The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 391

After noticing the problem, Fei closed her eyes, focusing all her energy on filtering off Ye Lang’s drums and all her attention on Ye Lanyu and the seventh princess. 

Her eyes sprung open, now deep red. There was only solid determination in them. She’d succeeded. 

“A Thousand Blades of Fire!!”

A huge plume of fire exploded, heading directly at Ye Lanyu and the princess. They immediately cast a defensive spell…


After Fei’s attack, Kesha’s Sandstorm attack arrived. Her douqi was of the earth attribute, controlling grains of sand was one of the douqi techniques she specialised in. 

However, Fei was puzzled at her decision because Sandstorm was the equivalent of a smoke bomb, used to obscure vision. This was usually deployed when a person had another plan they had to execute in secret. 

Very soon, everyone realised it was indeed a secret plan… While Fei was puzzled, she didn’t have time to care. Taking advantage of their obscured vision, she steadied her breath to bring her douqi levels to its peak. She planned to use her ultimate attack! 

However, she never got the chance not because there wasn’t an opportunity but because she couldn’t. 


The seventh princess cast fire magic to bring the sand away. Yep, she created a difference in air pressure using fire. The air movement generated whisked the cloud of sand and dust away.

To fully utilise every technique, a magician must understand the fundamental qualities of an element. With that, he/she would be able to accomplish the unimaginable, the impossible! 

Very soon, their field of vision was cleared once again. Ye Lanyu and the princess appeared before the audience, their eyes finally able to see their opponents. 

The audience saw how the girls’ expression had changed- their calm composure had suddenly turned into rage!

Why were they so angry? The audience wondered. 

They wondered because the girls’ glares were not directed at their opponents but somewhere else. 

Very soon, some of the spectators started to look angry too, while everyone else had a look of disgust on their faces. 

“?!” Although Fei wanted to take this opportunity to attack, the sudden change in mood was odd. At the same time, her heart told her to turn, to see what Ye Lanyu was looking at. 

“Edward!!” Fei’s face contorted into rage once she turned, shouting Edward’s name through clenched teeth. 

They were all angry at Edward, specifically at what he was doing! 

Edward was now charging directly at Ye Lang, his intentions very clear: he was about to stop Ye Lang from hitting the drums. 

Fei understood that Kesha’s smoke bomb was to give Edward time for this so the girls would not be able to stop Edward.

If Edward was only heading over to ask Ye Lang to stop, they wouldn’t have been this disgusted. That was normal. The problem lied in the fact that he was attacking Ye Lang- not even with a regular technique but with his most powerful douqi attack. 

To be fair, Edward’s brain was porridge by now, his thoughts clouded by frustration and the hatred he already had towards Ye Lang- all of this led to him losing his mind! 

If his mind was a little clearer, he would never do such a thing. 

However, Ye Lang was still banging on his drum as if he never noticed the threat charging directly at him. 

That’s odd, why weren’t the girls moving? Is it because they knew they wouldn’t make it? Fei was about to move but stopped when she realised they weren’t. 

There was a huge distance between them, and Edward, being also an outstanding fighter, was already closing in. She wouldn’t be able to catch up if she sprinted the fastest she could, and the girls might not be able to reach him even with magic. 

Maybe that was why. What Fei didn’t understand was, while they looked furious, they didn’t look worried at all. Weren’t they worried for Ye Lang? 

She soon understood why. It was because of the sentence--- “Be careful sir!!”

There were people in the crowd worried for him even if the girls weren’t. People started to shout-- you already know these were people from Sheng City, people who cared about Ye Lang! 

The nearest Light Riders were already sprinting forward. Even if they might not be able to make it, they would not sit and watch. The Light Riders did not have time to consider the fact that this was a competition, all they were concerned about was Ye Lang’s safety! 

Other than the Light Riders, a few interesting characters appeared too. 

All eyes were on Ye Lang now, all worried for Ye Lang. Ye Lang didn’t seem to hear their thoughts, only focusing on his drum. 

Edward’s sword closed in, the wind-attribute douqi he unleashed tearing across the space near Ye Lang. 

He suddenly realised he might have miscalculated a part of this- but he couldn’t remember what- because his brains were already muddled with rage! 


A silhouette appeared next to Edward, and with a single punch, Edward flew in the air. His face twisted in pain mid-air. He remembered now. 

“Little Xin! She’s the one who follows him around!” 

It was Little Xin indeed. She was Ye Lang’s bodyguard, often forgotten. People were only reminded of her existence when she was in action. 

Fei finally understood why the girls weren’t worried. It was because of Little Xin. She wasn’t sure how powerful Little Xin was but Little Xin was powerful enough to knock Edward in the air. She was capable enough to protect Ye Lang. 

The Light Riders were shaken. They’d forgotten about her too. “Who is that girl? She’s gorgeous… Very strong too…” People who didn’t know Little Xin were curious. 

“You’re so annoying!” Ye Lang furrowed his brows and continued to hit the drum. He was too lazy to care. 

“Cough, cough... “ 

Edward did a flip in the air to barely soften his landing. He coughed twice, then spat blood. Little Xin’s punch was a strong one. 

At this moment, Edward realised that there were already more than ten Light Riders, a few girls and Little Xin between himself and Ye Lang. 

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