The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 370

“...” Zhen Xiaoyan listened intently, memorizing every word he said and even taking down notes. 

However, she wasn’t taking down notes about the dish, but rather what Ye Lang liked about it. She noted all the flavours he liked most. 

When he finished, she immediately produced the ingredients, started to make the condiments from scratch and experimented with the dish…

On the other side, while Ye Lang and Zhen Xiaoyan were talking teppanyaki, Ye Lanyu and the seventh princess were already in the middle of the field, bowing in respect to their opponents. This meant they were ready to battle! 

“May I know what is going on?” their opponent was already unhappy with Zhen Xiaoyan’s presence. With Ye Lang here, they felt they were being disrespected. 

Like their past opponents, some requested for Zhen Xiaoyan to participate in the battle too. However she said she didn’t know how to fight, and it was true. 

Of course they didn’t believe Xiaoyan. They requested for her to participate once again, which annoyed Ye Lanyu, so she immediately started to attack. 

After this, her opponents understood why Ye Lanyu’s team only sent two people on the field. They didn’t need any more people, both of them were enough to defeat their opponents! 

Not many people at this student level were capable of fighting Ye Lanyu and the seventh princess together. Not even if they were five people! 

On the other hand, participants who might be more powerful than the two girls would never participate in such a trivial category like the mixed category, so it would be an easy win for them! 

Although people were aware of their capabilities, they often arrogantly thought their five members were more superior and their opponents were trash. 

Every opponent thought this way, then they would request for Zhen Xiaoyan to participate every time. And the results would always be the same too! 

“Just let them be, I don’t want them to be here anyway, or you’ll die a horrible death!” answered Ye Lanyu as usual. Her answers were always very honest. 

“...” The seventh princess didn’t speak, too lazy to elaborate. 

“You…” Their ‘scary’ opponents felt like they were insulted. That they were disrespected. 

More intense hatred brewed in their hearts compared to the girls’ previous opponents due to Ye Lang’s presence. Ye Lang was here drinking tea and eating tidbits at the sidelines. 

Yeah, they felt very insulted and embarassed at Ye Lang’s behaviour. 

Most of the audience was watching Ye Lang, stunned. They’d forgotten about everything else, only mesmerized by Ye Lang’s antics…

At this moment, right in front of the crowd, before many pairs of eyes, he discreetly -when Zhen Xiaoyan wasn’t paying attention- stuffed a slice of beef into his mouth. He chewed. 

No one knew why Ye Lang was attempting to be ‘discreet’. All they knew was they didn’t know to laugh or cry after witnessing the entire situation. 

Very soon, they understood why Ye Lang had to ‘steal’ the piece of beef…

“Ah! Ye Lang, you can’t eat that…” cried Zhen Xiaoyan immediately after she noticed him eating something, and took a look at the beef slices she put aside. 

“Mmph… Mmph…” Ye Lang’s mouth was stuffed full of beef, his words muffled. No one knew what he was saying. 

“You dumbo, spit it out! That beef was a failure, didn’t you see it was burnt?” Zhen Xiaoyan reached out to grab Ye Lang in an attempt to force him to spit it out. She was a little too slow though, she couldn’t catch him. 

The only way was if he deliberately wanted himself to be captured! 

“So what if it’s burnt? It’s still beef, it’d be a waste if I don’t eat it!” explained Ye Lang after gulping down the beef. His expression said: carry on with your cooking, don’t mind me. 

Ye Lang was never wasteful when it came to food. He once ate soon-to-be expired flu medicine, a little burnt beef was nothing! 

He wasn’t like some people who would collapse after eating food that was slightly past its prime, and it didn’t taste horrible either. It wasn’t bad at all. 

It would’ve been delicious to any normal person! 

“Waste? I’ll eat it. I’ve always eaten my failed projects, nothing’s happened to me, it just goes into my belly…” explained Zhen Xiaoyan once again. She’d already explained this concept to Ye Lang many times, like how she often told him not to eat ‘horrible’ food. 

“Your little stomach might not be able to contain so much food, I’ve gotta eat some too!” said Ye Lang solemnly, then continued to fight Zhen Xiaoyan for more food on the metal plate. He was eyeing for the cuttlefish this time. 

If someone who didn’t know them heard this conversation, they’d think Ye Lang was being gracious for helping Zhne Xiaoyan with her problem. 

In reality, people who were familiar with the two of them knew Ye Lang was lying to her face. 

“... Don’t you know how much I eat? You’re a liar!” huffed Zhen Xiaoyan. No one would be able to compete against her appetite, it had nothing to do with the size of her stomach. 

She had always been a person with a humongous appetite. She could already eat a lot before meeting Ye Lang- and then ten times more after she did! 

“...” Their opponents were about to explode watching this unfold in front of them, clenching their teeth as if to announce this was very hard for them to swallow. 

Forget about them sitting out the fight, these two were cooking! That was unacceptable! 


Ye Lanyu and the seventh princess noticed something odd with their opponents, so they turned to look at what their opponents were glaring at. It was Ye Lang and Zhen Xiaoyan. 

“...” The two were stunned for a moment, then shook their heads. They couldn’t believe the kid was in the mood for food now. Hey, what’s he eating? It looks really good. 

“You can stop watching them now, let us settle this quickly. We want to eat too, I’m starving!” said Ye Lanyu unleashing a beautiful ball of ice magic to remind her opponents- hey, focus on your problem here. 

“...” The audience fell silent. 

Her powers had formed an ice wall, separating the opponent’s team and Ye Lang! 

“Miss Ye Lanyu, aren’t you a little too confident in yourself? Do you think both of you can defeat the five of us?” her opponents turned, asking angrily.  

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