The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 354

“Is it a very high chance?” the archbishop didn’t seem satisfied with his answer. 

“Archbishop, us doctors can never guarantee hundred-perfect success rates. It is already a good thing if we tell you a procedure has a high chance of success,” said the doctor. 

“??” The archbishops didn’t understand. They somehow had memories of doctors sometimes saying ‘everything will definitely be alright’ or something along those lines. 

This was all because of Ye Lang too, he once told them there was a possibility of errors performing any sort of treatment because the human body was a complicated system that until now no one understood completely. 

At the same time, every human body was different, so different people could have different reactions to different things. 

After thinking about it, they realised medical anomalies they had experienced before might also be due to this, though they might not have paid attention to them. 

Because of this, they became a lot more humble as doctors. They never again announced that they could a hundred percent cure a disease, especially not for severe and complicated cases. 

These doctors were very clear about the Sacred Lady’s condition, for they had been working on saving her for a very, very long time. 

The doctors left but they still left one person here just in case anything happened. 

Day by day, time passed. Ye Lang never left the room, and the outside was as calm as before as if nothing happened. 

If someone were watching inside, they would be surprised, - wait, shocked to the core- so shocked they would go numb. 

In the beginning, Ye Lang didn’t make all the crystal disappear completely. He wanted to rely on the ice crystal’s special qualities, so using a unique technique, he melted it off bit by bit based on his needs. 

He first exposed the parts with the Lady’s wounds, then treated it, and melted the other parts. This way, the Lady was always in a preserved condition and yet could be treated. 

This was the key part of the treatment. If the doctors could master this technique, they too could save the Lady- unfortunately, other than Ye Lang, no one had the skills to do this. 

From the beginning to the end, Ye Lang never melted the crystal from her heart to her head. These were the most important parts to be preserved. If he melted them, the Lady might slowly become conscious and with her condition, would not be able to stay alive for long. 

Or she might not even survive until she came fully awake. 

Why was Ye Lang inside for such a long time? 

Ye Lang had another task to complete, which was the most complex problem he had. If it wasn’t for this, he would’ve been done a long time ago. With his skills, the rest of her wounds were treated in no time. 

The most complicated problem was one that the doctors couldn’t solve even if they could master the sporadic melting of the ice crystals—her shattered abdomen due to a hit from the side. 

Although there were not many organs in this area, they were vital organs. Without saving this portion, she might not survive even if other wounds recovered. 

Right now, beams of light were shining from within her abdominal wounds. Ye Lang had placed many tiny alchemy formations where her organs were shattered to temporarily preserve her bodily functions. 

 Then, he needed to clean away pieces that couldn’t be saved and anything that would hinder recovery or trigger bad side effects.

If regular people saw this, they would be absolutely shaken, horrified and disgusted. This was why Ye Lang requested for them to leave, then blocked outsiders from seeing inside. 

He was a doctor, he had to face situations like this sometimes. Other people were different, they didn’t have to. 

At this point, Ye Lang didn’t feel disgusted because he didn’t have the time too. There was too much to do, i.e. observation, forming a plan, maintaining his formations…

After confirmation, Ye Lang muttered, “Looks like we need to use a formation to reconstruct her organs…”

If alchemists heard him now, they would be shocked because no one had ever used alchemy during a situation like this one. 

Using alchemy on a human body was a taboo in this world. 

First, no one had ever succeeded. Second, using a human as a test subject was inhumane, no one would attempt or approve this. 

However, Ye Lang wasn’t inducing a reaction on the entire body, but only on certain organs. Perhaps there was a difference here. Some doctors once attempted the reconstruction of individual organs in the past to give the patient another chance at life. 

Unfortunately, reconstruction was just too difficult, even performing it on animals was extremely difficult, so how could they perform it on one of the most complex animals, humans? 

Ye Lang had never done this before either, this was his first time. This was also why he needed so much time. 

A few peculiar formations appeared at her wounds, then groups of tiny dots materialised within each formation… These dots slowly merged to become something solid, and there was fresh blood…

These dots did not come from thin air, Ye Lang used the pieces he collected from her body before along with some materials to create them. 

Alchemy wasn’t about creating something out of thin air, but rather using materials that already existed to create something new. 

It was only about converting a material’s physical state, or for advanced practitioners, breaking molecules down then re-grouping them together. 

The formations continued to glow, the number of dots decreased within the formations and in return, the organs grew more complete. 

Then, he attached the organs to its proper locations on her body, and sealing the wounds…

Ye Lang had to repeat this process multiple times because this wasn’t something that could be done successfully at first attempt. This was Ye Lang’s first time too, and the synthesized organs kept having all sorts of problems- not just about its compatibility with the Lady’s body, but also the organs not even able to perform the most basic functions. That would mean it was a complete failure. 

That was why Ye Lang had to reconstruct the organs, break them down, then reconstruct them again all relying on his imagination to solve his problems. After many attempts, he finally completed the surgery. At least the organs were functional now- they could run their day-to-day functions. 

In the future, if this happened again, Ye Lang could probably complete the procedure within a day!