The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 399

Within the Cloud Palace was a spacious room. There were only a few people inside -- a common theme among many of the rooms in this palace. 

The Cloud Palace was the equivalent of a royal palace, a place with few people but huge spaces. Perhaps this was better than royal palaces, there were more people inside. There were still too many rooms though. 

All these people in this room had met Ye Lang at least once. One of them met Ye Lang every night--- you guessed right, she was the Sacred Lady of the Sacred Religion, Xuan Yuanbing! 

Xuan Yuanbing was busy making arrangements for something. Although there wasn’t much for a Sacred Lady to do, there was still a pile of tasks accumulated over 21 years and they were enough to keep her busy for a while. 

The archbishops were with her. They had to be present because many paperwork involved them. 

Then again, they liked spending time with Xuan Yuanbing because they loved her and practically raised her. She was like a granddaughter to them. 

During these few days, the Sacred Lady was told about what happened that day. She finally knew the culprit who almost killed her and the reason why she had to be sealed for 21 years. 

At the same time, she was told the culprit had already been executed. 

This incident stemmed from the ongoing conflict between different sects that year. The culprit’s sect still existed today but this matter had already been resolved. 

It showed that it was very difficult to annihilate a sect of a religion. They would never disappear because of one or two incidents. Even if they’d made the biggest mistake in the world, they could still exist. 

However, no one would dare touch the Sacred Lady now because her popularity had skyrocketed and she had a lot of support from the people. 

No matter what, Xuan Yuanbing was likely not going to experience something like that again. The next serious conflict between the religion’s sects would probably occur a hundred or two hundred years later. 

Conflicts between religious sects could go on for thousands of years, they never end! 

When everyone was busy with their work, Xuan Yuanbing suddenly looked up, then sprinted out of the room. 


The archbishops were stunned for a moment, then shouted, “Little Bing, what’s the matter?”

“Ye Lang’s here, I’m going to meet him… Or he’d get himself into some trouble again…” Xuan Yuanbing’s excited voice echoed back. Her voice sounded further away at every word. 

She had the Heart of Light, she could sprint like no one else…

“Does she have to be this happy meeting the kid? Wait… How did she know the kid’s here? Did someone come with a message?” The archbishops realised a problem. 

They were all working in the same place. If someone came with a message, they all would’ve known. 

Currently, only Archbishop Will and a few doctors knew about the peculiar connection between Ye Lang and Xuan Yuanbing. These people all understood that it should be kept a secret so they never told anyone else other than the Pope himself.

The doctors did so to protect Ye Lang while Archbishop wanted to protect the Sacred Lady. No matter what, the objective was the same! 

In reality, other people might not believe them even if they spread the story. It was ridiculous, meeting in a dream! 

The people already found the closeness between Ye Lang and Xuan Yuanbing to be unbelievable, how could they accept such a story? 

The rest who didn’t even know about the relationship would never hear about their dream connection: within a certain range, they could both sense the other person’s presence. 

However, the two of them did not care what the rest of the world thought. They had no need to prove themselves. 

“You idiot, here…” Xuan Yuanbing shouted, shaking her head. She was relieved to have this connection or Ye Lang would’ve gotten lost again. 

Ye Lang seemed to be walking towards the Pope now. We can’t blame him because he had his reasons. 

“Aren’t you there? Eh, I thought you were there…” 

“...” Xuan Yuanbing didn’t feel like answering his question. She didn’t want to say she’d begun running just to meet him as soon as possible. 

Thankfully, Ye Lang quickly abandoned his question. “Bring me to the library, I want to read the books you’ve never seen.”

“Alright…” Xuan Yuanbing nodded. She’d already guessed it. 

Why did Ye Lang want to read books she’d never read? And not the ones he hadn’t? That was simple. Xuan Yuanbing could give him books she’d read before in the dreams. 

That meant he’d already read every book she’d ever read! 

In truth, even if Xuan Yuanbing hadn’t read them before, Ye Lang would be able to memorize all the books here in a few days. Of course, that only included books he’d never read and he had an interest in. 

Although this library was considered the most complete collection, the royal library at the Soaring Sky Empire was almost this size. Most of the books were the same, only a small portion differed. 

Ye Lang was here to read that ‘small portion’ of books, only the ones he was interested in within this ‘small portion’. With his memory capabilities, three days was enough.

The first thing he felt when he stepped into the library was: this is tall. 

Although there were many books here, the library did not take up much land. It wasn’t big for a library. 

While it wasn’t wide, it was tall. Too tall compared to a regular room. It wasn’t once or twice taller…

This library was a circle. Even Ye Lang couldn’t tell what colour its walls were because the walls were lined full of books. Every spot from bottom to the top had a book. 

In short: this library was a cylinder bookshelf! 

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