The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 39


Ye Lanyu waved and attacked him effortlessly after she finished her sentence.

“Damn it, how could we have forgotten her...”

They felt stupid for forgetting about Ye Lanyu. Not only was she a teenage beauty with boundless charisma, but she was also a master of violence. Her magic had once caused countless people to suffer.

Among the ranks of the academy, Ye Lanyu was placed first, so no one dared offend her. To her, the bully and his men were just like ants. She could play with them as she desired! 

“I’ve told you to leave! Now you'll suffer... It's human nature!” Ye Lang shook his head as he sighed and proceeded to the alchemy academy together with his classmates.

Ye Lanyu, as usual, parted ways with Ye Lang at the boundary of the alchemy academy and proceeded to the magic academy instead. As mentioned before, the alchemy academy was the safest part of the school.

After multiple similar incidences, even a dumb person would know by now. If someone wanted to bully Ye Lang, he would have to go through Ye Lanyu. And if she wasn't there, the seventh princess would be. 

Thus, many gave up on using violence. They could only come up with cunning tricks, yet they seemed to overlook Ye Lang himself.

In the following few years, many people started to forget about his existence as he kept a low profile. Those who had once envied him too grew up and matured, no longer bullying him. 

Five years passed in a blink of an eye. In those five years, Ye Lang mastered the alchemy of this world. He also created his own alchemy that combined traditional Chinese medicine, alchemy extraction and martial arts. 

However, to strangers, he remained a very ordinary alchemist who got along with his classmates, behaving just like an average alchemist.

Also, because of this, he became even more ordinary and attracted even lesser attention. Yet, he also seemed to enjoy such a lifestyle of practising martial skills, conducting research while occasionally being prodigal as he pleased. 

Of course, it was impossible for him to be completely unnoticed. Most of the time, he did actions that would gain attention.

One day, someone came to him when he was playing the piano while singing a ballad…

“Hey, how are you now? What are you thinking about there? Why do you look a little sad? …

“Sir, do you miss Tai Ya again?” said a passer-by to Ye Lang.

“No, who said so? I was just singing,” denied Ye Lang as he shook his head.

Five years passed, but there was still no news of her. They had expected tigress to return within two or three years... The only they were sure of was that tigress had safely returned home. 

According to Anna Mercenary group, when tigress entered the tiger clan, she was immediately welcomed by a group of warriors of the tiger race.

Before they left her, the Anna Mercenary group confirmed tigress’ safety, in which tigress also nodded as a sign of confirmation.

In these five years, Ye Lang had entrusted someone to send letters to Tigress, but the only reply he received was a message that told him to wait for her for a few more years because she had something to settle and to take good care of himself.


“Don't lie to me, you only sing and play the piano when you miss Tigress,” mused the guy who came to Ye Lang, exposing his lies.

“Ahem, the weather is nice today. What’s up, Seventh Brother?” said Ye Lang while he kept his piano.

The seventh brother, the guy who came, was Ye Lang’s cousin- The seventh prince of the Ye family. Currently, he was a high-ranking officer in the empire. He managed several departments- but Ye Lang didn't know what exactly. It seemed to be related to the empire’s military.

“Yeah, I almost forgot.. Did you buy Mountain Alas?” asked the seventh brother, quite anxiously.

“Mount Alas? I don’t remember, why?” Ye Lang’s reply made the seventh brother speechless, but it was also as expected, he knew that this kid wouldn't remember.

“I knew it! Check your assets, see if Mountain Alas is under your name,” urged the seventh brother.

“Oh okay, let me look for it…” Ye Lang retrieved many things. There were certificates, land deeds, certificates of shares of chambers of commerce, etc. These were the outcomes of his prodigal in recent years. His assets were uncountable but no one knew if they were profitable or not.

Looking at the situation, the seventh brother could only sigh how this thirteenth prince could be so unique. While he might be a prodigal, the number of assets under his name was growing. Important assets could be under his name at any point in time.

Mountain Alas was a barren mountain in a secluded area, so it was once presumed to be less valuable.

However, recently, officials found that Mountain Alas was rich in valuable minerals. So, they went to look for the mountain’s owner to negotiate. It turned out that he already sold the mountain at an unreasonably high price.

The owner was filled with regret now. Even the high price he named couldn’t compare to the value of the minerals. 

The empire needed to know who he had sold it to. The former owner replied “I don’t know, it's been many years. I sold the mountain through a middleman and that middleman has gone missing.”

Therefore, the empire started to panic. They used all sorts of ways to search for the owner but they could not find him. Even a huge monetary reward could not lure the owner out.

Usually, such a mountain would be registered by the new owner in the empire after switching hands. So that just in case one day the certificate went missing, it could be replaced.

However, the new owner never appeared, never registered, thus it was impossible to conduct any investigations.


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