The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 365

Why didn’t she want to be the Sacred Lady anymore? Well, she had a lot of time to think these 21 years. She felt she shouldn’t be tied down anymore! 

She felt she was different from other Sacred Ladies, she didn’t like having all these rules. She wanted to break free from them! 

Xuan Yuanbing wanted to quit because of the rules but if the Teachings gave her more freedom, she didn’t mind being the Sacred Lady. 

“Oh, you can quit if you want, it doesn’t seem like a fun job anyway! If you don’t want to be a leftover lady anymore, you can come to my house. I’ll let you pick a random cousin of mine to marry then you won’t be single anymore! Right, I think my third brother is still single, I’ll introduce you to him some other day.” Ye Lang didn’t mind, though playing matchmaker was fun. 

“Hey, even if I marry, I’ll marry you! How could I marry anyone else?” huffed Xuan Yuanbing. She never thought about marrying anyone. Perhaps because she’d been the Sacred Lady for a very long time, she had very mild connections with any male- so mild it was negligible. 

She never even thought of dating Ye Lang either, that was only something she said, it wasn’t something she took seriously. 

Everyone thought this was weird. Wasn’t there a ‘scandal’ just a few moments ago? It didn’t even sound like they were attracted to each other here. 

“Why would you want to marry me? Why not someone else?” asked Ye Lang, confused. 

“Think about it. Our minds are connected, we see each other in our dreams. Where would you get another girl like that? Then again, it would be impossible for me to have feelings for any guy, I think you got lucky with me,” laughed Xuan Yuanbing as if this was all very normal and marriage wasn’t something serious.  

“Lucky?” Ye Lang didn’t understand. 

“I can spend every day with you, maybe even for the rest of your life!” said Xuan Yuanbing. 

Ye Lang leapt up and cried, “Ugh, that’s lucky? I would only suffer! You should just continue being the Sacred Lady, don’t leave this place. I’ll come visit if I have time!” 

“...” Xuan Yuanbing was speechless. This idiot…

Once Ye Lang stepped into Xuan Yuanbing’s quarters, he stripped off all his clothes, leaping into bed with only his underwear on. 

“He’s still the same…” Xuan Yuanbing shook her head. She was used to this, Ye Lang also slept when he was dreaming… 

Ye Lang didn’t care that Ye Lanyu and the other two girls were present either. Of course, if they were someone else, he would’ve shooed them out. 

“You all can look for a place to sleep, I’m sleeping on the bed!” said Xuan Yuanbing, thinking she was smart enough to speak up first. 

However, did she really know Ye Lang as well as Ye Lanyu and the seventh princess? That was impossible, at least not in terms of how he behaved in reality. 

When she walked to the bed, Lanyu and the seventh princess was already asleep on either side of Ye Lang on the bed. They were prepared for this. 

“... Hey, this is my bed, how could you! I was already being very kind to let you all in, don’t overdo it!” warned Xuan Yuanbing. 

What she got in reply were snores and deep breathing…

To be fair, she didn’t stop the three girls from entering her room because she was only letting Ye Lang take his nap. She didn’t really care if they were here, it wasn’t like she was claiming him as her own! 

In reality, she did get to spend a lot of time with him in their dreams, that was why she didn’t care that much. 

“Miss Sacred Lady…” said Zhen Xiaoyan.

“Call me Sister Bing!” Xuan Yuanbing liked Zhen Xiaoyan although she didn’t speak much. 

“Uh… Miss Bing, don’t waste your time pulling them apart, at least not tonight. They haven’t seen him in half a month, and you know what he was doing during that time!” Xiaoyan whispered, “and you were keeping Ye Lang for yourself just now, that’s why they weren’t very nice to you!” 

“Uh…” Xuan Yuanbing fell silent. She knew she was being reckless without considering their feelings, all because she had her body again. 

The conflict she had with Lanyu and the seventh princess wasn’t much, she shouldn’t be too particular either. 

Zhen Xiaoyan continued, “Don’t worry, both of them do everything around Ye Lang, everything they do is for him. That is why if Ye Lang is kind to you, they would never hate you! You might fight sometimes though, maybe a few times a day…” 

“Oh… What about you? You’re always with him too, what role do you play?” asked Xuan Yuanbing. She had a certain understanding of Lanyu and the seventh princess but she didn’t know anything about this girl who’d been silent for a long time. There was Little Xin too. 

“I’m his classmate, also his cook. I cook his meals!” Zhen Xiaoyan gave a brief self-introduction. 

“Oh, what about her?” Yuanbing pointed at Little Xin. 

Zhen Xiaoyan fell silent, then spoke very slowly, “Little Xin is a reanimated spirit!” There was pride in her tone, her eyes staring intently at Yuanbing, waiting for her reaction. 

Would the Sacred Lady show any hint of surprise? Zhen Xiaoyan wanted to know. 

“What? Reanimated spirit?! How is that possible? She doesn’t look like a spirit at all!” Indeed, Xuan Yuanbing was surprised. Even the Sacred Lady couldn’t believe such an explanation. 

Zhen Xiaoyan chuckled, “Yep, no one ever suspects she’s a spirit. No one believes us even when we tell them! But it’s true, Ye Lang made her!” 

“He’s talked to me about the art of creating a reanimated spirit before but I didn’t realise it was this impressive!” Xuan Yuanbing regarded Little Xing, then touched her body. She could feel how much effort Ye Lang put into this spirit. 

Little Xin was enough to make Ye Lang proud too. She was the perfect work of art! 

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