The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 351

However, despite what the four archbishops thought, the three girls did not plan to leave Ye Lang. 

No one in this world could make them leave Ye Lang, and they would not like anyone who attempted to do so. 

Ye Lang naturally supported Ye Lanyu too. This was why Archbishop Will could only agree. What was he to do, make Ye Lang leave too?

“Archbishop Will, don’t worry. We will not tell anyone about this…” said the seventh princess. 

“Yeah, we won’t… but we can’t guarantee Ye Lang won’t…” came Zhen Xiaoyan’s small voice, but that was the main problem of this. 

“…” The archbishops didn’t know how to respond either. They didn’t know what to do either, it wasn’t like they could decide not to tell Ye Lang- how would he save the Lady then? 

“Don’t worry, I won’t tell as long as no one asks me,” Ye Lang promised solemnly- though it was a useless promise. 

Then what happens if someone does ask you? 

“Fine! Let’s just get to the main point!” the archbishop shook his head in exasperation, “It was like this. Something happened, the Lady was wounded from an attack. The injury was so severe we had to use the crystal to keep her alive.”

“I need you to be more specific…” said Ye Lang. It was too vague, and he was already able to guess this himself. 

“I can’t tell you what specifically happened, that’s confidential. I can only tell you that there was a conspiracy, and she was the victim!” 

Ye Lang frowned, then repeated, “I need you to be more specific! I’m talking about her injury! You can summarize the rest, or don’t tell me at all, but you need to tell me everything about her injury!” 

“Ah…” The archbishops finally realised that it was unnecessary for them to worry about Ye Lang telling someone else about the incident. He only wanted to know about something so simple! 

“What are you waiting for then? It’s fine if you don’t want to tell me, but don’t blame me if anything happens!” waved Ye Lang, who then touched the crystal as if he was thinking, also like he was about to break it. 

“Don’t! Stop!” the archbishops panicked, immediately stepping forward to stop him. 

“There are a few fatal wounds on her body. There is a stab wound from the back through her heart, and a huge portion of her intestines are torn- that is our major concern We can deal with stab wounds, her heart and her other injuries, but about the abdominal area… It’s in pieces, it would take a god to put it back together! Also, she might be poisoned…” the archbishop explained, pointing out each wound accurately. 

The three girls felt chills listening to him. It was horrifying. 

So this was why they didn’t want anyone to know. If everyone knew their Lady was like this, no one knows what would happen! 

There wasn’t a solution twenty years ago, but there still isn’t one now. It was very fortunate that they had people who could make decisions fast to preserve her life using the crystal or she would’ve been long dead. 

Ye Lang’s expression grew solemn, for her condition was much more severe than he imagined. This was the most severe injury he had ever seen in a patient. 

Usually, a person wounded as severely as this would’ve been dead before he got to him or her. 

“This is indeed a huge problem for us. Don’t force yourself if you can’t do it, we can preserve her life for the next few hundred years, perhaps there would be a new solution by then!” Looking at Ye Lang’s expression, the archbishops knew that this was also a challenging matter to him. 

Ye Lang frowned, his finger tracing circles on the crystal, then grinned, “It’s a huge problem yes, but I wouldn’t say there isn’t a solution at all!”

“You have a solution?” cheered the archbishops excitedly after seeing Ye Lang’s grin.

They realised Ye Lang’s smile was the most beautiful thing in the world at this very moment, for it was a smile that brought them hope. 

Usually, they were the ones who brought hope and smiles to other people. It was a little odd to them that this time Ye Lang was the one bringing hope to them. It didn’t matter though, as long as the Lady could be saved. 

“Yes, but there will be risks, and also side effects after this. I hope you will take this into consideration before making the decision to continue. I hope we will proceed because I want to see what it is she has that is pulling me to her,” said Ye Lang, staring at the crystal. He did not hide his intentions for that was his personality. 

“Risks… Side effects…” 

These made the archbishops hesitate. They were used to the convenience of using light magic here, the kind that did not have any risks or obvious side effects. 

Very soon, they started to discuss. 

“What now? What if this kid can’t save her? The blame would fall on us!” 

“That’s only a ‘what if’, not a certainty! We should consider this!” 

“You talk about it as if we’re rolling a dice! It’s a life we’re talking about!” 

“Do you think letting her remain in the crystal is a better choice? If it were me, I’d rather die!” 


“Also, even if we have a way to save her many, many years later, she would wake up to realise there wasn’t a person she could recognise by her side, which is the equivalent of waking up to a foreign world. Do you think she would like it? That she would be happy? I believe she would rather take the chance now!” 

“Uh… “

“Sigh, even if she comes out now, when she sees her childhood friends already middle-aged men and women, while she still remains a young girl, she would find it difficult to adapt…” 


“No matter what, we should let her remain in that crystal. The Sacred Teachings need their Sacred Lady! It’s been 21 years, some people are already questioning us, even wanting to elect a new Lady!” 

“Alright, then we’ll take the chance. We’ll have to believe in this Ye Lang kid’s skills- this won’t be his first time making a miracle happen anyway!”

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