The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 359

Ye Lanyu and the two girls realised something was off. They felt like Ye Lang had mentioned her a few times, they’d just shrugged it off every time because they thought he was joking. 

At this point in the story, I’m sure you know who the Sacred Lady is! Yep, she’s the girl in Ye Lang’s dreams, the one he’s been seeing since he was thirteen! 

No one expected the ‘girl of his dreams’ to be a real person! 

It was even more shocking that she turned out to be the Sacred Lady of the Sacred Teachings! 

Every part of this story had a shocking twist so far…

“Then, he didn’t seem to find it odd either. He would come chat with me every day, though sometimes he would disappear for a long time, I don’t know what I was doing… Like this time…” explained the Sacred Lady, her tone full of warmth and love. As she spoke, she was interrupted by Ye Lang- still in her arms. 

Ye Lang was awake. 

“I hope I’m awake this time. That was odd, why didn’t I see her… Hey, who’s hugging me? Let me go!” shouted Ye Lang after he felt himself trapped in someone’s embrace. 

“Hey! I do what I want!” roared the girl. 

“... Alright, you’re the big sister, whatever. Let me go though… It’s been a weird day, why can’t I wake up? Forget it, I’ll stay asleep if this is what I’m doing!” Ye Lang said after a long pause. He was now very confused as to whether he was asleep or awake. 

Ye Lang very quickly gave up on wondering if he was asleep. 

“Tell me where you’ve been these few days! You disappeared for half a month!” accused the Sacred Lady. 

“About that… I was treating an injured patient, a girl called Sacred Lady. Her condition was a little troublesome so I couldn’t sleep,” answered Ye Lang very honestly. 

“...” The crowd fell silent. 

A girl called Sacred Lady? Looks like Ye Lang never understood what ‘sacred lady’ meant. Why did he know odd trivia but have zero knowledge of common facts? 

“A girl called Sacred Lady?! It’s a very sacred position for the Sacred Teachings, alright?!” the Sacred Lady huffed. 

“Hey, let me go! Why are you still hugging me?!” Ye Lang instinctively pushed the girl away, something he often did in the past. 

However, both of them wouldn’t feel a thing in the dream. This was different. The Sacred Lady felt something when he pushed. 

“Aaa!” She gasped. 

The crowd was still watching with her eyes widened and jaws on the floor. 

Ye Lang’s hand pushed her chest, which unfortunately meant he touched somewhere sensitive! 

The ones from Sheng City were all cursing in their hearts…

This… This was sexual harassment of the Sacred Lady! 

“Huh?! That was soft… Am I not dreaming? Why do I feel something?” Ye Lang touched her, his expression clueless. 

“Stop!!” she instructed calmly. She didn’t hug him any longer. 

“Oh,” Ye Lang grunted, immediately standing up to stretch. 

“Listen to me, my name is Xuan Yuanbing!” the Sacred Lady, also Xuan Yuanbing, declared solemnly to Ye Lang. 

She could ignore what just happened for the moment. The most important thing right now was to tell Ye Lang her name. This was the first thing she wanted to do since she woke up. 

In the past seven or eight years, although they both met every night, they never knew who each other was, neither could they reveal their identities, not even a name! This made her very frustrated. 

“Hey, why would you say that? Don’t you know our connection would break… Hey?! Why are you still here? Why am I not awake yet?” Ye Lang scratched his head, utterly confused. 

“You idiot, what’s your name?” asked Xuan Yuanbing. This was what she cared most. Although she knew it already, she still wanted to hear it from him. 

“I’m Ye Lang, the thirteenth male of the Ye family, the prodigal son… You can come visit when you have the time!” Ye Lang decided to also tell her his identity, seeing as it was a very rare opportunity. He might not get the chance another time! 

“Mmm! I don’t have to, we’re already together now!” Xuan Yuanbing stood up, smiling. 

“Hey…” Ye Lang was used to calling her with a grunt… but she was ready to interrupt her this time. 

“Don’t ‘hey’ me, call me by my name, or Elder Sister Bing!” Xuan Yuanbing said. 

“Elder? More like Little Sister Bing! Why don’t you ever age? That’s very weird,” he shook his head. She had always looked the same since he first met her at thirteen. 

At some point, Ye Lang even said ‘I’m about to be older than you in a few days, why don’t you age…’ 

“...” Xuan Yuanbing fell silent. 

“Xuan Yuanbing, great name! I’ve got to go check on that Sacred Lady, see you tonight!” Ye Lang suddenly remembered he hadn’t checked on ‘Sacred Lady’ to see if she regained consciousness. 

“You don’t have to!” she shook her head, wanting to say that she was alive and he didn’t have to. 

“I’m not kidding, I’ll see you tonight… How do I wake up though? I think I can’t!” Ye Lang thought hard, “telling you my name didn’t even work, what should I do…” 

“I said you don’t have to! Look at me closely!” Xuan Yuanbing said plainly. 

This was how she was used to speaking, though she might get a little emotional talking to him- but only with Ye Lang. 

“Why would I? It’s not like we’ve never met… Uh, I wanted to ask why you’re dressed like this. Aren’t you usually in that white dress? Why are you dressed so sexy today…Your clothes have holes in them, I can see your belly button! Like that Sacred Lady…” 

Sexy? Holes? Belly button? Is he talking about me? Xuan Yuanbing hadn’t noticed what she was wearing. She looked down.


She squealed, using light magic to make her body shine brightly, releasing blinding light. At least people couldn’t see her behind this light! 

She looked exactly like a Sacred Lady, her body glowing so brightly. The pure, strikingly beautiful face of hers was the symbol of innocence and purity. 

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