The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 388

Ye Lanyu, who was falling, suddenly froze mid-air. Everyone watched her body float in the sky…

“Cough, cough. Little Seven, don’t worry, I’m fine. I’m surprised Miss Young is so powerful, but I’ve yet to unleash all my powers.”

Anyone who was observant would notice that while the ice armour was broken, there was another thinner, more detailed layer of protection underneath. 

If the previous suit was a full set of armour, this would be considered as partial armour. It only protected vital parts of the body. 

“I’ll give you a little ice rain.” 

Ye Lanyu gestured lazily, frost bolts pouring down where Fei was. 

Fei naturally defended herself from such a basic attack, dodging it unscathed. It was easy. 

“A little more.” 

Ye Lanyu waved and it rained more ice…

Fei dodged once again. 



What are you doing? Was she going to keep this going forever? 

Fei furrowed her brows, still dodging her attacks. 

After a few times, Ye Lanyu stopped and smiled, “It’s ready.” 


What’s ready?

No one understood what she meant, but they knew she seemed to have completed something. She must’ve had a plan. 

“Frozen Lands.” 

What’s the use of this ‘Frozen Lands’ technique? Fei furrowed her brows once again, dodging the area of the attack. This technique froze its victim to the ground. If your opponent wasn’t on the ground, this magic would not affect them at all. 

Frozen Lands was a spell usually used during large-scale wars, it was from a branch of magic the military used against armies. 

At the same time, since Fei still wanted to fight, she couldn’t stray too far from Ye Lanyu. That was why she only leapt upwards when the spell was cast. 

“Hehe, Prison of Ice!” 

A cage made of crystal suddenly fell from the sky, trapping Fei inside. 

“...” Fei sank herself into the ground in preparation to escape from underneath but quickly realised there was a cage beneath the ground too. 

Fei now understood why Ye Lanyu used ice rain and ice prison (which both seemed useless). She was laying the foundation for stronger magic! 

All the ice on the ground suddenly rose as walls in all four directions, packing themselves into a solid, unbreakable prison of ice. 


Fei was successfully trapped in Lanyu’s ice prison. She added more reinforcements as she cheered because she knew Fei would be attempting to break free now. If the walls weren’t reinforced soon, they would be broken into powder. 

Thunk. Thunk. 

Fei tried using douqi to break the wall, but obviously wasn’t succeeding. A hint of surprise showed on her face, then she closed her eyes as if preparing for something. 

Fei’s teammates didn’t know what Fei was doing. She was trapped, they thought she must have lost the fight. 

To be trapped by a magician is the same as a warrior engaging in close combat with a magician. The winner was clear- at least under regular circumstances. 

That was why Edward and Kesha immediately rushed over- not because they cared about Fei more, but because they were both trained warriors while the other two teammates were magicians. 

Both students who specialised in magic quickly generated a joint spell, immediately casting this attack at Ye Lanyu. 

“Sigh, it’s going to be a tough fight. This is a very strong team…” the seventh princess felt a headache coming on. 

Edward and Kesha’s moves and the two magician’s spells proved they were no ordinary students, that they must be the elites among their generation. 

They were the top students of Violet academy. The presence of such strong players in a mixed category event was rare because not many were as bored as Ye Lanyu. If these star students were injured in such a minor event, it would affect their results in other more important categories. This was why the top players would choose to not participate in such an unimportant fight. 

The seventh princess was already next to Ye Lanyu now. They didn’t have to speak to know what to do, each unleashing their unique powers. 

“Double Dragon Pearl Attack!” 

An ice dragon and a fire dragon emerged roaring. This was one of their more basic combo attacks named by Ye Lang. Both dragons wrapped around each other, and there was a ball of ice and fire in front of their heads. 

This ball was a ball of ice with white-hot flames, it was the epitome of a paradox. 

The ball of ice and fire exploded before the dragons touched it, a thick layer of fog wrapping around Edward and Kesha in the blink of an eye. The magicians behind them now couldn’t see where Ye Lanyu and the princess were, so they couldn’t identify a target for them to cast magic at. 

Their opponents were blinded but Ye Lanyu could sense exactly where they were, proven by the fact that she could still fight effectively. No one was sure why. 


The ice and fire dragons suddenly charged at Edward and Kesha, they leapt aside in shock immediately. 

The dragons did not turn around after they dodged it. Instead, they barreled ahead into the icy fog, straight into the two magicians with its huge claws and teeth. 

“Earth Wall!” 

One of the magic students raised a wall immediately to block the dragons. He was obviously an earth-attribute magician. 



Once the dragons hit the wall, it immediately collapsed while the dragons were still alive and roaring. 

“Boulder Wall!” 

The earth-attribute student unleashed another spell which was an advanced version of the earth wall. It was made of the strongest boulders reinforced with magic. 


The dragons finally stopped in the face of extremely robust defence magic. 

Everyone realised that while the dragons had disappeared, more ice and fire beings and weapons had appeared in the arena! The sky was filled with ice ninja stars and flying firebirds. 

“Did they unleash their true power?” gasped the audience. They’d witnessed Ye Lanyu and the seventh princess use many different kinds of attacks, but they’d never seen a combo attack on this scale. This combination was so powerful it could not be compared to each girl’s individual strength. 

One of them would’ve lost to the opponent team, but with two girls working together, they had the advantage and would be able to beat the four of them easily. 

“I can’t let the fog blind me like this.” Edward had just dodged the fire dragon, now the spinning ice blades and the firebirds. He knew that if he continued this fight without his sight, he would definitely lose. 

He didn’t want to lose. He couldn’t afford defeat.