The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 342

“Since you know who I am, does that mean I can enter?” Ye Lang walked towards the door. 

“No! Mr Ye Lang, please wait a moment outside!” the Light Riders still stopped him from entering. 

Although Ye Lang had made a lot of contributions to Sheng City and had a huge reputation here, they still couldn’t let him enter. It was forbidden! 

These were the rules, and the Light Riders could not change them.

However, Ye Lang didn’t think too much into it. He only looked at the door, puzzled, then decided to wait quietly for Feng Xing and the rest. 

This was because he thought these guards would only be willing to get out of his way if Feng Xing and the rest were here. 

He’ll wait then. It was all so peculiar to him anyway. What was this feeling? It felt familiar, yet foreign. This was confusing. 

Or maybe he was just staring into space at this point. “What? The fifth floor?!” cried Feng Xing in surprised after receiving the message. 

They were looking for him at the first and second floor, not expecting Ye Lang to have reached the fifth floor within such a short time. Based on their guesses, if Ye Lang was only wandering blindly, he should still be on the first floor. 

And just in case, they also sent men up to the second floor! 

The riders also followed protocols by informing all the riders in the palace to keep an eye out for Ye Lang and help look for him if they were available. 

This was why the riders on the fifth floor knew about Ye Lang going missing! 

“Yes, he’s on the fifth floor, East wing, room number one!” reported the rider in exasperation.

“Uh… What? East wing, room one?” Isn’t that…” exclaimed Feng Xing again, but he didn’t continue his sentence. 

“Lord Feng Xing, what is that place?” asked Zhen Xiaoyan who was also with Feng Xing. Little Xin was also with her. 

Little Xin seemed to still be following Zhen Xiaoyan around because Ye Lang’s instructions for it had not been lifted yet. And that was why Ye Lang’s description lacked the sentence ‘has a very pretty girl by his side’. 

“It’s a very special place…” said Feng Xing as he walked, but also found what he said funny. What an unnecessary answer. 

“...” Zhen Xiaoyan didn’t speak, waiting for him to elaborate. 

Cough, cough. At least this Zhen Xiaoyan wasn’t as annoying as the other two. Sigh, he couldn’t imagine how annoyed sir must be, living with the other two. At least Zhen Xiaoyan was better, she was wife material, she would be perfect for sir. 

Hey, hey. That’s none of my business! 

“Do you know that there are only two positions within the Sacred Light Religion that belong to only one person,” Feng Xing’s question sounded odd, but at least it was related.

“I know, the Pope is the only one. Wait, is that where the Pope is? Then we should get Ye Lang immediately… The fifth floor, right?” Zhen Xiaoyan panicked and started to dash up the steps! 

“Uh…” Feng Xing stared as she ran. He wanted to tell her that he hadn’t finished his explanation…

The Pope wasn’t on the fifth floor, and he didn’t have this many guards around him either! 

This wasn’t because he wasn’t important, but because the Pope was already surrounded by expert fighters around him anyway. They were all more powerful than the average guard. Then again, the Pope was THE Pope, of course he had exceptional capabilities- though no one knew exactly how powerful he was. “Let’s go then! Tell Miss Lanyu and the princess too! Tell them to head up to the fifth floor too!” Feng Xing didn’t bother to elaborate, instead telling his men to get Lanyu and the princess then run after Zhen Xiaoyan. 

Although Zhen Xiaoyan’s guess was wrong, there wasn’t a problem with that. 


At the same time,  in a bright meeting room within the palace, there were four archbishops sitting around a table in a discussion, each of them very important figures here.

If Ye Lang was here, he would be so confused, then he would say ‘why do they all look the same? Are they quadruplets?’ 

They looked the same because they wore the same robes, and all four were old men with the same long, white beard. 

They were the seniors of the Teachings, even the Pope respected them. If all four had the same opinion about something, the Pope would have to listen to them too. 

“Do we know who made the formation yet?” said one of them, adjusting his reading glasses to read the documents in his hand. 

“They found it was Troy Mormon…” said another archbishop. 

“Catch him then, ask him why he did it too,” the previous archbishop didn’t seem to know who Troy Mormon was, he must’ve thought he was a regular man. 

“We’ll have to go to the graveyard then!” the other archbishop gave a bitter smile. 

“The graveyard? Is he there? Why would he stay at such an odd place?” the first archbishop didn’t understand. 

“... He’s been dead for a thousand years, that’s why he’s living at the graveyard… Do you understand?” the second archbishop didn’t expect him to not know of this person. 

“...” The first archbishop’s face reddened with embarrassment. 

“We searched among the belongings Troy left behind, there was a letter and inside mentioned an alchemy formation. Apparently this wasn’t something to show off his abilities, this was a tool for revenge!” said another archbishop, frowning. 

“A tool for revenge? What does that mean?” The rest didn’t know why he would do something like that. 

“Yeah, revenge. It seems that Troy wasn’t here out of his own will, someone used a very illegal method to force him here… Sigh, even the Teachings cannot avoid politics, it has a dark side too!” he sighed, shaking his head. 


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