The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 374

What was going on? Why were they waiting?

The answer to that mysterious question was unexpected- remember when Ye Lang said ‘slow down’ to Ye Lanyu?

Ye Lang had given the order to ‘slow down’ and since it wasn’t unreasonable, Sheng City gladly fulfiled his request. This was something Sheng City’s people understood, not outsiders. 

Though they had a few opinions of their own...

“Sir, could you kindly eat somewhere else? Heh, are you trying to tempt us?”

One of them decided to speak up. He was going to approach if Ye Lang continued eating. Not for the food, but to remind him not to take up so much space...

And probably take a bite.

Was this the norm of this city? The outsiders wondered. Who was Ye Lang anyway to have such an authority over the whole venue? It was ridiculous.

They were starting to question his position when he accidentally demolished a house time ago but this matter was quickly forgotten because of the battle of the alchemy formations that ensued. No one told them who Ye Lang was, so it was difficult for them to figure out his position in the Sacred Teachings. 

The arena slid into confusion as most people watched Ye Lang eat while Zhen Xiaoyan continued to prepare more food for him. Ye Lanyu then decided to join in for a snack. 

The seventh princess stood aside, shaking her head. She wanted to remind Ye Lang about manners but couldn’t bear to do it. The boy looked so happy with his cheeks full of food. Conflicted, she let him continue.

As seconds went by, the whole situation became painfully awkward. As someone decided to put this to an end, something shocking happened, making everyone forget about the eating...


Ye Lang glanced up from his food to the sky.

“What’s wrong?” asked the three girls in unison, wondering what he saw.

The blue skies were pretty but other than that, the girls didn’t see anything else.

Upon noticing that, everyone else soon glanced up in the same direction, but there was nothing! 

“Someone’s coming!” exclaimed Ye Lang before taking another bite off his food, eyes still glued to the sky. 

“Someone’s coming?” Ye Lanyu was puzzled, quickly looking towards the other two girls for affirmation. They were equally confused too. 

Coming in from the skies was not the best option. 

No one in Sheng City dared to use magic to levitate into the skies. Every corner of the city was well protected by defence formations, which included the arena they were in now. The only way to enter the building was through the entrance- unless you were planning for a raid. 

Fortunately, the chances of a successful raid were low. Identifications were required to enter Sheng City though people were free to roam within its territory. 

Under normal circumstances, no one would want such an inconvenient entry! 

However, there were exceptions to that. Regular civilians might not do so but special figures would most probably want that! 

Could it be the arrival of someone important?!

People were ready to dismiss the whole thing as the skies remained normal for some time. As they were about to turn away, holy rays of golden light broke the sky.


What was that?! 

Followers of the Sacred Teachings stood up in respect, still gazing at the golden rays. This was their norm, though some were still seated. 

“Could this be…” Ye Lanyu and the seventh princess looked into each other’s pupils, in search of an answer. 

These lights were no strangers to both of them, Ye Lang was exceptionally sensitive to its appearance too! Who could this be? 

The girls had their answers. There was a slight tinge of jealousy brewing within them to how sensitive Ye Lang was to this person’s presence. It was as if the boy shared an inexplicable bond with that particular person. 

Not long after the appearance of the golden rays, a young lady materialized. Her petite, glowing, body floated above everyone among the fluffy clouds, looking so radiant and holy everyone felt the need to kneel before her presence. 

The Sacred Teachings followers fell to their knees, pledging their devotion. 

Hey, hold on, why were they kneeling? She wasn’t even a real goddess! 

The young students present for the competition were rather unwilling to follow suit. Perhaps they were just in a rebellious phase. There was no guarantee that they would even kneel to a goddess, let alone an unknown floating girl! 

But they soon understood the context behind their action- she wasn’t just a glowing girl.

“Oh, Sacred Lady!” 

The followers wailed passionately, her last appearance was more than twenty years ago! They were beyond excited to confirm that the rumours were true- the Sacred Lady had awakened from her slumber! 

The top figures of the Sacred Teachings had kept the Sacred Lady’s awakening a secret from the public, which was understandable as it had just happened yesterday. However, rumours spread like wildfire before the official announcement could be made, everyone in the Sheng City had caught wind of it. 

Catching a glimpse of their Sacred Lady after twenty long years was a great feat, her followers felt that she was getting closer to the realm of a goddess, her golden rays and holy aura were way more intense than when they last saw her! 

Sacred Lady?!

Was this the legendary Sacred Lady? The students were in awe. She was as beautiful as the rumours described her. She had the looks of a true goddess. 

Unfortunately, the students weren’t humbled because of her identity- it was because she was pretty. 


Gathering their thoughts, the people were now curious- why was the Lady here? She rarely made public appearances, and she was alone today too!

To some, this was a chance of a lifetime to see the Sacred Lady. They might not get to see her again!


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