The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 38

A few days later, Ye Lang began going back and forth between the Ye Residence and the Royal Institute of Education. He seemed to have gone back to his daily routine. It was just Ye Lang’s companion, Tigress, who was granted freedom and sent back to her own home, that was absent.

At that moment, many sympathized with Ye Lang for his decision. Many liked her a lot. This little punk had made a mistake. My cute Taiya, I won’t get to see you again.

The more disgusting ones thought: wait, if this kid sent her back, wouldn’t that mean I have a chance? It suddenly occurred to some people that they now had a chance to get Tigress now that she wasn’t his servant. Despite that, the chances were still incredibly slim.

This was indeed the situation Ye Lang and Tigress had not noticed before. Both of them were unaware that she possessed such high popularity, surpassing even that of Ye Lang.

Soon after, they did come to their sense to realise their chances were down to zero.

No one replaced Tigress when it came to accompanying Ye Lang; be it on the way home or the academy.

Long Anqi had arranged for other servants to look after Ye Lang, but they were firmly rejected. He claimed he did not need someone to take care of him as he could deal with himself. More importantly, this was his promise to Tigress - he wanted to help her to look after himself.

Firstly, Long Anqi had assumed that it was temporary. Ye Lang simply rejected the offer without considering if he was capable of independence in the absence of Tigress.

She assumed that after a period of time, Ye Lang would again need another servant girl. At least then, he would not be so staunch as she had always thought that Ye Lang was unable to live alone; having been a strongly dependent spoilt child.

However, she discovered that she was mistaken, completely mistaken. Not only was Ye Lang capable of living on his own, but he could also even care for other people if needed.

This situation puzzled many people. This was impossible - how could a spoilt child who had never lived independently take care of himself so well without assistance?

Of course, this spoilt child had his own unique ways to look after himself!

Firstly, when it came to cleaning his room, clothes and so on, he would use an alchemy formation and in the blink of an eye, everything would look brand new.

The only downside to this was that there would be strange sparks, attracting unnecessary concern. After people knew, they found it amusing- but it slowly became annoying over time. They got over it, eventually.

He was still a prodigal son though. So far, he had been replacing items just because they were dirty. At this point, he would probably have demolished the house and rebuilt it if it weren’t for other people there. 

Despite his ‘unique’ tactics, he still managed to live independently. It looked like he would be able to live fine without his privileged background. Let’s not forget he was once an ordinary person in his past life. He had been living alone in the cave for many years. 

Ye Lang also had another problem. 

“Hey, isn’t that the thirteenth prince?” Along the road to the campus was a bully wielding a very large sword. He and his goons stood in front of Ye Lang, blocking his way.  

“Hi, what’s the matter?” asked Ye Lang politely as his eyes flickered across them. 

“Nothing, just wanted to smack you,” the bully slashed his sword, thinking it made him look cooler.

“Why do you want to hit me? Do we have any grudges?” asked Ye Lang innocently. He wasn’t acting, he was just slow. He was no different from the thirteenth prince in the past; he had no clue what others wanted from him at times.

“Yeah, you once offended us,” joked the bully.

“Oh, if that’s the case, I apologize,” said Ye Lang casually. After that, he simply stepped forward and continued walking. They thought he was afraid of them because Ye Lang had lowered his head.

In reality, those who were familiar with him knew he was constantly pondering over something related to alchemy. If you asked him whether anything had happened along the way, he wouldn’t have recalled the fact that he had been stopped by a bully; and definitely not the conversation he had.

“Uh…” The bully and his goons were dumbfounded. For a moment, they didn’t know how to react as they hadn’t expected such a response at all.

“Stop! You think an apology is enough? Let me tell you, I can beat you up whenever I want since Tai Ya is not here! Don’t be so cocky just because you’re the thirteenth prince of the Ye family. You’ll always be trash!” shouted the bully while pointing at Ye Lang, charging at him.

“Oh, I see. You’re jealous of my background and you dared not touch me when Tigress was with me because you’re so out of her league,” said Ye Lang while looking at the bully- who had screeched to a stop.


The bully was so embarrassed, he was humiliated. What Ye Lang said was the truth. They couldn’t touch Ye Lang because they were no match for Tigress. They were the dumber ones. 

If they were smart, they wouldn’t have provoked Ye Lang even if Tigress wasn’t there. 

Why you might ask? 

“Hey, run or you’ll be in trouble very soon,” said Ye Lang to the bullies. 

“I’m not kidding. I’m kind and I don’t want to see anyone of you hurt,” added Ye Lang before they could react.

“Bullshit, the one here in trouble is you. You’re the only one that’s going to get hurt!” roared the bully recklessly. Yup, in the eyes of many people, he was indeed reckless.

“Hey, are you guys bullying Ye Lang? It’s hot out today. Do you guys need to cool off?” At this moment, someone passed by and it just so happened to be Ye Lang’s classmate.

“What do you mean? Cool off?” The playboy didn’t understand, but he would soon.


There was a sound, followed by a flash of blue light hitting the bully. The bully immediately realised what ‘cooling’ meant. 

“Did you think I was dead? How dare you bully my brother!” said Ye Lanyu coldly as she appeared.

Yep. Even without Tigress, there was still Ye Lanyu. If anyone dared to touch Ye Lang, they would taste the wrath of Frostbolt- her arrow of ice.


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