The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 401


Although it was only a casual remark, Second Sister was nonetheless astonished because she had never displayed her skills in front of Ye Lang. How could he know? 

Did this mean he was a lot more powerful than herself? Only a person who was a lot more powerful than you would be able to sense things like that. 

However, this would require him to be almost a Tian Heavenly Level fighter. He was so young, how was that possible? He had no attributes either, it would be very difficult to achieve this level- maybe not even the Di Earth Level. 

Other than alchemy, she hadn’t seen him practice any other skills either! 

What she didn’t know was that when Ye Lang was trapped in that Deactivation Formation, his battle skills was terrifyingly powerful. However, that was when he was trapped. The skills he used to create the formation was not used much in real life. 

At least that proved Ye Lang had skills 

She still didn’t think Ye Lang was a Tian Heavenly level fighter though. Like everyone else, she was certain he knew some sort of peculiar close-range combat that was only useful during critical moments. 

“Little Brother, why do you think I’m more powerful than Miss Young?” Second’s Sister’s eyes were filled with questions, like everyone else. 

“Just a gut feeling!” Ye Lang tossed a puzzling answer. Although this sounded like Ye Lang was avoiding the question, they knew it was true from his expression. 

“I didn’t know you were THAT powerful… Little Seven, we’ve got to talk about our strategy… What should we do later…” Ye Lanyu held the seventh princess’ hand as she whispered into her ear. They started to discuss their battle strategy. 

If Second Sister was stronger than Fei, that meant it would be very difficult for the both of them to fight her team of four people. Her three other teammates were likely to be no ordinary students either. They must be elites from Academy Number One too. 

This school was called Academy Number One for a reason, every student in there was a prodigy, a genius! 

Let me tell you about her team: they were all girls, Second Sister did not recruit any boys in her team. Every girl was stunning, from influential backgrounds and had amazing skills. They were all goddesses with crowds of admirers. 

These descriptions were all unrelated to what Ye Lang was thinking because he hadn’t paid any attention to the three girls. He looked at Second Sister then turned to Mia--- or more specifically the Black Jade Feathers on her. 

“Let’s discuss our strategy too. Mia, go play with my little brother. Remember to not hit him too hard!” instructed Second Sister as she left for their team discussion. 

Everyone had witnessed the chemistry and teamwork between Ye Lanyu and the seventh princess during yesterday’s teamwork. They saw how the two girls could work so seamlessly together, that was why they had to brush up their teamwork now. 

“I know, I won’t hurt him… Even if he’s so annoying!” Mia nodded, stepping in front of Ye Lang. 

“Let’s stand aside, we don’t want to get in their way!” Ye Lang walked further away from the rest. He didn’t want other people to disturb his fight either. 

“Alright!” Mia followed him. 


When he arrived in a safer region, Ye Lang shouted then tossed a rain of alchemy bombs at Mia. 

“?!” Mia jumped- not because of the number of bombs but because Ye Lang attacked without showing any signs. 

She retreated at lightning speed so fast she was a black shadow. It wasn’t just after-images the audience saw, this was a very specific technique that very few people had witnessed in person. Most hadn’t even heard of this technique. 

“Dark Magic… Shadow Flight!” 

This was magic of the Darkness attribute, a type of magic for movement. You could move between locations extremely quickly. 

“Dark Magic…” Members of the Sacred Light Religion all frowned, as if they had an intense hatred towards this line of magic. 

This was easy to understand. These followers were devoted to serving Light, obviously they would take darkness as their enemies. During ancient times, followers of the Sacred Light religion tried to destroy everything related to Dark Magic. Every person born with talents related to Dark Magic would be destroyed by the Sacred Light Religion. 

It was a lot better now. While they were frowned upon by the Teachings, at least they weren’t killed! 

At the same time, Dark Magic was just a type of magic, there was nothing wrong with it. Every kind of magic was different. However, many people liked it for some of its unique properties. 

Especially assassins like Coldblood Five-- she was well-versed in some aspects of Dark techniques. They were often ultimate techniques for assassinations.

This was why even though the Sacred Religion destroyed many things related to Dark Magic, due to many people continuing to use skills related to it, they could not completely wipe out the practice. There were still many fighting techniques and magic related to the Darkness attribute. 

Shadow Flight was a very common darkness-attribute technique used by magicians and fighters although there were minor differences. 

The usage of Dark techniques was not limited to darkness-attribute people, everyone else could too. 

Mia was different. She was of the darkness-attribute and her affinity to the line of magic was a lot stronger than other people perhaps because of her wings. 

During ancient times while the Sacred Religion was still out destroying dark magic, they wouldn’t dare touch her if they saw her. 

The Sacred Religion wouldn’t stay away because Mia was from a very powerful family but because she was a beastman. She wasn’t a human. As a religion for mankind, they had no power over her. 

That was unless they wanted to declare war upon the beastman tribes but that was impossible. Even the Sacred Religion would not want to pick a fight with the beastmen, that was suicide. 

The beastmen population was almost as big as the humans- maybe even larger. Beastmen were loyal and united when it came to war too. Humans were different, humans had the tendency to betray each other or ignore the fight if they stood to gain something. 

To be fair, the Sacred Religion wouldn’t care about smaller tribes either. Every tribe had their different beliefs, they prayed to different gods and there was definitely some tribe out there who prayed to the darkness. 

This had once created conflict a long time ago but after a couple of events, the Sacred Religion was no longer so stubborn. 

What happened? That was a secret of the Teachings. The only thing they knew was that someone of the darkness attribute had changed the entire religion. 

No matter what, the Sacred Religion would never do anything to Mia if she chose to use Dark magic now. 

“Hey, Mia, is your attribute Darkness?” Ye Lang stopped to ask. 


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