The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 387

Fei was taken unaware, immediately dodging aside to barely escape the ice dragon. However, there was no time for relief. She calmly took more steps towards Ye Lanyu, slashing her way over. 

The ground beneath Ye Lanyu’s feet shone with cold light. A pillar of ice rose, bringing her high up in the air to dodge Fei’s attacks and increase the distance between them. 

Ye Lanyu’s pillar of ice was slanted, and as the pillar grew longer, more supporting pillars of ice emerged from the ground. Her opponents wouldn’t be able to knock her off by breaking one pillar- they had to break every pillar for a chance. 

What Ye Lanyu didn’t expect was Fei literally broke every pillar…

As the pillar with Ye Lanyu on it continued to rise, Fei began to emit heat. She waved her sword, then spat one word…


A blade of fire ten metres long flew as Fei slashed her sword, cutting through every pillar of ice. 

Ye Lanyu did not panic. With another wave of an arm, more ice pillars appeared for support so she didn’t fall. 

While Ye Lanyu was busy stabilising herself, Fei was already charging ahead. She was now closer than ever, and she didn’t rest either. In the blink of an eye, she hurled more blades of fire douqi at Ye Lanyu. 



Ye Lanyu looked as if she was dancing, blocking all the douqi with smaller ice shields. She was already thinking of a method to retreat to increase the distance between herself and Fei. 

The key to winning this fight lied in the distance between Fei and Ye Lanyu. If Ye Lanyu let Fei get any closer, it would mean she was about to lose this fight. 

Lanyu struggled to pull away, and unfortunately, Fei was inching closer to herself…

If this continued, Ye Lanyu would lose the fight. It was only a matter of time. 

Unless Ye Lanyu had another trick up her sleeve, or someone came to help…

No one was sure if Ye Lanyu had a secret weapon, but they were sure no one was going to help because the seventh princess wasn’t moving a muscle. 

That’s odd. Why wasn’t the seventh princess helping? She merely stood and watched. 

Other than to check out Fei’s capabilities, she was also there to block attacks from the rest of their opponents. The opponent team had five members but none of them was fighting either. 

The seventh princess was sure the four of them didn’t attack because she wasn’t attacking herself. She considered the possibility that if she interfered with the battle to help Ye Lanyu, the four of them would definitely start fighting too. 

Right now, no one wanted to make the first move out of respect - especially since it looked like Ye Lanyu and Fei were engaging in a solo battle. 

At the same time, the seventh princess was worried this would be their last fight of the tournament because their opponents were too strong. One Fei was already enough to defeat them. Even if only two out of the four left were skilful enough to fight herself, it was clear which side was winning. 

Ye Lang and Zhen Xiaoyan? They didn’t count. And the princess would never ask them to fight. 

Very soon, Ye Lanyu was almost within an arm’s length of each other. If this continued, everyone expected the fight to end soon. 

A magician with a martial artist in such close contact was a weak one. 

But that wasn’t true, at least not to Ye Lanyu…

“Ice Angel Armour!” 

A full suit of ice armour materialised on Ye Lanyu’s entire body, its design very elegant. There was even a pair of ice wings attached to her back that showed how apt the name of this armour was. 

This suit of armour was made of a completely different material compared to the ice Ye Lanyu used for attacks. This armour was made from crystal. Even the hottest of fires could never melt this crystal. 

At the same time, this crystal was a very robust material, providing full protection against regular attacks. It greatly decreased the chances of injury.

When the audience first saw her armour, they were all thinking the same: why did she have to make a pair of useless wings? Did this girl make it for the aesthetic? 

They were wrong. Oh, they were so wrong?

Ye Lanyu’s next move would explain this better. She flapped her wings once, sweeping across where Fei was. As the audience witnessed the flash of cold light, they understood that anyone would be cut cleanly in half if they stood in its path. 

Yep. The ice angel’s wings were full weapons. 


Fei attempted to hack the wings with her sword. There was a ringing ‘thunk’ as both made contact with each other- as if they were two pieces of metal. 

These wings were as sturdy as a soldier’s weapon. Fei was now sure this ice armour must also be resistant against regular flames too. 

With this suit of armour, Ye Lanyu gained an advantage in hand-to-hand combat. She no longer had to worry about being attacked, and at the same time, she could still hurt her opponent. 

Fei thought hard about her next move. Something was happening to Ye Lanyu’s wings. Swiftly, the pair of wings extended to their maximum wingspan, so Ye LAnyu was now the most beautiful angel of ice. 

There was a chilling aura of violence under all this beauty. 

Whistle. Whistle. 

Feathers shot out of her wings. Every feather had been frozen with Lanyu’s ice, each as sharp as a knife. They were flying at lightning speed towards their target. You already know the target was Fei. 

Fei’s eyes widened, her eyes turning an even redder red. They were almost glowing red now. 

“A Thousand Blades of Fire.” 

In a second, tens of blades of fire appeared in front of Fei, each blade overlapping to form a net. This net pushed forward, every feather shattering upon contact. Ye Lanyu was now trapped behind this net. 


Ye Lanyu was blown off her feet, her armour shattering upon contact with the net of fire. Pieces of ice dotted the ground…

“Ye Lanyu!” gasped the seventh princess. She didn’t expect Fei to be this ruthless at all. She hurled her magic at Fei, then dashed towards Ye Lanyu, worried she might have been hurt. 

On the other side, Ye Lang didn’t seem to care, as if he didn’t see his own sister get blasted off her feet. 

“??” Zhen Xiaoyan was confused. Based on what she knew about Ye Lang, if he saw someone hurt his sister, he’d definitely go on a rampage. Even if he didn’t attack immediately, he’d definitely step up to help. 

Right now, Ye Lang was only sitting there, deep in thought, not making a sound. 

Did he really not see what just happened? 

Very soon, Zhen Xiaoyan found her answer. 

Ye Lang had known all along that Ye Lanyu was unharmed.

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