The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 34

Then again, Tigress’s abilities in martial arts were filled with simple and clean moves. Her motive in life was to cultivate this ability to the highest order.

While in Ye Lang’s point of view, the journey of martial arts began with simple moves to complicated moves, then turned from complexity to simplicity. In the end, only simple moves will be used, maybe even just a straight punch.

However, when they have attained this level, even if you were aware of what the move was, it would eventually hit you wherever you are. You would never be able to avoid it unless you are also a master of the same level.

It was not that Tigress omitted the process. She also went from simple to complex, but her complexity was much simpler than others.

After the thunderstorm reached its peak, it suddenly calmed down. From extremely radical to extremely quiet, her vigour disappeared, and the whole yard became calm.

It was very strange that the surroundings of Ye Lang were unaffected throughout the process. Even the piles of books he put on the table were just as calm and unaffected by Tigress.

This was not because Tigress was mindful of Ye Lang, she had not achieved that yet. It could only be explained that Ye Lang himself used unknown methods to calm the winds. 

It was odd, enough to confuse anyone who witnessed it. They wouldn’t be able to understand how the thirteenth prince, who was known to not do anything, could dissolve and disperse this power. 

Did the thirteenth prince have hidden abilities? Or perhaps he had some special alchemy equipment to neutralize any power of this kind!

Tigress was not fazed by this. She either wasn’t paying attention, or she was used to it. Ye Lang sat near her like this all the time. 

Besides, Tigress found strange things surrounding Ye Lang on a daily basis. If she’d pondered about everything that happened, she would’ve had a nervous breakdown long ago!

"Young Master, I have now perfected all of the Yang Family’s marksmanship practices." Tigress seemed to be a little inviting, wanting Ye Lang to give her a compliment, a compliment from Ye Lang was enough to make her very happy.

Of course, this was only because the two of them were close and not how Tigress actually was. If it were somebody else, she would have straight up ignored them. And Ye Lang, he sometimes let Tigress praise him and wanted her to worship him.

This was a very special relationship, but also a very ordinary relationship. Relationships like these were rare in modern society- childhood best friends or even a childhood sweetheart.

These relationships disregarded gender boundaries. Kids grew up together, played together- close friends like these often grow to share happiness and pain, success and failure when they become adults.

“Not bad, now you only need a bit more power, and also time. Your Young Master did well today too, Ban’s alchemy notes have all been memorized. It needs some research, also just a matter of time,” said Ye Lang, smirking while not taking his eyes away from the book in his hand the entire time.

“Hmmph! You’re being a jerk again! I’m going to take a bath now. Sit here and don’t move,” Tigress scoffed, seemingly a little unhappy, and then went inside to take a bath.

She was still used to viewing Ye Lang as a person who needed care, the stupid thirteenth prince. But for her, even if Ye Lang is a normal person, no, it should be said that even if he was someone who was capable of caring for himself and others, she would still treat him as someone who needed care.

“Oh, okay,” Ye Lang replied naturally, then continued to read his book, enjoying the tranquillity of the moment.

After a while, a young lady rushed in from the outside to ask Ye Lang, “Brother, why did you hire the mercenaries? They are looking for you, what are you trying to do? Are you being prodigal again?”

This young lady was Ye Lanyu, and according to her experiences, any similar behaviour of this kind, often was just Ye Lang being a prodigal, purely for the sake of being a prodigal.

Ye Lang was inexplicably stunned for a while, then slowly raised his head to stare at Ye Lanyu. He was still in a daze as if thinking about something.

Ye Lanyu hadn't realized Ye Lang’s strange reaction yet. She continued to say, “It must be, why else would you want with Anna's mercenary group? They’re among the top mercenary groups in the mainland, one of the few here. Brother, your intentions must not be pure...”

“I am pure,” said Ye Lang blankly.

“...” Ye Lanyu stayed silent.

“Brother, what are you trying to do this time? Not only did you hire them, but you also demanded the entire group to be in the mission! What are you escorting exactly?” Ye Lanyu still didn’t understand, she was very confused.

The Anna Mercenary Group had received Ye Lang’s request two months ago, but was delayed and was only able to arrive now. It wasn’t because Ye Lang requested them to do so, and also not because they were too busy, but because Ye Lang’s request was a bit strange.

Ye Lang’s request was for the entire mercenary to be in the mission, insistent that they must arrive with the whole group. He also said time wasn’t much of a concern, that he could wait for all the members to assemble.

They only knew it was an escort mission, with no information of anything else. Usually, when they encountered requests like this, the mercenary group would request for full clarity of the situation. Then, depending on the situation, they’d decide how many members will be sent dispatching the entire group wasn’t necessary. Even if the client wanted the whole group, they wouldn’t necessarily agree. However, this time, they agreed only because Ye Lang’s commission was too high to pass. It was a price that no mercenary group could refuse.

They were only certain of one thing- this Ye family’s thirteenth prince was a total prodigal son, he didn’t take money seriously at all!

“Are you sure this isn’t a new trick to be a prodigal?” Ye Lanyu looked at Ye Lang who was still daydreaming.

Ye Lang had settled a lot in the past three months, he’d hardly been a prodigal and didn’t do anything too out of line. However, his past had left impressions that were just too unforgettable. It was inevitable that people would suspect him planning a new trick, that he was escorting some treasure.

Ye Lanyu had been around Ye Lang since young and she felt he shouldn’t have anything to be escorted. He’d been in the Imperial Capital since birth, and he didn’t have any contact with any outsiders. Why would he have something that needed to be sent out?

“No!” Ye Lang seemed to snap out of his daze, and then said in a sorrowful tone, "It’s not a game this time, it’s a matter of urgency…”

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