. 

“My brother is Li Danteng!” he clenched his jaw. 

“Oh…Oh…” Ye Lang waggled his finger, as if he remembered, but… “Who?” 

Crash! Everyone present almost fainted! 

Even if Ye Lang didn’t respect them, everyone thought he would at least remember them. In this situation, he even forgot them entirely. It was embarrassing for the First Swordsman’s family! 

Especially Li Danteng. If he knew, he would’ve jumped out of his grave! 

After their fight, Li Danteng struggled for his life for a few days at home before dying because of how serious his wounds were. It was a very heavy blow to the swordsman’s family. 

And as for Ye Lang… Well, he didn’t know and didn’t ask about it. He had no time for it! 

Why would he care? 

“He’s the person you murdered! Although it was a fair fight, and I have no way of putting the blame on you, but I will remember it! And if we ever meet on a battlefield, I’ll definitely kill you!” Li Xiande looked very proud of himself, giving himself a very good reason to avenge his brother, to kill Ye Lang. 

He wouldn’t have attacked Ye Lang before this because he would be looked down upon by other people. Other people would gossip when the swordsman’s family would take revenge over something like that. 

Every noble swordsman was clear how many battles they had witnessed, and how many opponents they themselves had killed out in battle. Taking revenge for a swordsman’s death was not right! 

Also, Li Danteng knew the risks. He was the one who ambushed Ye Lang, no one could be blamed for his death! 

“I murdered him? Oh, I remember, Li Danteng! He’s dead?” Ye Lang finally recalled him, but unfortunately, his question was very insulting. 


“You’re Li Xiande?” asked Ye Lang again, as if he remembered something else. 

“Yes! Li Xiande, Di Level fighter!” Li Xiande nodded proudly. He was very proud of himself for attaining the Di Level at such a young age. Although he was a very, very regular fighter compared to the other experts. 

[Note: both the brother’s names add together to sound like a different phrase: Xian De Dan Teng – which means so bored (my) balls hurt]

“Xiande, Danteng… Interesting…Your dad was a smart man, no wonder he was the First Swordsman of the kingdom!” Ye Lang didn’t notice the mentioning of ‘Di Level’ but rather thought the brothers had a very interesting name combination. 

To Ye Lang, they were indeed bored enough for their balls to hurt- why did they have to come harass him? Out of boredom?! 

“What do you mean?!” roared Li Xiande. 

“Nothing, you do your thing. I still need to look for my sister. We don’t go to the same school anymore, I’m sure they won’t be here…” Ye Lang quickened his pace as he spoke, leaving the group of students who only looked at each other. 

Li Xiande wanted to follow but couldn’t find a good enough reason to. Even if he did have a reason, he still couldn’t do anything because they were currently in Sheng City. Everyone must be civilised in this place! 

This was how Ye Lang met the Violet Academy students, then the Royal Institute students- but still he didn’t meet his own Ye Academy classmates! 

He could only continue looking…

Very soon, someone shouted for Ye Lang again. And this person was still not from Ye Academy! 

“Eh? Isn’t that Ye Lang?” a very pretty aristocratic girl, so pretty you wouldn’t be able to look her in the eye, spotted Ye Lang while talking to a friend. Ye Lang was walking slowly along a wall…


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