The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 326

“Yeah….” The seventh princess paused for a moment, then immediately ran towards the direction of his voice, her expression filled with relief and happiness. 

This wasn’t easy at all, it was rare for anyone to be able to find Ye Lang under such circumstances…

“Ye Lang!! Why did you go wandering off again, do you know how worried we were?!” When the seventh princess saw him, she immediately scolded him, her index finger pointing straight at Ye Lang. 

“I didn’t wander off, I was always inside the building! I didn’t even go outside!” argued Ye Lang, feeling wronged. 

“...” The seventh princess didn’t know what to say. It was true though, Ye Lang didn’t leave the mansion at all. It was just that the mansion was too large, it felt like he was wandering off again! 

“I don’t care if you left the building, it’s still not right for you to make us worry and search for you the entire day!” huffed the princess. She wanted Ye Lang to take responsibility. 

“I’ve only been walking along the corridors, how could you not find me?” asked Ye Lang distractedly, still looking at the alchemy formation on the wall. There was a giant, hidden formation here. 

“...” The seventh princess was at a loss for words again. Even from what people told them, she and Ye Lanyu both knew Ye Lang was only walking along the hallways. He didn’t even enter any rooms. 

Based on logic, Ye Lang should’ve been very easy to find! 

“I don’t know how you were walking either! The chances of losing someone walking along the hallways are so low, I don’t know how you went missing!” The seventh princess didn’t know if it was luck. 

Every person she met along the way saw Ye Lang, some even talked to him for a bit. And then there was her, half-dead looking for him. This wasn’t even probability, it was plain luck! 

“Hey, this alchemy formation is… interesting…” Ye Lang ignored the princess, rather speed-walked towards another corner to look at the end of the alchemy formation. 

“??” she hesitated, but her footsteps didn’t. She immediately followed him, she couldn’t help but want to keep Ye Lang within a one-yard radius of herself at this point. 

No, that’s too far. Three feet? No… One foot should be best! 

To prevent herself from losing Ye Lang again, she stuck close by, never faltering a single step. Everyone around the compound was jealous of this boy having two pretty girls following him around. 

Who was this boy? Many people wanted to know the answer. Although he was a famous person, not many recognised him in real life! 

Obviously, the two pretty girls behind him were… The seventh princess and Little Xin! 

And at this point, no one really cared what Ye Lang was doing anymore…

“Hey gorgeous, what are you doing here?”

A few self-proclaimed handsome guys approached the princess and Little Xin, then asked them a question with a what-they-thought-was-good-looking expression… The answer to this question obviously wasn’t important to them, all they cared about was if the princess and Little Xin would talk to them. 

The seventh princess ignored them. She encountered a few guys like this every day, she was very tired of them already. The best solution was to not speak to them! Give them the cold shoulder! 

She knew that even speaking to reject them might bring up unnecessary topics of conversation, and she had no interest in having a conversation with them at all! 

She didn’t know the answer to their question anyway. She didn’t know what Ye Lang was doing either, she was just tagging along. 

Very soon, Ye Lang stopped. He felt the wall with his hands…


“Ah….” The wall emitted a ray of light, then suddenly cracked open. No one expected this, not even Ye Lang knew this would happen. 

He was looking for the centre of the formation- yep, he was right after all. This was indeed the centre of the alchemy formation, and this was where a person could control the entire formation! 

However, the wall seemed to open automatically after he felt the wall. Even Ye Lang was puzzled. Perhaps it was because the formation was ancient, that was why it was a little unstable. 

The accident should’ve been a minor problem… Unfortunately, at this moment, there was a girl behind the wall. She was topless. This looked like a bedroom, and very unfortunate for her, she seemed to be in the middle of changing her clothes. 

The girl panicked and clawed at her clothes frantically, covering them across her chest. She glared at Ye Lang, furious. 

However, there was shock after the fury…

“You again!!” she roared. Looks like she knew Ye Lang. 

Ye Lang looked at her though. They’d met before, just was never close. Perhaps it wouldn't have done anything though since he often forgot faces he hadn’t met in ages. 

At this point, Ye Lang was ignoring the half-naked girl- who was attracting a lot of attention everywhere. Her skin was flawless, and she was very pretty… 

“What’s going on? How did I activate the formation?” he furrowed his brows, watching the glowing alchemy formation. It was glowing very brightly now, a gorgeous work of art. 

Ye Lang was deep in thought. The rest were also stunned at the sight, either because of the girl or by the formation. 

At top speed, the girl ran behind a divider, put on her clothes the fastest she’d ever done in her life, then, with the same speed, she pounced towards Ye Lang, kicking his shin! 

It was an easy target! 

Ye Lang should’ve been able to dodge easily, but he was fully occupied with observing the formation at the moment and did not notice the girl’s presence at all. 

She was also kicking him to vent, she didn’t mean to hurt him -that was probably why it didn’t trigger his defence reflexes! 

“Hey, why’d you kick me?” Ye Lang leapt backwards, took a good look, “Aren’t you that… That…” 

Who? Who? But Ye Lang never ended his sentence because he didn’t know the answer either. He’d only met her before! 

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