The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 329

“What have I ever done to you? I think we’ve only met once, and it’s just been you looking for trouble… Oh… Why are you looking for trouble? It feels as though you know me…” Ye Lang regarded Fei as if he had a faint memory but still couldn’t recall where they’ve met. 

Ye Lanyu was also frowning. She also felt like they’ve met but like Ye Lang, she couldn’t recall where. 

“She’s… I remember now…” the seventh princess suddenly thought of someone after a long pause. Matching Fei and the person in her memory, she realised this girl was very similar to her memory. 

“What?” Ye Lanyu turned to the seventh princess, then continued to stare at Fei. 

The seventh princess suddenly grinned mischievously. Still staring at Fei, she laughed, “This girl is the girl who once had intimate relations with Ye Lang! Hehehe…” 

“Stop!!” whined Fei, blushing hard. She was now sure that she had made a mistake. 

Alright, now that they recognised her, there was no turning back! 

Why were these two here? Sigh, how troublesome…

Fei was seething as she glared at the seventh princess and Ye Lanyu. Perhaps no one would’ve recalled if they weren’t here. 

“Intimate relations?” Ye Lanyu and Ye Lang were both stunned. Why wouldn’t they remember such a peculiar thing? Maybe not Ye Lang, but why not Ye Lanyu? 

There weren’t many people who were that close with him- Ye Lanyu, the seventh princess, Tigress and Zhen Xiaoyan could barely be counted as a very close friend. 

‘Intimate relations’ was a very loose term here, it’s not the ‘intimate’ you’re thinking of, it only meant literal physical touch...

“Oh….” Ye Lanyu gasped as if she too, remembered. Pointing at Fei, she said, “She’s that girl! The one at the cafeteria! The girl from Violet Academy he licked at the cafeteria!!” 

“Yep, you’re right! It’s her!” the princess nodded. 

“...” Fei was red with embarrassment. Now everyone was looking at her, eager to know what happened. 

“Fei, he licked you?! No wonder you were in such a bad mood that time…” whispered Kesha, who was next to her.

Keshan never understood why Fei hated Ye Lang so much when they met at Alexandria City. Although she wasn’t very nice to most guys either, she was never this rude to any guy. 

At this point, all Fei wanted was to hide in a hole in the ground. Her embarrassing story was now the butt of the joke! 

How could she ever see the light of day now? 

Fei’s eyes were ablaze, glaring straight at Ye Lang. She hated him more. If she had the chance, she’d definitely chop him into many pieces. 

The worse thing was that Ye Lang seemed to have completely no memory of the incident. “Did such a thing happen?” his expression was one of cluelessness, he obviously couldn’t recall. 

“Yes! You were hilarious, I’ll never forget it for the rest of my life!!” the seventh princess nodded, then covering a chuckle. It was still very funny whenever she thought of it. 

Fei was still young at that time, but she was bossy and arrogant too. She wanted to humiliate Ye Lang but instead was the one who was left embarrassed! 

It was a small thing, but the trauma it left behind was a huge problem. It troubled her for many years, she’d never felt at ease after this incident. 

After he licked her, she never touched another guy ever. If she did come into contact with a guy, it would send shivers down her entire being and it would only remind her of the feeling she had when Ye Lang licked her. 

And that was how her hatred towards him increased by the day…

However, she realised this incident had such a huge impact on her life, but Ye Lang, the main character of the story, didn’t even remember it at all! 

“What happened?” he frowned. 

“You accidentally spilt juice on her one time, and even after you apologised, she refused to accept your apology and even demanded you licked it clean…” said the seventh princess, at the same time side-eyeing Fei with a very unfriendly glare. 

Why would she be friendly to Fei? Her intention was to publically humiliate Ye Lang! 

“Then, you followed her instructions and licked the juice on her face clean… And she just stood there in shock. I can’t remember the details, but then the matter was resolved!” continued the seventh princess, only briefly describing the incident. 

“Ah….” Everyone was in shock, including the people from the Royal Institute. This story hadn’t spread at school, or perhaps it was because Ye Lang was always a dumb kid and no one really paid much attention to the dumb things he did anymore. 

This was different! These two met after so many years, and after this unforgettable twist, they were sure the relationship between these two would be dramatic! 

Not bad for the thirteenth prince… thought the people who knew Ye Lang. 

They wouldn’t ever have imagined she would have to endure such a horrible thing. Who did this brat think he was? Not only did he destroy the place they were supposed to stay at, he even humiliated their crush, their goddess! 

Ye Lang often became an outcast because of incidents like this, and it was the same this time. If glares could hurt you, Ye Lang would’ve been stabbed a hundred times by now! 

The girl’s face was like a cloud at sunset now. She had nowhere to hide, regretting bringing this story up at all- in front of the crowd too! 

This incident had a huge impact on her, even affecting her attitude towards other people!

Every time she came into contact with a guy, it reminded her of him, and she would go numb, revolted by human contact.

That was how her phobia of guys started, slowly worsening into her refusing to meet guys- sometimes even girls. 

She would have chills, goosebumps all over from every contact! 

That was why she never had a boyfriend, ever. Her family was worried too, but she was already having physical reactions so they couldn’t do a thing about it. 

If her family knew about this story, that Ye Lang was the cause of all of this, they’d definitely come to kill him...

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