The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 343

“Oh, I understand! Someone must have wanted Troy to help them with buildings and structures so they would be more powerful, but he thought it was the Teachings that forced him to be here. That was why he focused his all his hatred on us and decided to destroy the holiest symbol of the Teachings- Cloud Palace.”

This archbishop was no ordinary man, he very quickly made several guesses for what happened. 

“Sounds about right! We didn’t find the blueprint for this giant formation when we looked through Troy’s belongings possibly because he never drew it on paper!” frowned the other archbishop holding the documents. 

He frowned because he thought of another possibility- maybe it wasn’t because Troy didn’t draw it out, but rather someone else stole it. That made matters a lot more complicated.

This meant that someone was planning something to attack the Teachings! 

It was something they wouldn’t want. 

They didn’t want to see their sacred places attacked, nor would they want the emergence of such a character because this person would likely be someone among them - someone at a very powerful position too. 

Very, very few people had the chance to come into contact with Troy Mormon’s things. 

He prayed that it was only an accident, that within the past thousand years, it was lost not due to deliberate theft. Even better, the blueprint never existed! 

At least they didn’t have any evidence that it was theft for now. 

And the formation was activated on accident too- by Ye Lang himself! 

They didn’t know how to deal with the kid- he created the problem, then solved the problem…

The archbishops had something to say about this Ye Lang…

“This kid is really something, from the epidemic to the House of Confusion, to the alchemy formation incident, it really was very surprising! Do you think we should get him to solve our problem too?” asked one of them. No one had mentioned the problem aloud yet, but they knew what he was referring to. 

“I agree, this kid is as incredible as the legends, and his alchemy skills are unparalleled in this world. He’s a suitable candidate to help us with our problem, but… that might be against the rules!” frowned another old man. 

They had already thought of inviting Ye Lang to help them ever since the plague ended. However, they never did a thing for the past few months all because of one sentence--- “it is against the rules”. 

“Against the rules my ass! Look at the situation we’re in! And how long it’s been! If we wait any longer, the consequences will grow more serious! And this is the thirteenth prince of the Ye family we’re talking about, he’s an incredible person. Asking him for help technically isn’t against the rules, especially if we offer a huge reward!” one of them exclaimed, stroking his beard. 

“Yeah… I agree…” The rest of them stroked their beards too. Looks like we have a conclusion! 

“Then it is set, we’ll get that Ye Lang to help!” the meeting adjourned, and they very quickly instructed a Light Rider to execute their plan. 

“What? That Ye Lang’s already here?” 

At the same time, the archbishops received news that Ye Lang was already in the building! They were stunned for a moment. 

“If that’s the case, then it’s even better. Find out where he is, we’ll talk to him ourselves!” the archbishops stroked their beards again. They felt like them personally meeting Ye Lang would make Ye Lang feel more appreciated- then the problem would be solved more easily. 

You must look the part if you’re begging someone for help- being personally there was a bonus! 

This was what the archbishops thought. To be honest, they were sure they must personally be present only because it was Ye Lang’s help they needed. If he were someone else, they might’ve considered not going. 

This wasn’t just because Ye Lang’s popularity and respect he gained from the people far exceeded the archbishops, the second reason was that Ye Lang never really cared about statuses and positions. Even the Pope might not get the results he wanted if he personally went to beg Ye Lang for help.

This was why they really, really wanted Ye Lang to see how sincere they were! 

Next, what shocked them even more was Ye Lang’s alleged location…

“What?! He’s on the fifth floor, and at Room 1 of the East Wing?!” they’re eyes widened, staring at the Light Rider who reported to them. 

The Light Rider was nervous having four archbishops staring at him like this, but also secretly proud. He was sure not many people could receive this much attention. 

Of course, he knew they were only staring at him like this because of Ye Lang!

“Yes, he’s there…” replied the rider calmly, his expression unchanging. 

“Fine, we wanted him to go there anyway. This is even better! Let’s go!” said one of them. They were in shock because Ye Lang was now exactly where they needed him to be. 

This kid was there before they said a word. 

Perhaps they didn’t even need to talk to him…

And because of this thought, they walked even slower. You know how slow old people can be, now they were deliberately slowing down. 

They didn’t know that all because of them walking so slow, there was a huge drama that went down… If only they’d arrived earlier to let Ye Lang into the room! 

“Ye Lang! What are you doing? Why did you come here alone?” asked Zhen Xiaoyan, running to his side. 

“I’m waiting for… Hey, fatty, what’s the matter?” Zhen Xiaoyan fell into his arms right before he could finish his sentence. 

Ye Lang shook her hard, but he couldn’t wake her. She might not wake up even if the heavens collapsed upon them with her current condition! 

Very soon, Ye Lang recalled something…

“Ugh, you must've forgotten to eat again!” 

Zhen Xiaoyan must have fainted from hunger! 

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