The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 405

This was the outcome of integrating the essence of Ye Lanyu and the seventh princess’ magic- they could change the fundamental characteristics of ice and fire…

Second Sister had already expected this outcome, hence she needed water to submerged everything, and maybe ‘flush’ the girls out along the way. 

“Sword of Ice and Fire!” 

Once the girls solved the problem of the enormous wave, they also created a gigantic sword made of ice and fire mid-air which proceeded to fly directly at the other girl. From what they deduced, this girl should be weaker than Second Sister, they naturally had to deal with her first. 


The girl huffed then disappeared in front of Ye Lanyu and the seventh princess… No, she disappeared in front of everyone there. 

Wind attribute perhaps? 

Ye Lanyu and the seventh princess both felt the ripples of wind-attribute magic a moment ago, it reminded them of a high-level technique used by wind-attribute fighters. Only people of a certain skill level were able to perform such an act. 

Guess she wasn’t THAT much weaker then Second Sister! Based on her skills, she would be able to defeat them easily. 

“Field of Fire!” 

The seventh princess and Ye Lanyu separated and cast another set of magic in a second. The entire field burned instantly. 


The silhouette of the girl who was in the middle of her wind-teleportation appeared amongst the fire and smoke. It would be meaningless for her to continue, hence she stopped. 

The two girls released another set of integrated magic the moment she stopped, casting it towards the girl. 


Second Sister furrowed her brows, realising the chemistry between the two girls was more seamless than she expected. She couldn’t believe how easily they both slipped in and out of the integrated and separated states. 

There was no time for surprise, she hit them with her speciality attack…

The battle truly began this moment! 

The fight grew more intense by the second. With the opponent team two members down and their integrated magic, Ye Lanyu and the seventh princess could barely deal with the pair who was a lot more powerful than them both. 

However, as the battle ensued, they could feel themselves growing more tired and the scales were slowly tipping towards their opponent. They were struggling to stay alive. 

Seconds past, both teams were spending more and more energy and they were almost fighting to the point of exhaustion. At the last moment, the most unbelievable thing happened- Ye Lanyu and the princess found an opportunity to eliminate the other girl. 

There was only Second Sister and the pair left. Unfortunately, there was no advantage to be gained from this, Second Sister still had the upper hand. 

In the end, with one powerful spell, Second Sister knocked the girls to the ground and finally won the battle-- barely. 

The crowds were high on adrenaline watching the entire battle. They never knew such powerful fighters existed among this young generation, these young adults could definitely compete with the current experts across the mainland! 

Both the ruthlessness of Second Sister’s fighting style and the girls’ integrated magic were unforgettable! 

Huff… Second Sister exhaled a long breath, privately thinking about how she was a lot older then both girls today, but if they were a little older a few years down the road, her chances of winning would be a lot slimmer. 

Thank goodness she didn’t embarrass her team today…


While Second Sister was feeling very relieved, she was knocked by someone. She was already exhausted and dehydrated from the fight, she couldn’t stand after that one heavy push. 

“Second Sister, are you alright? It was an accident!” 

Ye Lang was the person who slammed into her. He was rushing over to help Ye Lanyu and the princess recover their strengths and Second Sister was unfortunately standing in his way. 

“Eat this, rest up…” Ye Lang put a pill into Second Sister’s mouth, then abandoned her to give Ye Lanyu and the princess their pills to replenish their strength. 

The entire arena fell silent, then there was an announcement that further made everyone speechless… “Team Ye Lanyu wins!” 

That was the final result. Although Second Sister had already dealt with Ye Lanyu and the princess, there was another member from their team standing --- Ye Lang (and Zhen Xiaoyan). It was very unfortunate that Ye Lang had knocked Second Sister over. Seeing as Second Sister remained down and did not get up, Ye Lanyu’s team were declared winners. 

The results were shocking indeed…

“Ugh, does that mean I still have to be here tomorrow? Second Sister, how could you do this? Couldn’t you have stood a little longer?” shouted Ye Lang after he re-confirmed the facts. 

“How dare you say that! It was all because you cared about Lanyu and not me! You were the one who knocked me over!” Second Sister knocked his head like Lanyu always did. 


Another day passed. Ye Lang appeared at the mixed category competition once again. Nothing special happened, he was reading until the end of the battle. 

Their opponents weren’t strong fighters this time, Ye Lanyu and the princess dealt with them in no time. 

Right until the final battle, Ye Lang kept reading. Ye Lanyu and the princess were declared champions after defeating the final team…

Other than their team, Second Sister’s team and Fei’s team, the rest of the participants were only here to compete for fun in this year’s mixed category. They were all a piece of cake to deal with. 

In the end, there was a tiny incident during the prize-giving ceremony. Xuan Yuanbing decided to show up to personally present the medals to Ye Lang and his team. Obviously, she was there for Ye Lang and once the ceremony ended, she dragged Ye Lang away. 

Ye Lanyu and the princess didn’t rest just because the mixed category had ended. They still had more battles to come in the individual and team events. 

Fei, Second Sister and Mia were the same. They were advancing well in their respective categories, eliminating opponents one by one. 

In the final 8 battle, a few of them met once again-- this time, the magicians in their own category, the warriors in theirs. 

Ye Academy was surprisingly amongst the top schools when the top 8 were announced. After Ye Lang was announced champion of the alchemy category, Ye Zhiqing was among the finalists in the warrior category, Ye Lanyu and the princess too in the magician category. 

Ye Zhiqing was considered lucky since she hadn’t faced any powerful opponents yet. Her luck remained as the battles for the final 8 participants started-- her first opponent wasn’t strong either. However, on the other hand, Fei met a very strong opponent. 

No matter what, both of them entered the semi-finals- the final four! Ye Zhiqing was subsequently eliminated but Fei successfully defeated a handsome boy from Academy Number One and advanced into the finals! 

This handsome boy was not a weak fighter, he was a very powerful opponent. Fei was just terrifyingly powerful, even he was eliminated. 

At the finals, Fei’s opponent was also from Academy Number One. A boy, but he wasn’t handsome like the one before, he was a young man who looked very average. 

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