The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 357

“Yeah, fatty said some things are best kept frozen or they would lose their taste. I froze them so my food will taste awesome!” exclaimed Ye Lang. 

How could they use precious ice crystal cores to freeze food?! That’s absolutely… prodigal of him! 

“Xiaoyan, why would you let him use ice crystal to freeze food?!” Ye Lanyu could only reprimand Zhen Xiaoyan because talking to Ye Lang would only be a waste of time. 

“Hey, ice crystals are great. I got Ye Lang to help with the freezing when I need them stored. Hmmph, you’re always the first to taste my cooking, I can’t believe you froze me too!” Zhen Xiaoyan was at first talking to Ye Lanyu but slowly got angry at Ye Lang. 

“That was an accident…” corrected Ye Lang. 

“The first time was an accident, but how many times did it happen? Four? Five?” shot Zhen Xiaoyan, rolling her eyes. 

She wouldn’t hit him though. She dared not, and would rather not. 

“Hey, not that many! It was just three times!” argued Ye Lang immediately- though his argument was a weak one! 

“...” The crowd fell silent. 

“Right, Ye Lang, you mentioned the familiar feeling. Have you found what made you feel that way?” recalled the princess. This was the reason why Ye Lang was here in the first place. 

“Ah, I almost forgot! I wasn’t looking at all! The feeling is still here, I think it’s from the Lady herself. This is odd, I don’t even know her… Ugh, am I dreaming…” Ye Lang froze when he saw the Lady’s face, starting to suspect he was dreaming. 

“What? Dreaming?” the princess and the rest asked, puzzled. There must be a problem if Ye Lang reacted this way. 

What problem though? This girl had been frozen for 21 years, she was much older than him. How could they know each other? Was this the ‘soul connection’ the legends talked about? 

Even the people of Sheng City stared at him. 

“I must be dreaming. I think I should just sleep first…” Ye Lang shook his head, then immediately fell asleep leaning against the girl. 

It was all the same to Ye Lang since he thought he was dreaming, so it didn’t matter where he slept. 

Unfortunately, this wasn’t a dream. Him collapsing on the girl posed a very serious problem that could damage his reputation at Sheng City or even make him their enemy. 

The punishment for harassing the Sacred Lady was death!


The crowd watched him, stunned. Forget about the fact he was collapsed on the girl, it was more shocking that he could fall asleep on command. 

Thankfully, everyone didn’t think he was harassing the Sacred Lady but merely thought he was too tired. They were all familiar with his personality and they would definitely give him the benefit of doubt. 

However, this was still not allowed. They had to pull him away or more problems would arise if she woke now. 

Then again, they had just completed her treatment, she shouldn’t regain consciousness so soon. Maybe in a few days. 

The world works in mysterious ways though…

“...” The Sacred Lady opened her eyes, looked left and right to see so many people standing around her. She didn’t look surprised at all, only surveying every person with her pair of bright eyes. 

“That’s odd, why do I see so many people today? I must be dreaming!” said the Sacred Lady with her clear voice, slowly sitting up. 

“...” The crowd was stunned speechless. 

“What has that little idiot been doing, he hasn’t visited in a while… Did he abandon me again…” she said to herself. This was odd, who did she mean by little idiot?

“Hey, why are you sleeping on me, wake up…” when she noticed Ye Lang collapsed on her, she gently shook him awake. 

“Quick, pull the gentleman away! I don’t want him to scare her!” said Archbishop Will. The doctors looked at each other, then realised it was their job. 

Therefore, the doctors approached to carry him away- but the next series of events were much stranger! 

“What are you doing? Don’t touch him!” It would’ve been normal if Ye Lanyu and the two girls said it, but it was the Sacred Lady who spoke these words. 

Things grew more astonishing as the Lady hugged Ye Lang tight in her arms, shouting, “No one can take him away from me, no one!” 

“...” The crowd stood with their eyes widened, jaws on the floor. 

“What… What’s going on?” after a long pause, Archbishop Will pointed at the girl hugging Ye Lang tight. He was questioning the doctors, questioning if something happened to them. 

“Maybe she was asleep for too long, so she hasn’t fully regained her consciousness yet...” frowned a doctor. 

It was a very fancy way to say the Sacred Lady might’ve gone mad…

“You are all in charge of curing her, and no one will hear about this!” instructed Archbishop Will, his brows furrowed. 

“Yes, Archbishop Will!” answered the doctors. 

“Will?!” once she heard them, the Lady immediately turned around, regarding Will with her bright eyes for a long time. 

At this point, Archbishop Will didn’t move, only stared back to watch the Lady who was in a state of confusion. 

“You’re Grandpa Will? Why are you suddenly so old?” asked the Lady. 

“Yeah, I’m Grandpa Will. Do you still recognise me? It’s been 21 years, that’s why I look older!” said Archbishop Will, looking at her.

“21 years? Time passes so quickly… Why are you in my dream?” she asked, puzzled, “also, all of you…Why are all of you in my dream?” 

“Kid, it’s not a dream! You’ve woken up, you’re fully cured!” said Archbishop gently, smiling down on her. 

“Not a dream? No, if this isn’t a dream, then why is he… Ouch… That hurts…” the Lady was about to say something when she felt her body ache all over. It might’ve been due to being sealed in a block of crystal for too long, or because Ye Lang’s weight was still crushing her. 


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