The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 355

After this was done, Ye Lang used alchemy also for her flesh and skin. This didn’t require the same reconstruction formation, he stimulated the Lady’s bodily recovery abilities to seal the wound as fast as possible. Although it was a huge wound, it wasn’t a problem to him. 

This wasn’t his first time so it was over very quickly! 

Ye Lang often met patients with wounds in the past and he would use alchemy to treat them too. While natural sealing of wounds might not produce results as good as light magic, it had its advantages too. 

Then, Ye Lang treated her scars, making them disappear. Her wounds soon looked like regular skin, no one would be able to tell there used to be a scar there. Even the scar on her abdomen completely healed, so you can imagine the rest of her wounds. 

As protection against similar incidents, Ye Lang planted a very interesting formation inside her too. This wasn’t just a regular formation, it was a different branch of alchemy. 

After this, Ye Lang dissolved the boundary formation…

“Ye Lang, you’re done?” Once the formation disappeared, a doctor waiting outside immediately noticed. 

At the same time, he had his answer once he saw the Lady in the middle. 

“Not yet! We’re almost done, there’s one more step left and I need you all to help me! Get a few more of your senior doctors here, and tell them to hurry!” said Ye Lang. 

“Alright, understood!” the doctor nodded. He already knew what Ye Lang wanted them to do. 

He left for a few moments, and when he returned, there were a few more people with him including Archbishop Will- who was waiting outside, and the three girls who were coincidentally visiting. 

“Ye Lang, you’re done?” asked Lanyu first. 

“Almost. Right now, even if I’m not present, they can already finish the job!” nodded Ye Lang. “Fatty, you have food? I’m hungry!” 

Ye Lang did a few alchemy formations on himself as he spoke, cleaning all the dirt of him. This was cleaner than if he took a bath, very convenient too. 

However, he never liked doing this because he liked having a routine like regular people. He enjoyed water baths. 

“Oh, okay!” Zhen Xiaoyan nodded, then produced a full-course meal on a table. The fact that she had a table and chairs prepared was astonishing. 

However, no one had time to pay attention to her now, nor did they notice Ye Lang rushing over to eat. They were still focused on the Lady. 

Almost everyone could see the smooth skin on her belly, without a trace of a wound… It was astounding to see this level of recovery. How did he do it?

And the crystal…

“Ye Lang, how did you do it? What method did you use to heal her abdomen? Also, what’s going on with the crystal? You can control it?” This doctor was very smart, he’d dashed over to ask Ye Lang many questions. 

If he didn’t ask now, when would he have this opportunity again? 

“Alchemy!” replied Ye Lang, then started to eat. 


Alchemy. Who wouldn’t know it was alchemy? Be more specific! 

“More specific? I healed the Sacred Lady’s body with alchemy. As for the details, I don’t feel like talking about it now. It’s not that I’m hiding it from you all, it’s a method that will never be used unless absolutely required!” Ye Lang shook his head. He didn’t want to make this information public. 

Based on their current technology, this type of alchemy should not exist. This would only bring disaster to this world! 

“And what if it is absolutely required?” asked the doctor again. He still wanted to know. 

“It won’t come to that. This was a very unique situation, this doesn’t happen even once in ten thousand years…” Ye Lang shook his head, “Treat it as my secret practice!” 

“…” The doctor didn’t probe further. Since Ye Lang expressed it that way, he understood it meant he should stop asking. 

At the same time, he didn’t believe Ye Lang would deliberately keep practices for himself for selfish reasons. Ye Lang had already taught them many high-level alchemy practices in the past that led to massive leaps in their healing abilities! 

He knew that this probably meant the practice didn’t suit them. That must be why Ye Lang didn’t want to teach! 

Very quickly, Ye Lang started to ignore everyone, focusing on his food. He was never gentle with his food, but this time he was a lot rougher…

“Ye Lang, you must be starving. How did you survive half a month in there?” Zhen Xiaoyan’s heart ached as she watched him inhale his food. 

“Yeah, I’m very hungry! I’ve been in there for half a month?” Ye Lang nodded. He didn’t keep track of time in there, it was difficult for him to gauge the passing of time. 

“Yep, half a month! Don’t worry though, you still can participate in the ranking competition!” smiled Ye Lanyu, nodding. 

“Oh? Why did they wait for me? That’s weird. It would’ve been a lot easier to remove me from the list!” remarked Ye Lang. 

“Who would dare remove your name? Unless you disappeared, you will always have a spot!” the seventh princess laughed. 

The story about Ye Lang being absent spread like wildfire among the students of all the academies. Everyone could tell that Ye Lang had special privileges because he was never disqualified despite not showing up. 

Many people felt it was unfair, even protesting against the organiser’s decisions. However, these people only made up a small portion of the population, and with so many supporters, they gave up temporarily. 

Not only the supporters here, or Academy Number One, even the Royal Institute, Ye Academy and the organisers were all supporting Ye Lang. They announced that Ye Lang was doing something very important so he would not be disqualified. 

“Why wouldn’t they? I didn’t even threaten them this time?” asked Ye Lang, who didn’t understand. His words rendered many speechless. 

Does this mean you once threatened someone in the past…?

“Because you’re doing something good, so everyone is helping you!” chuckled the princess…

“Oh, so it’s because everyone’s helping me threaten them…” Ye Lang looked like he understood. 


Soon, a few light doctors dashed frantically over, entered the room and were stunned by the Lady and the crystal’s condition like the rest. 

Then, they approached Ye Lang…


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