The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 403

“What’s so unfair about it? There are many magicians who can fly and this is my advantage. Wouldn’t it be stupid for me to give it up?” objected Mia very directly. She clearly did not want bombs tossed at her. 

No matter what, being up in the skies was definitely safer than staying on the ground! 

“If you insist… Then don’t blame me for using my ultimate weapon!” scoffed Ye Lang as he pulled out a grenade launcher. Resting it on his shoulder, he aimed it right at Mia…

“You flying is good too, you’re such an obvious target! I’ve been bird hunting before...”


Mia immediately started to cast more magic when she saw him fumbling with the launcher. The essence of black magic swirled around her and soon wrapped around her entire being. 

“Rain of Feathers!” 

One black materialised in the air, then another, then more…

All of it happened in the blink of an eye, for there was now a blanket of feathers floating mid-air. However, these feathers were made of the essence of dark magic, they were not real feathers. 

“Feathers…” Ye Lang stared at the feathers in the sky. If only they were real Black Jade Feathers, he could make a lot of money. 


As the feathers started to rain down, there was nowhere for Ye Lang to hide unless he could build himself a safe zone in one second. That would be very difficult. 

But did Ye Lang need to hide? Of course not! 

“Moon Mirror!” 

The defensive alchemy formation reflected all the magic feathers back at her. 

Other than where Ye Lang stood, the ground was filled with holes and dents. Everyone could see what would happen if a person were to be hit by one. 

That would never happen as long as Ye Lang had his trusty moon mirror. All magic was useless against him--- at least that applied to long-range attacks. 

Close-range combat was the key to beating Ye Lang… The only problem was if you were defeated after you got closer. 

There was another method, which was to use the most powerful blast of magic ever to break his moon mirror. Unfortunately, you would have to be at least a Tian Heavenly Level fighter. The rest of you will have to look for another idea. 

“Shadow Flight!” 

Mia understood this too, immediately approaching Ye Lang using magic. Her close-range combat skills were great too, she was confident in beating him in no time. 

In a second, she was a mere shadow was she travelled at extreme speed towards Ye Lang. 

However, to prevent him from attacking her midway, she deliberately manipulated her shadow to look like an arc heading towards Ye Lang’s back. 

This was where the magic was inexplicable- you could create your own after-image at that speed. Of course, it would take a longer time for you to craft the path if it was very long. Magicians usually made them in straight lines between two points. 

Would Ye Lang be fooled by this trick? Nope. Very soon, she realised she had underestimated him. She couldn’t judge him like she judged regular opponents. 

Ye Lang fired straight at the shadow. It wasn’t a magical grenade, it was a huge net! 

Almost no one thought he would succeed because so far even the best fighters hadn’t been able to catch an opponent who was travelling using the Shadow Flight magic. 

They couldn’t even catch up! 

What happened next was out of their expectations…


There was a surprised squeal and the shadow stopped. The shadow shrank back to a point where Mia was. 

Everyone stared at the field, speechless. Mia was caught in the net! Unbelievable! 

“You! How is this possible? How did you catch me?” she asked in disbelief. Although she was currently trapped in a net, she still couldn’t believe what just happened. 

“What’s so difficult about it? I only had to calculate the length of your path, your speed, then calculate when you arrived at which point and the speed my net travels. That’s it!” he explained slowly as he approached Mia.

“...” She fell silent. It sounded so easy but all of it had to be done in one second. 

Mia felt like she wouldn’t be able to do it. Maybe not even anyone else on this land. 

“Alright, you’ve lost! Admit defeat!” he said with a chuckle. His eyes weren’t on her face, they were somewhere else. 

“??” She didn’t understand but there wasn’t time to think. “Do you really think it’s over just because you caught me? You’ll regret standing so near me! Black Fire--- Eh? This net…”

Mia was about to cast a magical attack at Ye Lang. Although she was caught in the net, her magical abilities should still be functional, Ye Lang was almost close enough to touch! 

That was true if the net was a regular net…

Once she attempted to fire, she confirmed that it was indeed not a regular net because she could not cast any spells. It felt like her magical powers were locked up. 

“You don’t have to try, this net blocks magic. Yield  or I’ll pluck all your feathers!” Ye Lang was already reaching for her wings. 

“Ah… Alright, I yield! Don’t touch my feathers!” Mia admitted defeat immediately. She did not want Ye Lang to have an excuse to pluck her feathers. 

Immediately after, she was furious to realise it did not work at all. 

“Alright, let’s go watch the show then…” said Ye Lang as he retracted his net. He kept the net in a second, no one saw how it looked like. 

“Ah? You jerk, you took more feathers again!” she roared. 

Everyone was confused. They didn’t see him do anything. He never touched her wings, why did she say that? 

“Aargh, how did you know? I was quick too!”Ye Lang leapt and quickly distanced himself from her as if afraid she was going to take revenge. 

“I wouldn’t have known if I couldn’t sense the number of feathers I have! I can’t believe you took 9 more feathers!” Mia was as angry as she was confused. She didn’t know how Ye Lang took the feathers either. 

“The weather’s great today, I think I promised to meet Xuan Yuanbing for tea, I’ve got to go!” Ye Lang stared up at the sky as if nothing happened.

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