The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 363

“What has that got to do with him sleeping in my room? You can talk about that tomorrow,” said Xuan Yuanbing, looking at the seventh princess. Her tone sounded plain and innocent, though her words didn’t match. 

However, everyone understood what she meant. Although it was a little unbelievable, she didn’t care whose future husband Ye Lang was, she still insisted for him to sleep in her room… To sleep. Yes, only sleep…

“Hey, are you really afraid of being single the rest of your life? Meh, right, you’re 38, you’re like, 18 years older than me and Ye Lang,” jeered the princess, attempting to pull Ye Lang back.

“What did you say? I only know I’m 17, from my appearance to my mind, I’m all 17 years old. I only lost 21 years in-between… And you’re almost 20 already,” said Xuan Yuanbing cooly, not angered by this. 

Like what she said, she only lost 21 years in terms of time, she didn’t age for the past 21 years. She was 38 but still 17 in all other aspects. 

Or using basic terms: she time travelled from the year she was 17 years old to this year. 

“That just means you’re a monster and you should give my husband back to me! Or I’ll fight you if you don’t!” threatened the seventh princess. 

“Yeah, I am a monster,” admitted Xuan Yuanbing, then remarked wistfully, “You both have been together since you were kids, it wouldn’t matter if you let me have him for a while.” 

“Didn’t you both spend so much time in your dreams every night already? There’s no need for you to have him anymore. Ye Lanyu, come help me fight this woman,” the seventh princess wouldn’t back down, even shouting for backup. 

“??” Ye Lanyu wasn’t sure what was happening but instinctively braced for a fight. 

“Hmmph, you think I’m afraid of you?” smirked Xuan Yuanbing. She was already as powerful as both the girls before the coma. Now that she had already attained Heart of Light, she didn’t have to fear Ye Lanyu and the princess. 

“Hmmph! I’m not backing down even if you’re a Tian Heavenly Level fighter! Ye Lanyu, we’ll…” declared the seventh princess. She wasn’t backing down even though she was at a huge disadvantage. 

“Oh,” Ye Lanyu nodded, then started to release magic…

Xuan Yuanbing’s body started to glow. She was also preparing for a huge fight. 

The crowd watched the girls about to get into a huge fight. Feng Xing was still watching as an audience, with no intention to help any side. He wouldn’t be able to help even if he did, he couldn’t afford to offend any side. 

He should just sit and watch. It was a rare opportunity to watch such an interesting plot unfold. Sacred Lady Fights Woman For Engaged Man - there’s a headline for you! He hoped no one was going to ruin the show again. He’d probably kill them this time. 


Another person interrupted the scene. When the audience turned to glare at them, they realised this person wasn’t anyone they could afford to offend either. It wasn’t anyone else, it was Ye Lang. 

They had to swallow their anger. 

Or what? Beat Ye Lang up? 

Even if they dared touch him, the girls who were about to fight each other would fight them first… 

“Stand aside, it’s none of your business,” said the seventh princess and Xuan Yuanbing. Other people might cringe awkwardly, but not these two. 

Not even Ye Lang, who didn’t have the word ‘awkward’ in his dictionary. “Why isn’t it my business? Aren’t you both fighting over me? Don’t you think the easiest solution is to ask me? Don’t ignore me like I’m a piece of furniture.” 

This was the equivalent of Ye Lang waving a huge flag to remind them he was still present. 

“...” There was a pause. 

“Alright, you speak,” the seventh princess and Xuan Yuanbing temporarily ceased fire. They weren’t sure what Ye Lang was going to do next. The current circumstances were already embarrassing enough. 

“First, sis, Little Seven, how could you fight Xuan Yuanbing? She’s so weak, you’re both bullying her!” Ye Lang frowned as if he was lecturing the girls. 

“Huh?” Ye Lanyu and the seventh princess didn’t expect him to say this at all. He was taking her side?! 

Most importantly, it sounded like Ye Lang was mocking them because they knew both their powers combined might not move their opponent an inch. 

Xuan Yuanbing had attained Heart of Light, she wouldn’t be moved by mere magic. She’d unleash whatever magic she wanted to, even expert magicians were no match for her. 

Then, everyone realised Ye Lang had never seen Xuan Yuanbing and her shield so he didn’t know her true capabilities. He was still asleep when she did that. 

“Yeah, I’m weak. Why are you bullying me?” said Xuan Yuanbing behind Ye Lang like she was wronged- though the grin on her face told otherwise. 

She was only like this because Ye Lang couldn’t see her face, there was a hint of evil in that smile. 

Ye Lanyu was provoked by Xuan Yuanbing this time, the seventh princess even more so. Xuan Yuanbing’s grin widened as she saw them become angrier by the second. 

Feng Xing and the rest of the Light Riders were stunned watching the Sacred Lady like this. They had never seen her like this. Who would believe them if the riders told them that the Sacred Lady was ‘grinning with a hint of evil’? 

It didn’t make her repulsive, this little hint of mischief only made her more relatable to them, and pulled them closer to her. The past Sacred Lady was too clean, too pure. There was a huge distance between her and common folk. 

Especially Feng Xing and the rest who interacted with her when they were teenagers, they could feel the difference. 

The rest who’d never met her all heard through stories that the Sacred Lady should be like this. The Sacred Lady of the Sacred Teachings had mostly the same qualities as if they were made from the same mould. 

To be honest, if Xuan Yuanbing didn’t wake up, there would be another Sacred Lady to replace her. They hadn’t found a suitable successor at the moment, and seeing as Xuan Yuanbing was technically still alive, they delayed the search. 

The Sacred Lady didn’t really have to do much, she was more of a figurehead… no, a pillar of strength. She was the being whom people prayed to, and when necessary, she was there to raise the spirits of the people. 

This didn’t mean she was unimportant- seeing how blindly some followers worshipped her, as long as she spoke the words, they wouldn’t even frown if she told them to die. 

Another way to put it: the Sacred Lady was the ambassador for the Lady of Light! 

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