The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 336

“I’ll need to purify this again…” Ye Lang stood before the clock tower ruins, very quickly found the appropriate spot, then used a purifying formation to ‘purify’ away the rubble. A circle appeared once again, and within the circle was a similar alchemy formation. 

It was the same as before, there were two connecting lines extending from the formation…

“Looks like a third place is going to collapse soon…” Ye Lang frowned as he looked at the formation. 

“What?! There’s more?!” exclaimed Feng Xing. He was already upset that there were two buildings that were destroyed, he might not be able to stand the fact that more buildings were going to collapse. 

“Yeah, and there’ll probably be many…” nodded Ye Lang, giving him the depressing news. 

And as they started to privately comfort themselves, another place collapsed. 

“What’s going on? Another one?” At the peak of the Holy Mountain stood the Cloud Palace. Someone was looking down from it, and they’d already been paying attention since the first palace collapse. 

However, when they saw it, they thought it might’ve been an accident so they didn’t pay much attention. 

It was different now. Two places were ruined, and now the third building was starting to fall in… 

“This is odd, send a message to the guards to look into the matter,” instructed one of the higher authorities at the palace. 

“Look, there’s another one there. And it’s getting faster…” 

The people at the Cloud Palace could easily survey the entire situation. They watched the buildings fall one by one, and they also saw Ye Lang’s group of people dashing across the city on their horses to every collapsed building. 

Then, they saw Ye Lang purifying each place with his purification formation to reveal alchemy formations underneath! 

As the number of collapsed buildings increased, the number of connecting lines extending from these formations increased. There was a pattern here, but still, no one understood what was going on.

“Who are these people?” Some officials didn’t receive news about them, so they raised questions about Ye Lang and the bunch. 

They didn’t suspect that this group of people was the cause of all of this because if they were the culprits they wouldn’t be able to dash through the city without anyone stopping them. 

At the same time, they felt like the group must be on their side. Likely to be the city’s military too. But what were they doing? 

“Are you talking about them? That’s the gentleman from all the rumours, and that's Feng Xing and the rest of the Light Riders. They seem to be investigating too!” someone started to answer his questions. 

“Why would he be the one investigating? Where are our men?” the rest of the people immediately gave suggestions. It wasn’t because they didn’t think Ye Lang was fit for the job, it was because they thought they shouldn’t trouble Ye Lang with matters like that. 

“Our men gave up immediately after they saw how this gentleman was conducting his investigations!” someone smiled. 

“??” Some of them were confused. 

Another person immediately explained, “Don’t you all know that this gentleman is at the forefront of the alchemy world? If he’s helping with the investigation, then we can only wait for his news, we can’t help him at all!” 

“I think I’ve heard of that too, that he’s an alchemy genius! And his level of expertise is something no one is able to achieve…” These people started to understand. They knew bits and pieces of his story too, but couldn’t piece them together at the moment. 

“Yeah, he’s an alchemy genius! That is why this matter should be up to him to investigate! It’s also a rare thing that he voluntarily decided to help out!” At this point, someone who was familiar with Ye Lang spoke up. He was one of the doctors at the House of Confusion- Sida! 

All the buildings within the inner city were now empty too. This was an emergency evacuation, evacuating everyone to the streets, city squares and anywhere flat and empty. 

No one knew which building would collapse next, so before this matter stopped, everyone must leave buildings that were at risk. 

Everyone cooperated too, no one wanted to put themselves in such danger! 

On the other side, in front of an alchemy formation…

“I understand now!!” cried Ye Lang after looking at one of the formations. This was already his seventh formation, which means seven buildings had already collapsed. 

“Sir, you understand?” asked Feng Xing hurriedly. He didn’t want to see another building collapse. 

“Yep, I do! There will be another 3 more buildings that will collapse next. One will be 5.3km in this direction, 7.1km in this direction and 6.5km in this direction…” Ye Lang pointed in three directions, giving them very accurate distances. 

“These three buildings… I think they are Blossom Tower, River Flower Residence, Red Flower Pagoda… Hey, why are they all related to flowers?” Feng Xing was still Feng Xing after all, he could accurately name all three places. At the same time, he noticed that all three places were related to flowers. 

However, Ye Lang had an even scarier revelation, “Perhaps all the buildings before this, and these three places were designed and built by the same person…”

“Same person… Quick, find out who built these ten buildings!” Feng Xing’s face changed. He never would’ve thought of this- perhaps because he didn’t dare think like this. 

If they were all designed by the same person, this meant that a person from a thousand years ago might be planning to kill someone a thousand years later! 

“Lord Feng Xing, all ten buildings were designed by the same person, Troy Mormon!” Very soon, someone gave him an answer. They had a communication device for Light Riders with them so they were very quickly able to receive and transmit information. 

“Troy? Mormon? Who?” asked Feng Xing. 

Before his men answered, someone started to speak, “Troy Mormon is one of the best architects from a thousand years ago and an alchemy genius. Most of his buildings incorporated alchemy! He used to belong to a small kingdom, and he would help different countries design different buildings, receiving huge rewards in return…”

“However, no one knows why, when he was forty years old, he suddenly entered the Sacred Teachings religion, and remained at Sheng City, helping this place build many of its famous structures…”

“Sir…” Feng Xing listened, stunned. He didn’t expect Ye Lang to know so much about Troy, he sounded like he was a historian.