The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 337

“Don’t look so surprised! He’s very familiar with things like that, just ask him a question about any historical figure and he’ll be able to tell you about them!” smiled Ye Lanyu, as if to tell him not to mind Ye Lang, but from the pride on her face it looked more like her telling everyone ‘look at how awesome my little brother is!’ 

Second Sister was also surprised. She was only familiar with Ye Lang when he was younger, and most of it was also from hearing stories. 

“Then sir, what should we do now?” asked Feng Xing. Since it was a person from a thousand years ago, it was impossible to arrest this person too. Right now, they needed to know what to do next. 

The most urgent matter was to let Ye Lang handle this and prevent other parts of the formation from activating! 

Ye Lang was the most suitable person for this job too. 

“Let’s go there!” Ye Lang pointed at a direction that seemed to be the highest point of the Holy Mountain- Cloud Palace. 

“?? Why are we going there? Aren’t we going to save the three other places?” asked Feng Xing, looking towards the palace. 

Did this mean Ye Lang was going to let the three other buildings collapse? Was he running to the palace for safety? Was this because he didn’t want to endanger himself? 

If that was true, Feng Xing understood. We’ll handle the three places for you! 

“Guards, escort sir to the Cloud Palace, tell the Light Alchemists to stop the activation of the formations at the three other buildings…” Feng Xing took the initiative to give orders after a moment of thought. 

“Wait! No,” Ye Lang raised an arm to stop them, “Forget about the three places, just bring me there. I’ll go to whats-its-name palace, we don’t have time!” 

“?? Sir, that’s the Cloud Palace…” Feng Xing understood, Ye Lang didn’t know where the Cloud Palace was. 

There was very little information about the inner workings of the city available to outsiders. Ye Lang might not have known of the existence of the palace at the highest point of the city. 

“Oh, that’s Cloud Palace? You said Sida’s there, does that mean all the important leaders are there too?” asked Ye Lang, looking at the palace. He looked as if he had a resolution. 

Feng Xing nodded, “Yes, all the highest authorities are all there. It’s the most sacred place to the Sacred Light Religion, our Lady of Light is also in there too! 

His face changed when he mentioned the Lady of Light. He looked at Ye Lang. 

“I understand now!” Ye Lang snapped his fingers, “evacuate everyone from the Cloud Palace, leave me with the alchemists!” 

“Evacuate?” Feng Xing was stunned for a moment, but very quickly understood, “Sir, are you saying the Cloud Palace will collapse too?”

“Yep, the main place is the Cloud Palace!” he nodded. All of them were already riding at top speed towards the Cloud Palace now. 

“Ah? How is that possible? Troy Mormon was never involved in the building of the Cloud Palace, not even its maintenance! This palace was built when the city was founded, and it has always been maintained by the core members of the Teachings. They would never trust Troy Mormon to do it!” 

“I know! And that’s why there will be ten more buildings that will collapse soon. And if they don’t, the Cloud Palace itself will be destroyed!” answered Ye Lang, deep in thought. 

“??” Feng Xing was confused again, but quickly understood. 

“Do you mean that, since he couldn’t enter the Cloud Palace, that’s why Troy Mormon built these ten buildings? And he’s using the alchemy formation formed by the ten buildings to attack the palace?” 

“That’s right! Troy Mormon is a genius to be able to think of something like this!” said Ye Lang with some admiration. 

“Then why don’t you go destroy the other three alchemy formations? Then maybe you could deactivate the whole thing!” Although Feng Xing did not have a deep understanding of alchemy, based on logic, the formation should lose some of its functions if they destroyed some parts of it. 

“It’ll be useless, we won’t be able to deactivate it in such a short amount of time! And the consequences of cracking its code might be more disastrous than right now!” Ye Lang shook his head. 

Ye Lang was capable of solving the formation but he needed enough time. Him attempting to deactivate it now would just be redundant. 

At the same time, from its current layout, Ye Lang could tell that these formations might have some traps as a backup. If they were destroyed, it might even cause more places to collapse- even the entire city! 

They had to admit that this Troy was a genius! 

Even a genius like Troy spent decades to complete the formation, a prodigy like Ye Lang would need some time to solve the problem. 

He learned a lot from these formations. This was the blood and sweat of an ancient genius, there was a lot of knowledge and creativity weaved into it. 

Ye Lang could only sigh. As Newton said, he was standing upon the shoulders of a giant. 

He was only able to attain his current capabilities in alchemy only because his forefathers had already put in the work. This was the accumulation of knowledge through time, it could never be accomplished by one person, but many, many people down many, many generations! 

Ye Lang would utilise the knowledge he learned from this many times for the rest of his life!


“What now? We can’t evacuate a place like Cloud Palace just like that…” said Feng Xing, feeling a headache coming on. They could for any other place, but Cloud Palace was different. 

“It doesn’t matter if you can’t evacuate them, but I can’t guarantee being inside will be safe!” Ye Lang waved, as if it didn’t matter. He had already warned them, it was now their choice to make. 

“Uh… I trust you, sir! That you’ll be able to do it!” Feng Xing hesitated for a moment, then his tone grew more confident. 

“Little brother, I didn’t know how much trust and respect these people had for you! They’ve put a lot of trust in you, kid!” smiled Ye Lanyu. She could tell Feng Xing was so calm because he had faith in Ye Lang. 

Although it looked simple, Ye Lanyu, Second Sister and the rest knew it must have taken a lot of effort and time for them to place so much trust in Ye Lang. It was unbelievable.