The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 361

“Why can’t you ask?” asked Ye Lanyu. 

Ye Lang answered, “Because everytime we do, I’ll wake up immediately. And if I fall back asleep, I won’t be able to meet her again. After that, we decided to never talk about our identities.” 

“This was why I always thought you were just a dream, that you didn’t exist. I even suspected you were a figment of my imagination, or you were another soul living inside me…” said Ye Lang. 

“But now I see you, alive and well in front of me, and coincidentally a patient I’ve been treating, it is indeed unbelievable…” he frowned, still digesting this reality. 

After what Ye Lang said, the three girls understood the relationship between Ye Lang and Xuan Yuanbing. While it was unbelievable, they could see that both of them were very, very close. 

They’d been meeting each other in their dreams every night- how could they not be close? Even the closest pair of lovers in the world would not be able to attain this level of intimacy with each other. 

“Little Seven, that’s your competitor. You’re his future wife, his best friend since childhood but I don’t think you’re both closer to each other than they are. They’ve been spending every night together,” teased Ye Lanyu, as if very delighted with herself to see someone out-shine the seventh princess. It was satisfying! 

Would Ye Lanyu be jealous? 

Why would she? He was her brother, as long as someone was willing to be her brother’s wife, she didn’t care who it was. As long as the girl treated him well! 

Ye Lanyu would never help anyone who liked Ye Lang fight for a place in his heart, though she’d eliminate those whom she thought wasn’t suitable. 

As for her criteria separating those she liked and didn’t- well, that was up to her. 

“She’s not the queen of everything just because they spent every night together! I’ll sleep in the same room as him every night next time. They were both only dreaming, I’m there in reality!” scoffed the seventh princess. 

“...” Zhen Xiaoyan didn’t speak. She didn’t feel like it was her place to comment. 

After listening to Ye Lang, Xuan Yuanbing also felt like this entire incident was hard to digest. However, she didn’t care, only nodded, “Yeah, it’s true.” 

“Never mind, let’s not think about that. My head hurts already. Xuan Yuanbing, you look like you’ve recovered. I don’t think I have anything left to do here, so I’m heading back to sleep. I’m exhausted,” Ye Lang shook his head, tossing everything to the back of his mind. 

“What do you mean? Stay here with me, let’s talk…” said Xuan Yuanbing very calmly- though everyone could tell she didn’t want him to leave. 

“What’s there to talk about? We’ve been talking for years! Maybe next time. I want to sleep, and you want to talk… Why don’t you sleep too? Then we can talk in our dreams,” Ye Lang waved, rejected Yuanbing’s offer. 

“You want to sleep? I’ll bring you to my room. My room smells great and is very comfortable, didn’t you say you liked it the last time?” offered Xuan Yuanbing immediately, then dragging Ye Lang away. 

She was referring to the time they were still dreaming. She usually changed the scenery there every day, and once she showed him her bedroom. Ye Lang commented that it was pretty and he liked it when he saw the room. 

“Oh, that’s alright…” Ye Lang didn’t realise that he should reject the offer, for he didn’t think of the consequences of sleeping in the Sacred Lady’s quarters…

He only wanted to sleep, and that was more important than anything. 

However, do you think the people present would agree? Ye Lanyu might, maybe even the doctors, but not the rest- especially not Archbishop Will. 

“Bing, stop. Have you forgotten who you are?” Archbishop Will asked, blocking the door. 

“Who I am? I’m Xuan Yuanbing, the Sacred Lady of the Sacred Teachings,” she was still dragging Ye Lang along, about to walk around Archbishop Will to get past him. 

“If you know that you're the Sacred Lady, why are you still offering to let a male sleep in your room?” Archbishop Will stopped her once again. 

She stopped in her tracks, then thought for a moment, “Sacred Lady… The duty of the Sacred Lady… The rule of being a Sacred Lady is to never get too close to a boy, to never have a relationship… It all seems so far away, I’ve forgotten most of them. I guess I’m not fit to be a Sacred Lady anymore.” 

“Yeah, don’t be a leftover lady, it’ll be weird,” Ye Lang nodded. 


“Little idiot, do you really see a Sacred Lady that way?” Xuan Yuanbing asked, laughing. 

“Aren’t they the same?” Ye Lang asked. 

“I guess you’re right, a Sacred Lady would stay single forever. She cannot have a lover, she cannot like anyone that way. I’m not fit to be one,” she whispered as she nodded. 

“Oh! You like someone!” Ye Lang nodded. He ‘understood’ once again. 

“You really want to get punched, do you? Don’t run!” she waved a small fist, protesting. Ye Lang was far away from her by now. 

“Why wouldn’t I run? You’ll hit me1” said Ye Lang, running without even looking back. Little Xin was running with him, both sprinting at astonishing speed. 

“Let’s see where you can hide!” Xuan Yuanbing ran after him. She was quick too- she’s a Tian Heavenly Level fighter who had attained Heart of Light, she was much, much more powerful than Ye Lang! 

There was a long, long silence as the crowd, including Feng Xing and the Light Riders outside, watched Xuan Yuanbing chasing Ye Lang. 

“Lord Feng Xing, I think that was Mr Ye, and I think the person chasing him was the Sacred Lady…” one of the Light Riders who’d been stationed at the House of Confusion immediately recognised Ye Lang and Little Xing with him. 

He’d recognised Xuan Yuanbing too, but couldn’t be sure. 

“I think so, but why is she chasing him? Did he offend her?” Feng Xing nodded, also confused. 

“With his personality, that’s very likely,” nodded almost every Light Rider who had once worked at the House of Confusion with confidence.

“Lord Feng Xing, should we chase after them? It doesn’t seem appropriate for them to run like this here,” asked one of the riders. 

“I guess… What are we doing? Go!” he nodded, then sprinted off after them. 

And while Feng Xing and his men sprinted off, a few people also sprinted out of the door...

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