The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 344

That was the truth. Zhen Xiaoyan had been running around all day alongside Ye Lang, and watched the alchemy formation battle… She should’ve fainted a while ago, but she only remained conscious using her willpower to search for Ye Lang. 

This was also one of the reasons why Ye Lang made it a habit to assign Little Xin to protect Zhen Xiaoyan. If Zhen Xiaoyan fainted, Little Xin would bring her to him. 

Very quickly, Ye Lang brought out a pill from his space ring, gently parted Zhen Xiaoyan’s lips, then pushed the pill in. Little Xin then carefully poured a sip of water to help carry the pill down her throat.

Ye Lang was pleased to have Little Xin by his side once again, it was very convenient to have her around to help him. 

He held Zhen Xiaoyan in his arms as he waited for Xiaoyan to wake because he didn’t think anyone could care for her now. Little Xin might accidentally hold her with too much force- and that would be disastrous. 

Also, Ye Lang didn’t think it was weird. He had hugged Zhen Xiaoyan since they met a long time ago. 

If she were a stranger or an acquaintance, he would let Little Xin carry them instead. He wouldn’t touch them, let alone carry them. 

Ye Lang decided to sit on the ground as he grew tired from carrying Xiaoyan. There were no airs of an aristocratic boy to him, only a friendly, humble kid sitting on the floor. 

Anyone who witnessed this scene felt a tinge of warmth in their hearts, watching Ye Lang hold her in his arms. 

The gentleness of the young man, the quiet beauty of the young lady… It was beautiful. 

That was probably why Feng Xing was too stunned to make a sound when he arrived. He was so surprised he forgot what he was here for, let alone ask what Ye Lang was doing. 

He had only one thought: I was right, I knew they were a match! They look so perfect together! 

One by one, the Light Riders arrived behind him. Like Feng Xing, they didn’t make a sound either, only watched Ye Lang in silence. 

They’d forgotten everything else for a moment, they couldn’t bear to ruin such a beautiful moment…

Time will not stop for pretty scenes though. There will come a moment when they will be cruelly ruined! Though they may stay in memory forever…

“Ye Lang, why are you hugging Xiaoyan like that? You can’t do that!” the seventh princess exclaimed after a short pause. She had a stronger immunity towards pretty scenes between Xiaoyan and Ye Lang. 

“She fainted from hunger, I’ll let her go once she wakes up!” answered Ye Lang casually, Zhen Xiaoyan still in his arms. 

“Oh, alright. Have you given her anything to eat?” The seventh princess squatted next to Ye Lang. She was familiar with Zhen Xiaoyan’s condition because she’d witnessed it a few times too. 

Along the way here, they too met a group of refugees. Out of kindness, Zhen Xiaoyan gave away all her food, forgetting to leave some for herself. 

Then she forgot to take her pill, and she fainted.  

Fortunately, after that incident, Ye Lang, Ye Lanyu and the seventh princess all brought pills with them. These weren’t only for Zhen Xiaoyan, they could use it for themselves during emergencies. 

“Yeah, she’ll wake soon!” answered Ye Lang with a look towards Feng Xing, preparing to let him help her once she woke. 

“Little brother, why are you hugging Xiaoyan? Are you both official?” teased Ye Lanyu, her appearance temporarily putting Ye Lang’s problem aside…. Although her first line was odd, it was only to tease them, not to anger the princess. 

“Official? Our relationship has been official since a long time ago, no?” asked Ye Lang curiously. 

“?? What relationship?” prompted Ye Lanyu. She wasn’t sure exactly what relationship, but she could guess. 

And that was….

“She’s my cook! That’s our relationship!” answered Ye Lang. 

Ye Lanyu and the princess were speechless. 

“Nevermind. What’s the matter with you anyway? Why did you come here?” Ye Lanyu felt like she might explode if they continued that conversation. 

This was also the question many people present had. They grew alert to listen to his answer. 

“There’s a very familiar feeling coming from the room, that’s why I came!” Ye Lang pointed at the room. 

“A familiar feeling? What feeling?” asked Ye Lanyu.

“I don’t know!” he shook his head, his face puzzled. He still didn’t know what this meant. 

Ye Lanyu paused for a moment, then asked, “You don’t know what the feeling is? Are you sure you’re not mistaken?” 

“No! I am very sure there’s something very familiar with this room, but they’re not letting me in! Feng Xing, since you’re here, tell them to move aside!” yelled Ye Lang at Feng Xing. 

Feng Xing gave him a long look, then turned to the room, then finally to Ye Lang again. “Sir, it will be useless for me to talk to them too, they will never let you in! Only the archbishops and the Pope can enter, the rest of us are not allowed into the room without their permission!” 

“You can’t either? Then why were they waiting for you?” Ye Lang frowned. He was waiting here for Feng Xing to open the door. 

“Waiting for me?” Feng Xing hadn’t heard their conversation so he was very confused. 

“We were waiting for Lord Feng Xing to escort you out, not for him to open the door! Although Lord Feng Xing is the pride of us the Light Riders, we cannot neglect our duties for him, and we believe he would never ask us to do something against our code either!” said the Light Riders guarding the door. 

“Yes… Of course!” Feng Xing nodded. He understood that although it sounded like the guards were praising him on the surface, in reality, they were confirming that there was no way they would let Ye Lang in. 

He obviously didn’t intend to allow Ye Lang to enter either, but their tone irritated him a little. 

“I want to go in!” repeated Ye Lang, “I don’t care what is inside, I just want to go in… But I’ll give you time to prepare so please settle any problems you have as soon as possible!” 

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