The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 358

“That hurt… I’m not in a dream?!” muttered the Sacred Lady, stunned. She hadn’t felt pain in a long, long time. 

“Yeah, you’re not dreaming,” nodded Archbishop Will, rubbing her head. He used to do this in private. He treated her like his own granddaughter. 

“If I’m not dreaming, why aren’t there any wounds on me? I remember I was hurt very badly, it was impossible to treat my injuries then,” she shook her head, still not believing that this wasn’t a dream. 

“The honour goes to… the kid you’re still hugging,” Archbishop Will pointed at Ye Lang still in her arms. Other than stating the truth, he wanted to remind the Lady that she should let him go. 

However, she didn’t let go, even gently shaking Ye Lang and whispered, “Him? He’s THAT amazing?”

What was going on? She was hugging him even tighter, and sounded as if she was happier for this kid? 

This might be normal if they knew each other, but this was impossible. So what was going on? 

“Yeah, of course my brother is amazing… but don’t you dare do anything to him while he’s asleep, I don’t care if you’re the Sacred Lady,” said Ye Lanyu who walked up to them to pull him away. 

However, the Sacred Lady was still hugging him tightly. 

“Hey, hey, you’re the Sacred Lady, remember that. Don’t hug my husband like that,” the seventh princess walked up too. How could she be comfortable with another girl hugging him like that? She wanted to pull them apart. 

Both girls did not succeed. 

Ye Lanyu was provoked, hitting her with magic. It was, of course, nothing serious, she only wanted to scare the Sacred Lady. 

What surprised her was a magical shield that appeared and blocked her attack. 

“The Heart of Light?” Ye Lanyu gasped, staring at the Sacred Lady. 

The magical shield was a type of light magic, but it wasn’t called the Heart of Light. What Ye Lanyu was referring to wasn’t a kind of magic but a level of achievement from cultivation. 

Ye Lanyu was very sure the shield emerged from the girl’s body, they weren’t far apart so she could sense it. However, she didn’t see the Lady’s hands move- or any part of her body for that matter. 

There were only two possibilities when a person could generate a magic shield without moving- she might have a magical item with her, but the shield would have a different feeling to it and Ye Lanyu could not sense the presence of a magical item. 

That left only one possibility- the Sacred Lady had attained ‘Heart of Light’, which meant she could release light magic without moving a muscle. 

One can attain ‘Heart of Light’ once there was harmony between them and the light element. Very few people attained this, although it was the dream of many people.

Every attribute had its own level of mastery like this one, even if they had different names. 

The attainment of this level depended on one’s talent. If your attribute was light, then you could only attain Heart of Light but not mastery of any other attributes. 

For a person like Ye Lang, who had no attributes, it was likely he would never have a chance to achieve any of these levels. 

No matter what, a person who had attained Heart of Light would not be a person Ye Lanyu and the princess could fight. Even the First Swordsman couldn’t. In fact, anyone below the Tian Heavenly Level would be no match. 

This was why it was astonishing to see the Sacred Lady achieve the Heart of Light. She was so young, she looked seventeen or eighteen. 

Alright, she was actually in her thirteens, but ignoring the 21 years of her being in coma, she was seventeen. 

Even if she was thirty, it would still be shocking because only very, very old people who were almost at the end of their lives attained such level of mastery. 

“Kid, when did you achieve Heart of Light?” Archbishop Will was equally shocked- more than Ye Lanyu because he was the closest to her. She had only just attained the Di Earth Level fighter title when she was sealed in crystal, that was far from achieving Heart of Light. 

“A long time ago in my dreams. There wasn’t anyone there, what could I do other than meditating?” said the Sacred Lady, her expression painful, as if she had experienced a loneliness no one could imagine. 

Perhaps this pain was the factor that helped her achieve the much-coveted Heart of Light. 

However, she took a different route. A regular person would slowly cultivate in real life, while she practised in her dream. 

Simply put, while she already attained Heart of Light, she wasn’t as powerful yet. She would still have to train in real life for her skills to match her qualities. 

Her skills were still at the Tian Heavenly Level though, and that was already very, very difficult to beat. 

The Sacred Lady’s expression changed drastically from pain to warmth, gently explained, “until one day, this little idiot entered my dream…”

“Entered your dream?” everyone was equally confused, unable to understand. 

Had the Sacred Lady gone mad? Or did Ye Lang use a special technique to connect their minds during the past few days? 

If there were only these two possibilities, the people of Sheng City all hoped it was the latter, though Ye Lanyu thought she was just a crazy person. 

“Yeah, I don’t know why either. Many years ago, when he was still a teenager, and I was staring into nothing alone, he suddenly appeared looking like his clueless self. I thought I was still dreaming…” she poked Ye Lang playfully. 

“He only realised something was wrong a year later, he really is a little clueless egg. How could anyone dream of the same person every night…”

“...” Ye Lanyu and the two other girls fell silent, for her description matched Ye Lang’s personality. This was too outrageous though, they still suspected the Sacred Lady had gone mad after sleeping for so long. 

If they thought this, what would the people of the Teachings think? They must’ve also thought she was muddled from so much sleep. What a story! 

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