The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 406

His looks were average but his capabilities were not. It was definitely not luck that brought to this point. He had defeated Ye Zhiqing to get here and even Ye Zhiqing in her normal state was not a fighter anyone could defeat. 

What about Ye Zhiqing’s second state? Perhaps the strongest among the girls, Fei, would still lose. 

However, the chances of that happening were slim so we wouldn’t hope for that either. 

Ye Zhiqing was already doing amazing, her final ranking was enough to earn points for Ye Academy and that was enough. 

At Fei’s finals, while Fei was still preparing for the battle, she suddenly realised that Ye Lanyu and the squad were also present with her good friends in the stands to cheer for her. She was pleasantly surprised and very happy to see them. 

The only regret she had was that Kesha never appeared. She probably left Sheng City with Edward because he was banned from setting foot in this place ever again. There was no point in staying either so she left. 

Rumours were that Edward was almost fully recovered by now, his face also surgically corrected after the injury. He wasn’t as handsome as before but he didn’t look horrifying. 

However, he had forever lost his douqi abilities and would never be able to cultivate douqi in his life. Everyone had already expected this anyway. 

He was already very lucky to have survived after unleashing all his power through the illegal techniques. 

The camera pans to Fei at the finals. She walked over to Ye Lanyu and the rest to greet them, “Lanyu, Little Seven, why are you all here? Xiaoyan too! Don’t you all need to accompany Ye Lang?” 

Fei had always been a direct and honest person. Since Ye Lanyu and the rest had taken to calling her Little Fei, naturally she was comfortable with calling them by their names and even using the princess’ nickname. 

“We’re here to accompany him! If it weren’t for him, we wouldn’t be here to watch all this violence…” waved Ye Lanyu as if she had never participated in such ‘violent’ acts in her life. 

“...” Fei was stunned for a moment. “He’s here? What for?” 

Fei didn’t believe he would be here to watch her compete. He was barely interested in Second Sister and his cousin Zhiqing’s battles, why would he watch hers? 

“That’s a secret. If you win, you’ll get a surprise…” Ye Lanyu gave a mysterious smirk but did not answer the question. 

She had initially intended it to be a surprise but too bad Ye Lang appeared and told her the secret. 

“This is awful! Why did they have to get me to give out the prizes? They said because Xuan Yuanbing was already personally handing out prizes, so I had to do it too- what has her showing up got to do with me?” Ye Lang complained, “then again, these Sacred Teachings people are shameless enough, I can’t believe the champion wins some of their holy water… Hey, Little Fei, why are you here?” 

“...” Fei fell silent. She knew what ‘surprise’ Ye Lanyu was referring to- Ye Lang would be the one presenting the prizes if she won. 

“Is it very weird that I’m here?” she asked, exasperated. She didn’t want that surprise. Why would the Sacred Religion get HIM to give out prizes? That was odd. 

If Ye Lang heard what she was thinking, he would agree furiously. Even he was wondering why. 

The Sacred Religion’s reason was as per what Ye Lang said--- the Lady herself was already present, then Sir you have to step up too. 

Of course Ye Lang refused on the spot but Xuan Yuanbing was coincidentally at the conversation and chimed in to say it was a good idea. 

Ye Lang was still annoyed at her for agreeing on behalf of himself. He initially wanted to push all the prize-giving duties to Xuan Yuanbing but after she begged him, he had nothing to say. Sigh, it wasn’t too much effort anyway. 

“Oh, right, you don’t know. Little Fei is one of today’s finalists!” explained Ye Lanyu. She was sure he didn’t know. 

“I see, you’re Miss Explosive after all,” nodded Ye Lang. 

“Miss Explosive? Who are you talking to now?” Fei clenched her fists and glared and him the moment she heard the phrase. 

“You! Don’t you know? This is what they call you, you’re explosive…” Ye Lang had zero awareness, thinking she didn’t know. 

Of course she did. No one knew when this started but they named her Miss Explosive because of her explosive sword-fighting. 

“No one would call you a mute if you didn’t speak, hmmph!” scoffed Fei as she leapt back into the field. Anger was brewing and she needed to vent somewhere. 

This was rather unfortunate for her opponent, who became her punchbag. Swirls of fire and clouds appeared once again, along with her explosive sword-fighting. The entire arena was filled with smoke and heat by the end of the fight. She won the battle in the end. 

However, this victory did not come easily. He looked average but his skills were not. If it weren’t for Fei, who was considered a dark horse, he would’ve been champion. 

The award ceremony was surprising for everyone involved. No one understood why Ye Lang was invited as a guest to give out the prizes. He was a representative of one of the academies, he wasn’t even a member of the Sacred Religion. 

Was this their way of telling everyone he was protected by the Sacred Religion? That no one was allowed to touch him? 

Many people who intended to take advantage of the boy were now more careful. Not only did they have to consider his Ye family and Princess Longji, he now had one more protector-- the Sacred Religion. 

It looked like he gained one more powerhouse supporting him every time he arrived at a place. If this continued, who would dare touch him? 

Not just in the future, not many would dare touch him now. 

And that was how Ye Lang gave out the prizes just like that. He handed her the trophy very casually then ran off…

However, what Ye Lang didn’t expect was that he still had to continue giving out prizes. He still returned no matter how unwilling he was because of who the winners were. 

One was the seventh princess and the other was Second Sister. As long as the seventh princess was there, he was there. He couldn’t say no. 

Ye Lanyu was now sitting next to Ye Lang, a little frustrated at the outcome of the previous event. She wasn’t eliminated by Second Sister but by the princess! 

The seventh princess’ skills were at the same level as her. Their battles depended on their creativity and stamina, they took turns winning and losing every time they fought. 

“Little Seven’s chances were slim.” This was Ye Lang’s comment for the event. At least he worded it better than the rest of the audience who decided she was definitely going to lose against Second Sister. 

There was indeed a huge gap between their abilities. Second Sister was a lot stronger than the princess, and was a water attribute! There was indeed a very difficult for the princess to win.