The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 345

Ye Lang was very clear he was not going to compromise. 

Although his tone was demanding, he wasn’t being too unreasonable. He only wanted to enter and wouldn’t ruin anything. And if they had to prepare or hide something he wasn’t supposed to see, he was willing to give them time. 

“There are no problems inside, but we can’t let you in!” the riders at the door stood their ground too, not giving any compromise. 

“Since there are no problems, why can’t I enter? What logic is that?” Ye Lang didn’t understand, and at the same time took a step forward. 

“Sir, because there’s someone very important to our Teachings inside, that is why you can’t enter!” Feng Xing blocked Ye Lang with an arm so he couldn’t take another step forward. 

He stopped, “Important? Then tell him to go somewhere else for a bit, I just want to take a look!” 

Everyone fell silent. 

“Ye Lang, they’ve already told you that’s a very important person… How can you ask a very important person to ‘go somewhere else’...’

Ye Lang wanted to argue but didn’t because this wasn’t the princess, but Zhen Xiaoyan who was still in his arms! 

“Hey, fatty! You’re awake! Are you alright? You must be hungry. I have some food here. They’re not as good as what you cook, but they’re special!” Ye Lang poured some snacks and local delights out from his ring for her. 

Why did Ye Lang have so much food? Didn’t he distribute everything during the time he saved the refugees? 

The answer was simple: they were gifts! 

Ye Lang didn’t have time to walk around outside or to shop for local snacks, he had always stayed in one spot within Sheng City. 

However, when he was treating patients at the House of Confusion, especially when he treated the poor for free, they would give him snacks, food and little tidbits in return for his kindness as they could not repay him with money… 

Ye Lang never refused, he accepted them all happily! 

“Woah, what’s this? Ye Lang, where did you get these?” Zhen Xiaoyan picked random ones to eat but very soon realised there were rare ingredients she couldn’t find among them. 

She forgot about the rest of the food, her eyes immediately focusing on the rare ingredients. 

“Someone gave them to me. Do you want them? Take it!” Ye Lang poured more out for Zhen Xiaoyan. Although he was slow, he still knew what Zhen Xiaoyan wanted. She didn’t care for the snacks, she wanted local ingredients for her cooking. 

“Okay!” she nodded, putting the ingredients into her own space pouch. 

They seemed to have forgotten the argument he was having about the room. 

“Cough, cough. Sir, we should leave now!” reminded Feng Xing. At the same time, he wanted to bring Ye Lang away as soon as possible- even better if Ye Lang forgot about this. 

“Uh, okay… wait, no, I still want to go in!” Ye Lang was about to leave when the familiar feeling reminded him to stand his ground. 

The group fell silent again. They were back to square one. 

Ye Lanyu furrowed her brows, “Who’s inside? If possible, let my brother meet them just for a while! He’ll never give up!” 

Ye Lanyu would always stand on his side, and at the same time understood Ye Lang would not give up just because they said no. 

“Well, the Sacred Lady of our Teachings is inside!” Feng Xing hesitated before telling them who was inside. 

He felt like Ye Lang had the qualifications to know who was inside, for he was an honoured guest of the Sacred Light Religion, and they owed him too! 

“Sacred Lady?” 

The three girls were stunned. They didn’t expect the Sacred Lady herself to be inside this room. 

Zhen Xiaoyan now understood that the person Feng Xing was previously referring to- it was the Sacred Lady! 

She was the purest, most sacred form of existence according to the Teachings- her position way exceeded the Pope himself!” 

“Who? How old is she? Why isn’t she married?” Ye Lang asked, puzzled. Sacred Lady sounded a lot like ‘elder lady who hasn’t married’... Then again, a Sacred Lady would obviously be unmarried…

“Idiot, he said sacred!” Ye Lanyu smacked his head. 

“So she’s married?” 

“She’s the Sacred Lady, of course she isn’t!” 

After hearing his, he waved, “then there’s no difference!” 


“Sir, you might talk like that here, but don’t say things like that in front of the Sacred Lady, that’s if she can still hear you…” Feng Xing’s tone grew sadder, trailing off as he stared at the door. 

“??” Ye Lang looked at him, “What do you mean? She can’t hear me?” 

“Yeah, she can’t!” Feng Xing nodded. 

“She’s deaf? If she is, let me treat her! I might be able to cure her!” Ye Lang had treated many patients here, he didn’t mind one more. He couldn’t guarantee to cure her, but he offered anyway. 

Feng Xing shook his head, “No! You don’t have to guess… And I believe someone will request for your help soon because it’s a problem the Sacred Light Religion is facing!” 

“If that is the case, then I’ll enter…” Ye Lang smiled, then began walking towards the room. 

Many people were stunned by what Feng Xing just said. This meant it was only some time before Ye Lang would be allowed in. 

However, they soon came back to reality! 

“You can’t go in now! Maybe in the future, but that doesn’t mean you can now!” the guards stopped Ye Lang. 

Yeah, that was the logic they were looking for. Ye Lang would be allowed in, eventually, but that didn’t mean he could enter now!  

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