The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 341

The Light Riders standing guard at the door maintained a focused expression, fully focused on guarding the door. Even if this room had never been broken into, they never stopped taking defence seriously. 

These guards had their eyes looking in the same direction now. One teenager was walking towards them.

This teenager looked confused, as if he was kind of lost, but also had other problems. 

This didn’t concern the riders. What they were concerned about was that they had never met this kid ever. 

They had to stay alert for people like this kid! 

“Stop! Who are you?” the riders immediately stopped the teenager, on guard. 

The teenager stopped walking, spaced out before the room door for a long time, then finally spoke, “What is this place?”

“What? Don’t you know?” asked the Rider with disdain. Do you still have to ask, now that you’re here?

“I don’t?” he shook his head, still looking at the door with a puzzled expression. 

“This is Cloud Palace! How did you get in? You took advantage of the chaos outside just now, didn’t you?” frowned the riders, then surrounded the teenager. They’d suddenly recalled the commotion outside before this, even they were preparing to evacuate the crystal. 

More accurately, they had already brought the crystal a few levels down when they received news that Ye Lang was defending the place outside, and the Pope had refused to leave. They then went back here and continued with their jobs.

This was why they understood how chaotic it was outside. Some of the guards from the other entrances might not have settled down yet or might’ve had already evacuated. That must be why this kid could walk in. 

The teenager furrowed his brows, then regarded the Light Riders. Plainly, he said, “You’re all so dumb, of course I know this is the Cloud Palace! I’m asking about this place. What’s inside?” 

“...” The riders didn’t speak, staring at him stunned. 

“If you know that this is the Cloud Palace, then you should know this is a forbidden area. Outsiders cannot enter,” answered the rider, “we’ll send someone to escort you out!” 

The teenager was surprised, “Forbidden? I didn’t know that!”

“Well you do now, and we’ll bring you out. The next shift will replace us later!” said the rider politely. Although this teenager was an intruder, they didn’t use violence and still treated him with respect. 

Perhaps it was because this kid didn’t look like he meant any harm! 

“No, I don’t want to leave. I want to go inside!” he shook his head, pointing at the room. He was here to enter the room. 


The Riders grew nervous as the teenager pointed at the door. This room was exactly what they were guarding, why wouldn’t they get nervous when someone requested to enter. 

“Who are you? Why are you here?” questioned the Riders, surrounding Ye Lang in a circle to intimidate him.

“Nothing much, I only want to enter. I think there’s something inside, it feels familiar…” the teenager shook his head, looking as if he didn’t understand the situation he was in.

“Familiar? Impossible! Get a better excuse, kid! It’s impossible you’d be familiar with anything inside!” the Rider stopped him immediately. They were sure, with his status, he would never be able to touch the things inside. 

Let’s not talk about this unidentified teenager, even the archbishops weren’t familiar with anything inside!

“But… I have a feeling, that something inside is… Very familiar…” said the teenager, pointing at the room. He didn’t realise the impending doom. 

The riders stared at Ye Lang, confused. Why didn’t he change his tone or reason? REgular people would immediately give them reasons as to why they should be allowed inside. 

Someone suddenly reported, “I’ve just received news from one of the men to stay alert for Sir Ye Lang. We have to report to them if we find him!” 

“Tell them we understand! That’s odd, why would they inform us? They wouldn’t let Ye Lang up here, would they?” said the leader of the team. 

“Alright! I’ve sent them the reply! They said this Sir Ye Lang is very easily recognisable, he’s a very clueless teenager,” said the rider who received the message. 

“A clueless teenager? How is that recognisable, how would we tell if a person is clueless… Wait, what? A clueless teenager?” the leader was initially very confused as to why they would give them such an abstract characteristic. This was a personality trait, you’d have to talk to the person to know. It would be very inefficient to look for someone with information like that. 

Basically, even if they met someone with such a characteristic, they might still be unable to identify the guy because it’s something that might take more time! 

Who would have ‘cluelessness’ written on their faces… Unless it was this teenager… Anyone would think he was a clueless guy just from looking at him… Wait…

They looked at Ye Lang, then asked cautiously, “Are you Sir Ye Lang?”

“Yep! I am!” admitted the kid. 

Yep, this teenager was Ye Lang. He was walking based on the familiar feeling he had, and it brought him here. The feeling was very strong here, he could feel something calling to him here. 

“Tell them we’ve found Sir Ye, tell them to come to the fifth floor immediately and to escort him out!” the leader instructed immediately. 

This wasn’t so that the rest wouldn’t need to worry so much, it was for themselves. After knowing Ye Lang’s identity, they wouldn’t want to do anything that offended the gentleman. 

However, this didn’t mean Ye Lang wouldn’t. He could still trouble the Riders to enter the room. 

Or more specifically, he was a hundred percent going to! 


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