The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 372

Were they merely trying to protect Ye Lang the best they could?

Maybe. However, for an expert, as long as you were clear about its characteristics, one could see that all elements were equally advantageous for both attacks and defences!

“Fire Shield!”

The seventh princess crossed her arms, the flames around her increasingly intense. Soon, flames enveloped her and Ye Lanyu in a large sphere. The sphere had an approximate ten-meter radius, making everyone gawk at its sheer size.

Fire shields were common for defences among fire magicians but such a size was definitely uncommon!

Regular fire shields would only be slightly taller than a regular male and at most around two meters tall. With that comparison, the seventh princess’s fire shield was abnormally huge.

“Oh no, what should we do? That’s a massive fire shield!”

The two combatant students on the opponent team panicked at the sight of it, afraid of approaching.

The fear was understandable. Everyone living in this vast mainland knew of the fire shield, it might not provide the strongest protection but it was notorious for one thing- its flames could engulf its aggressor.

It wasn’t just defensive, it was an attack too!

“Shit! The only option is to charge now or we won’t stand a chance!” said one of the students before running towards the fire sphere fast. At this point, they had no choice.

Approaching it head-on was the only way they could stand a sliver of a chance.

They could only pray that their meteor shower of fire would land enough damage on the fire shield to hit the girls inside. That way the two combatants could get closer to defeat them and- victory!

As of now, the five-person team acknowledged their opponent’s abilities. The two girls were most likely Di Level experts, they had proven themselves capable of the title.

The seventh princess and Ye Lanyu’s skills were evidently more refined and polished after much hard work and adrenaline. They could be now considered as Di Level, though there was still much to improve!


With the help of wind magic, the fiery stones came raining down towards the two girls at high speed. From afar, the fire shield looked like they were attacked by glowing red shooting stars.


Surprisingly, the red hot stones came to a quick stop as soon as they reached the shield and soon, they slowly disappeared!


The audience was in shock! Ye Lanyu and the seventh princess used an approach so unconventional that they couldn’t wrap their minds around it.

It was as if the rocks were swallowed by the fire shield!

Since when was the fire shield capable of doing that?!

Was this just a coincidence?

Everyone glued their eyes to the fight, waiting for the second Fire Rain to happen. They needed to find out if it was a mere coincidence!

The second rock fell- the same thing happened.

The subsequent rains of glowing hot stones were met with the same fate!  

Under the control of the seventh princess, the fire shield became stronger as if it had absorbed the energy of the multiple fiery showers! Weird but undeniably impressive.

The seventh princess’s fire magic abilities were truly an eye-opener to the crowd, effectively showing her competence and uniqueness to everyone.

The seventh princess had the ability to absorb other’s magic to aid her own magic instead, hence the reason why Ye Lanyu wasn’t in charge of defence this time around. The girls figured that the seventh princess’s fire magic was more suitable for the job.

This unique ability of hers was the result of her own effort and countless training. Through a deep understanding of the fire magic and some help from Ye Lang, the seventh princess was able to acquire such a skill!

However, the skill was still flawed. If she had met with a stronger opponent, there was no way she could’ve pulled this off.

When the meteor shower had come to an end, the three magicians from the other team were exhausted, collapsing onto the ground for support. They were at their limit, all they could do now was to lay on the ground helplessly, waiting for something to happen.

Were they waiting for the battle to end? Maybe.

Perhaps, they were waiting for a miracle to happen, for their teammates to bring some hope to their current situation…

“Roar of the Lion!”

“Raging Wolf Howl!”

With their most powerful douqi skills, the two warrior students attacked the fire shield bravely. Their attacks created strong ripples on the fire shield...

But nothing else happened after a few wobbly waves, the fire shield still standing proudly in front of them. They were desperate.

As the two anxiously observed the fire shield, something shocking happened!

The fire shield was shrinking, closing down into its centre bit by bit!

Was there no need for the shield anymore? Given the current circumstances, such a massive fire shield was a waste of energy.

With the end of the meteor shower and the exhaustion of the three magicians, there was absolutely no need for a fire shield. The seventh princess and Ye Lanyu could easily defeat the remaining two combatants. 

Soon, everyone realized that wasn’t the princess’s plan. She was retracting her fire shield to do something crazier!

In that split second, a flamed figure appeared in the midst of the speedy retract. The figure was that of an angel, a burning red hot flame angel! Though the details were blurred by flames, its silhouette was clear.

With a feminine body and large flame wings, it looked very convincing! Almost alive even.

“The Seventh Princess’s Flame Dance!”

When the princess had created this skill, she had asked around for suggestions on its name. The current name was courtesy of a random suggestion made by Ye Lang.

Although she didn’t find the name very impressive, the seventh princess happily adopted it since Ye Lang was the one who made the suggestion.

None of them could’ve ever figured that its name would become so well known in the far future…

Ye Lang had actually suggested another name- Fire Dancer Girl, but the name was quickly rejected by the seventh princess. The name just wasn’t very fitting for her aura.

Though undeniably, the Fire Dancer Girl was a name that captured the essence of the skill, depicting its beautiful feminine curves, flame wings and seemingly sultry movements well!

Flames burnt intensely, sending licks of flame everywhere, dancing to a lethal melody…

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