The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 334

“You said I could take it! It’s mine!” said Ye Lang after a look at Black-Winged Girl. 

“When did I say that? Give them back to me!” Black-Winged Girl was panicking now. 

“Little Brother, who is this girl? How did you both meet?” asked Ye Lanyu curiously, tapping Ye Lang lightly. 

“I don’t know her, we met when I was talking to Second Sister!” said Ye Lang. He was staring at the rubble, clueless. 

“Second Sister?! Oh, right, what happened?” Ye Lanyu wasn’t surprised to see Second Sister, but she was curious what happened between him and the other girl. With her current expression, something must have happened. 

“How should I put this… When Ye Lang was walking down the hallway, Mia and I saw him and I called him over to talk to him. And then, he plucked ten of Mia’s feathers and ran off!” huffed the Second Sister, walking over, “kid, do you know how important feathers are to the Winged Race? Give them back!” 

Everyone fell silent. They all knew the rules when it came to the Winged Race and their feathers, they couldn’t believe Ye Lang plucked ten. 

Why did he pluck her feathers though? It wouldn’t even benefit him! 

“Huh, that’s interesting…” 

Ye Lang, the main character of this story, simply walked towards the rubble, ignoring Second Sister, Mia the Black-Winged Girl, Ye Lanyu and ignored Feng Xing who stopped him from approaching the rubble. 

“Lord Feng Xing, let him be for the moment!” stopped the seventh princess, instead following behind Ye Lang but still keeping a distance from him. 

Ye Lanyu and Zhen Xiaoyan were also with the princess. They understood from her actions that Ye Lang seemed to be doing something important. 

“Lanyu, what is he doing?” even the second sister and Mia, who was still angry, followed suit. 

“I think he must’ve noticed something?” Ye Lanyu replied, “every time he discovers something he’d ignore everything and everyone- much like now.” 

Ye Lanyu seemed to be explaining all of this for Second Sister so she knew Ye Lang better. 

Ye Lang didn’t stop when he reached the rubble, instead leapt up unto it at top speed. The rest who cared for him was stunned for a second, then frantically ran towards him. 

“Ye Lang, slow down, it’s dangerous!” shouted Zhen Xiaoyan. She wasn’t as fast as the rest so she could only wait at the side. 

“You all just stay there, don’t move! Little Xin will protect you!” came Ye Lang’s voice. Little Xin didn’t follow Ye Lang up, remaining behind to protect Zhen Xiaoyan. 

Although Ye Lang couldn’t control Little Xin from afar, he could give an instruction in advance for Little Xin to protect Zhen Xiaoyan. 

“As for you all, don’t follow me!” he yelled again, this time to Ye Lanyu and the rest. 

“You’re heartless, you only know how to care for Xiaoyan but you yell at us all the time,” Ye Lanyu arrived by his side and knocked his head. 

“No, I’m not! Sis, you all should head back. It might be dangerous,” said Ye Lang, his tone now kinder but also more serious. 

Ye LAnyu and the rest were surprised. They were wondering what hazards this place could pose, the mansion had already collapsed into rubble.

A building that hasn’t fully collapse would be dangerous, but after the collapse, they didn’t understand what was so dangerous about the place. It was only the skeleton of the building left. 

“Ye Lang, how could this be dangerous? And if it is, then you shouldn’t go near either…” asked the princess, now a little worried. 

“Yeah, sir, if you say it’s dangerous, then you shouldn’t approach. Leave it to us!” agreed Feng Xing, also concerned. He didn’t want Ye Lang to get hurt under his watch, the authorities would blame it on him and he would be in big trouble. 

Even if his bosses didn’t blame him, he knew the people in Sheng City who cared about Ye Lang would drown him in their spit!

“Nothing will happen to me, this is not a difficult task for me, and I don’t want to miss this opportunity either! I’m not sure about all of you though, that’s why I want you to avoid this risk!” Ye Lang shook his head with a smile, his tone very calm. It didn’t sound like he thought it was going to be dangerous at all. 


Are you sure?

“Fine, tell me this then, what did you find?” Ye Lanyu asked very directly. She still didn’t know why he was here after such a long conversation. 

“Because of this!” Ye Lang pointed at something in front. 

“?? What is it?” Ye Lanyu and the rest didn’t understand. Other than another pile of rubble, they couldn’t see anything else. 

“Other than a broken wall and pieces of the roof, I don’t see anything!” the princess still couldn’t see anything despite looking very closely. 

“That’s because the rubble is blocking it… Let me use a purification formation…” Ye Lang raised on hand, then drew a mysterious figure in the air. The figure was a very interesting alchemy formation. 

When the formation was complete, it glowed very brightly…

A moment later, beams of light shot out from the formation, straight towards the pile of rubble and soon engulfing everything in light. 

The beams of light formed a new formation on the ground, which covered the entire pile of rubble. Very soon, the formation let out a burst of blinding light. 

And after the light, all rubble disappeared before their eyes! 

If you stared straight ahead, you would see a very peculiar circle, because among the piles and piles of rubble, there was no rubble among this circle. It stood out amongst the disaster. 

“This purification formation cleansed the site completely…” said Ye Lanyu, staring ahead. 

They knew of this sort of formation, but it was their first time seeing it used for such a huge task! 

However, this thought disappeared, for they saw something that made them forget about everything else... 


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