The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 328

“That was magnificent! Such an incredible formation!” marvelled Ye Lang as he watched the slanting building finally collapse to the ground. 

It was very obvious from his expression that he felt no guilt contributing to the collapse of this mansion. It wasn’t even his fault anyway, why would he feel any guilt? 

However, not everyone there thought the same. Most of them agreed this was all because of Ye Lang! 

“What bullshit are you spouting now? Let’s see how you clean up this mess!” said the seventh princess, annoyed. 

“Why would I need to clean up this mess?” asked Ye Lang with surprise. He was a little clueless, he didn’t understand why he would be responsible for it. 

This should be cleaned up by Sheng City, it wouldn’t be hard to get everyone somewhere new to stay. As for the mansion? Build it again! 

“Why? You dare ask why? What were you doing, how did you destroy an entire mansion?!” questioned Ye Lanyu when she finally found Ye Lang, pinching his cheek. 

“Ah…..” Ye Lang tried his best to escape, but to no avail, “I wasn’t doing anything, I was only looking at some alchemy formation, and then it was suddenly activated…”

“So it WAS because of you!” Ye Lanyu let go, smacking his head. Although she said that, she didn’t care much about it. 

It it was ruined, then so be it. 

“I don’t think you could say it’s because of me…” 

“Other than you, who could destroy such a huge mansion?!” interjected Zhen Xiaoyan, coming by his side. Once again accusing Ye Lang as the culprit. 

Well, it’s not accusing if it was indeed Ye Lang! 

“Ye Lang, it didn’t matter as much if you were fooling around at home… Look around you! Do you know where we are, what day it is? Now we’re all homeless!” The students from the Royal Institute of Education were here too, glaring daggers at Ye Lang. 

This was only a small portion of the students though. The rest could only laugh it off, shaking their heads. They were used to this feeling of exasperation! 

“Let the Light Riders help with the arrangements, what do you mean homeless,” waved Ye Lang. If a Light Rider heard this, he’d definitely be exasperated too, though it was an honour to serve him. 

An honour because Ye Lang knew to seek help from the locals who were willing to help. Exasperated because Ye Lang seemed to treat them as if they worked odd jobs, he always assigned random tasks to them. 

“Light Rider? Who do you think you are? Why would those honourable Light Riders have the time to care about us?” scoffed another coldly. They were not impressed by Ye Lang’s ‘arrogance’. 

“Aren’t the Light Riders responsible for dealing with these trivial matters?” asked Ye Lang, puzzled. In his memory, he recalled the Light Riders doing mostly odd jobs here and there. 

“...” Everyone fell silent, including Lanyu and the seventh princess who knew why he said that. 

Although they knew there were many Light Riders at Ye Lang’s House of Confusion, so it could seem to an ignorant person like they were common guards, but no one would ever think they were THAT low-ranked to do odd jobs! 

“Light Rider, bring a few men here!” shouted Ye Lang. 


No one expected Ye Lang to do something like that, calling them as if they were a janitor?! 

“You silly, you think this is the House of Confusion? You think you could get a Light Rider from shouting like that?” the seventh princess pinched him. 

“Isn’t this Sheng City’s inner city area? There should be more of them here, I believe someone will come if we ask!” replied Ye Lang, indifferent. He proceeded to carry on shouting. 

“You sick sicko, what are you screaming for? So they can think of a better punishment for you?” Fei was watching him closely, but she still didn’t understand why he was shouting. 

Many people didn’t either. Ye Lang was the ‘culprit’ here, the one responsible for the destruction. Why would he want to attract attention to himself like this? 

“So they can help clean up! Also, why would they want to punish me? It’s not like I did anything wrong? Also, even if I did something wrong, they wouldn’t dare say anything,” Ye Lang’s indifferent expression caused many people to misunderstand his words as arrogance. 

These were all proud candidates representing their schools. They tended to look down on arrogant people, which was ironic. 

That was why even the ones who didn’t know Ye Lang secretly judged him for this. 

Hmmph, what’s so special about that kid? It must be one of those young masters pretending to be big shots just because of their family name! 

This was the judgement made by many people. No one believed he could use this as an excuse to avoid punishment too, for they knew this was Sheng City, a place that did not care where you were from. Everyone was equal in the eyes of the Teachings, they would definitely teach a spoilt brat a lesson! 

They couldn’t believe he said the Light Riders wouldn’t dare reprimand him. That was too arrogant, too ignorant! 

“Ye Lang, I didn’t think you were that awful. I thought you could still save… Sigh…” Edward, who previously annoyed Ye Lang, appeared again. 

It was obvious he wasn’t here to help, just here to rub salt in his wound! 

His words seemed to garner a lot of support from the crowd too. In summary, he had already made many friends based on talking bad about Ye Lang. 

“He has always been this awful, he’s a sick man…” a girl said from the sidelines. Although she was insulting Ye Lang, her insult was different from Edward’s. 

The same words, but for different reasons. 

“Was I ever? No, I don’t think so!” Ye Lang thought for a moment, then defended himself. 

“Oh, really? You sicko, how dare you! Have you already forgotten what you did to me?” roared Fei. However, she immediately regretted bringing this topic up. 

Not many people knew about the incident, and many years had already passed. That didn’t matter much anymore, why did she have to bring up old news? 

And telling everyone about it will just bring more bad than good. She wanted to teach him a lesson in private, but it was definitely a wrong move to talk about it in front of an audience! 

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