The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 394

“He’ll be fine. He may look like a useless kid sometimes but that’s just because he’s lazy. If he decides to fight, even we might not be able to win him,” said Ye Lanyu.

“Ye Lang, don’t you dare fool around. Take this seriously!” Ye Zhiqing’s instructions were simple. 

“I know, you’re all so annoying. Anyone not involved in this please return to your seats, I am about to compete! Right, how many people are you sending to fight with you?” Ye Lang chased all of the ‘irrelevant’ people away. 

“... Just me. If I lose, we will admit defeat this round!” 

“Oh, then that would be simple! Everyone, please leave, Fatty, you should pack up and leave this area too. You know my habits…” said Ye Lang. 

“I understand! I’ve already packed up all my stuff, I don’t want to be caught in your crossfire,” answered Zhen Xiaoyan. She’d immediately packed up the moment Ye Lang agreed to compete. 

Zhen Xiaoyan was the most familiar with Ye Lang’s alchemy abilities. She’d already suffered since many years ago! 

“Little Brother, be reasonable, alright? Lord Feng Xing, it would be best if you get your men to strengthen the defensive alchemy formations in this area. Even better if you used the formations that can withstand banned hexes and magic,” Ye Lanyu said solemnly as if a storm was coming. 

“...” Feng Xing fell silent for a moment, then asked in a small voice, “Are you sure it’ll be THAT serious?”

“This is necessary, you’ll understand later!” said the seventh princess. 

“Alright, I’ll make the preparations!” nodded Feng Xing. 

“??” Fei’s eyes were filled with questions. What was going on?

“Little Fei, come, let’s have a chat,” Ye Lanyu said, using the same nickname. After the fight, she felt like they were a lot closer as friends. People often said the best way to make friends was to fight. 

This is because you’d clearly see a person’s personality through a fight -- that cannot be hidden from the opponent! 

Based on Fei’s fighting style, they could tell she was a straightforward, honest person. And without this fight, no one would’ve known how powerful she truly was. 

Although she’d always been bold, she’d never once used her martial arts skills against someone else. 

“Alright! We should compete again sometime, that was a great fight!” nodded Fei. 

Honey, you’re going to have so many opportunities to fight if you spend time with them…

Once everyone left, there was an obvious problem. 

“What is this? Why is Little Xin here?” Edward pointed at Little Xin still by his side. She didn’t leave. 

“What do you mean?” asked Ye Lang. He didn’t think it was a problem. 

“Are you letting her fight me?” 

“If there is a need, I will consider…” Ye Lang was still very casual about it. Little Xin was Ye Lang’s most powerful alchemy weapon. Letting her fight would be a valuable addition to his strength. 

However, not many people knew what she was. Everyone still felt like he was relying on a lady to protect himself! 

“Little Brother, let Little Xin protect us. You don’t need Little Xin to deal with him. They don’t know who Little Xin is…” Ye Lanyu requested for Little Xin to leave to make her brother look more like a respectable man and for his opponent to battle with full satisfaction.

“Alright!” grunted Ye Lang. Little Xin left to protect Ye Lanyu and the rest under his command. 

“That’ll do. Let’s begin!” Ye Lang looked at Edward. 

“Let’s begin!” Edward swung his sword, whistling as it sent a gust of wind. 

“Come!” Ye Lang entered a very suave fighting stance. It was the same fighting stance Bruce Lee used, he was a macho man today! 

“... Take out your weapon!” said Edward after a moment of silence. 

How could he just attack an empty-handed Ye Lang? He seemed to have forgotten that was exactly what he did a few moments ago. More specifically, he wanted Ye Lang to take out the double silver pistols he used at the matchmaking. 

“Oh…” Fine, if his opponent asked for him to take out a weapon, he’ll take out a weapon. 


Edward fell silent when he saw Ye Lang’s weapon of choice. The rest of the audience fell silent too- other than Ye Lanyu and the rest who’d seen Ye Lang’s weapons before this. 

“What IS that?” Edward asked immediately. 

Ye Lang wasn’t going to use his silver pistols, he’d instead taken out a huge alchemy cannon…

“My weapon! Isn’t that what you asked for?” 

“But you didn’t use this the last time!” 

“What did I use the last time? I can’t remember… Aren’t they all the same?” Ye Lang didn’t pack his cannon back, instead aimed it at Edward and prepared to fire. 

“It’s not the same! Use the same one you used the last time! It was silver, you held it in your hands. A lot smaller than this one!” Edward was insistent- not sure because he wanted to recreate the conditions of the matchmaking event or he was terrified of the cannon.

“You’re so annoying!” Ye Lang kept his cannon then dug out his double pistols that had only been use once from his space ring. 

“What IS that?” asked the audience this time. They were already confused when he pulled out his cannon, this was even more foreign to them. 

Ye Lang rattled the guns in his hands then raised them in the air, “Are you satisfied yet?!” 

“We’ll begin…” when Edward nodded, he realised Ye Lang had already begun shooting. 



Ye Lang fired two consecutive shots and two energy bombs were now charging directly at Edward’s face in a blink. Fortunately, Edward was no ordinary man and he barely dodged them. 

The energy bombs hit the largest alchemy formation behind Edward. The formation rippled and disappeared! 

“Ah…” Once Ye Lang fired his guns, the crowd understood that it was an alchemy weapon that fired magic bullets. They were very powerful explosives too. 

That was a very convenient weapon indeed. A regular person with this weapon would be able to beat an expert fighter with this weapon if he knew how to fire at the right time. 

Ye Lang didn’t stop there, firing more shots…

Bang, bang…

Ye Lang grew more excited as he fired while Edward dodged frantically in all directions. He tried blocking them with douqi but quickly realised the bombs pierced right through his douqi. 

That was normal. It wasn’t because the pistols were more powerful than his douqi but due to a very simple concept-- Edward’s douqi was released upon a huge surface area while the explosives focused their energy in a point. 

Thankfully, Edward was a wind-attribute warrior. Wind-attribute warriors were some of the fastest fighters that exist because they moved a lot faster with the help of wind energy.