The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 402

“Of course, why would my wings be black if I wasn’t?” replied Mia. “I came to this school also because my tribe doesn’t have many dark-attribute magicians… Wait, why am I telling you this? I’ll take this opportunity to teach you a lesson, I want to show you what I can do!

“Arrival of Darkness!” 

Mia wrung her hands and the sky turned dark. It was so dark you wouldn’t be able to see your fingers. This naturally referred to a small area around Ye Lang and herself, she didn’t have the power to influence a huge area. 

“Fuck! Who turned off the lights?” That was the first thing Ye Lang said. 


The crowd fell silent. It’s dark magic sir, and we’re all in broad daylight, we don’t even have lights!

“Black Fire!” 

Mia cast a spell at him. She was different from everyone else because she could clearly see in the dark. 


Mia watched as her ball of black fire hit a clueless Ye Lang. He let out a shriek of agony, then collapsed on the ground. He didn’t move. 

She didn’t lift her spell of darkness yet though, floating towards him using magic and then bent to peer closer. She did not want Ye Lang to be hurt. His second sister would blame her for it… And Mia herself didn’t want Ye Lang hurt. 

That didn’t mean she liked him. She treated everyone the same, never wanting to see anyone hurt because of herself. She never intentionally hurt anyone over minor matters. 

When Mia was bent over, she suddenly felt like something was wrong, immediately stepping back. 

Ye Lang leapt suddenly, clawing directly at Mia. The direction he was clawing at was weird… he missed her. He was very surprised to find that Mia wasn’t where he thought she would be, the place she retreated towards was out of his expectations. 


Ye Lang stared at Mia, his mouth wide open in a very shocked expression. At the same time, the darkness lifted at the audience could see his face. 

Now everyone was also clueless. 

First, what happened in there? The audience could only see a black sphere of darkness engulfing the both of them, then Ye Lang’s shriek, then Mia flying out of the sphere. She floated mid-air, flapping her wings. 

Everyone thought he must’ve been hit by Mia’s spell if he screamed like that, they were surprised to see him standing perfectly fine. 

At the same time, there was something odd on his face. It looked like a pair of glasses - which existed in this world- but no one knew why Ye Lang needed one. 

They’d never seen him use a pair! 

Also, these were a pair of coloured glasses! They were dark blue. Why would he wear this in the dark? Wouldn’t that make his vision worse? 

Before the audience could start asking questions, Ye Lang was the first to speak, “Ah, you can fly?!” 


What question was that?! She was of the Winged Race, of course she could fly. Her wings were not for decoration! 

Ye Lanyu and the rest hadn’t begun fighting yet. Right now they were shaking their heads, about to come over to smack him in the head. How could he be so clueless? Wasn’t he so obsessed with her wings? 

“Of course I can?! What did you think my wings were for?!” huffed Mia. 

“Alchemy materials!” He could only see the Black Jade feathers and nothing else. 


Mia’s wings were there to help him with alchemy, it was no wonder he was so interested in Mia. He would ignore anyone else for her, even if they were of the Winged Race and much prettier. 

“To you, other than for alchemy, I’m nothing else?” Mia was furious. And she knew the answer she was going to get would be stupid. 

“You’re Mia,” answered Ye Lang. At least his answer wasn’t too bad. 

“Before we proceed, I’d like to ask… What’s up with the glasses?” Her hands were curled into fists. She knew they weren’t regular glasses, Ye Lang brought them to the fight for a reason. 

She needed to understand what her opponent’s tools were for in order to fight. If she didn’t, her strategies might fail. 

There was evidence that it was right for her to ask too. Some parts of her abilities were useless on Ye Lang with these glasses, she had to change her strategy now. 

“This? They have alchemy formations on them and they’re made of rare alchemy materials. They help me see ripples of magic, heat and the essence of magic,” Ye Lang started to explain what the glasses were for but no one understood what he was talking about. 

“Wait! Little brother, just tell us what they’re for!” Ye Lanyu felt a headache coming on. The audience agreed. 

“In summary, I can see clearly in the dark and also through some walls,” said Ye Lang. 


The audience was speechless. It was a potentially useful weapon for very special jobs! 

A regular person would not be able to do the research required for this, let alone make it. How did he think of it? 

To be honest, it was a coincidence. He’d originally made this for Coldblood Five. This would’ve been very useful for her job! 

“That means magic for obscurity like Arrival of Darkness would be useless to you… You were pretending to…” muttered Mia as she stared at him.

“Ah… You could tell?!” 

“Nonsense, who couldn’t?! Fine, if that is the case, I’ll stop using that technique!” Mia made a few gestures, about to knock Ye Lang over with powerful magic. 

“Wait!” shouted Ye Lang, throwing his hands up in the air. 

“?? What do you want now?!” Mia actually listened and stopped, her magic dissipating. She looked at him, confused. 

Ye Lang pointed at her wings. “It’s not fair for you to fly so high up in the air like that. Can you fight down here? And no more flying!” 

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