The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 407

“We didn’t do too bad, I’m sure Ye Academy’s overall ranking wouldn’t be awful.” Ye Lanyu didn’t have an opinion about it. They were both annihilated by Second Sister together, of course they would lose when they fought her alone. 

The seventh princess thought the same but did not give up just because of this. She did her very best at the fight, hence it was an exciting match the audience enjoyed watching very much. 

Although she lost, there was a deafening cheer from the crowds for her too. 

When Ye Lang tossed the trophy to Second Sister, he praised the seventh princess, “Not bad, Little Seven! You’ll be better than Second Sister in a few years, she’s only a few years older than you.”

“Mm,” the seventh princess nodded with glee after she heard his praise. 

However, Ye Lang didn’t seem to notice Second Sister was standing next to him. 

“Ye Lang.” Second Sister glared at him.

“Ah, you’re still here…” he said, stunned. 

“So you treat me as if I’m not here?” 

“Oh, uh, Little Seven, let’s go. I’ll take you out for a celebration.” Ye Lang indeed treated her as if she wasn’t there. He literally ignored his sister, who won first place, to celebrate with the princess. 

Ye Lang was long gone when Second Sister had a comeback. Even Ye Lanyu couldn’t catch up, she wouldn’t be able to either. 

He strolled randomly around Sheng City with the princess, only the both of them-- though if you counted Little Xin, there were three of them. 

The seventh princess loved this. They’d finally shaken off Ye Lanyu, she had time to be alone with Ye Lang. 

This was the quiet time she had been looking forward to after the noisy events…

When the ranking competition ended, as everyone started to calculate the accumulated points for each school, they found Ye Academy was first --- barely. 

Ye Academy won first place in both the alchemy and mixed category, second and third in the magic category, third in the warrior category and second in the team event. With this accumulation of accolades, they surprisingly won the overall ranking. 

This was something no one expected, not even Ye Academy’s students. 

It was due to a string of tiny reasons, i.e. Academy Number One did not win first place at the warrior category due to Fei’s appearance. If they did, they would’ve beaten Ye Academy by a huge margin.

At the same time, although Ye Lanyu and the princess winning first place at the mixed category only brought very few points to the team, this was the sliver of points that helped them beat Academy Number One. Since then, schools started to send elites down to the mixed category event too for it was still worth their time even if they didn’t earn as many points. A few points could be the key to winning. 

Although these results were surprising, they made sense. This was the first time the Ye Academy was participating in this tournament but their elite were all from the Royal Institute of Education. Their participants were mostly already representatives of the Royal Institute! 

The Royal Institute was already one of the top three schools here, and with the wildcards Ye Lang and Fei here, plus Ye Lanyu and the seventh princess’ seamless teamwork, the Ye Academy was able to gain a bit of advantage-- just enough to win first place. 

With the loss of talents from the Royal Institute, they did not do well at the tournament. They ranked not only behind Violet Academy but also behind Vermilion Bird academy. 

Once the rankings were finalised, Sheng City even invited every academy for a gala dinner at Miracle Square. 

However, Ye Lang did not attend because he was in a battle against Xuan Yuanbing--- a battle between both of them. 

“You little jerk, I forbid you from leaving.”

“I must.” 

“I’ll lock you up, we’ll see if you can.”

“You can try…”

“I will!” 

Ye Lang was reading the last few books when he casually mentioned he was leaving the next day. 

Upon hearing this, Xuan Yuanbing leapt up and attempted to forbid him from leaving. However, that was impossible. No one in this world could stop Ye Lang if he wanted to do something. 

Therefore, there was a small fight between them. The results were: Ye Lang was a prisoner of war, captured by Xuan Yuanbing. She was, of course, also locking herself up to spend time with him. 

She only locked him in for a night though, letting him go the next day. She personally sent him off too. 

This wasn’t just because she decided to be a reasonable person. She knew she could never make him stay. In the morning, when she didn’t see Ye Lang, she knew he had already left. 

At first, she was depressed at the thought of him abandoning her here. If only she had known earlier, she would’ve agreed to let him go. At least she could’ve sent him off. 

Just when she was regretting her decisions, Ye Lang ran back…

“Xuan Yuanbing, I’m leaving.”

“You’re back?” Xuan Yuanbing grabbed him, confused. 

“I had to say goodbye to you! And don’t think of catching me, you won’t be able to. I’ll still leave even if you lock me up,” said Ye Lang. 

“You came back… To say goodbye to me?” she asked. 

“Yeah. I thought I should let you know. Or I wouldn’t feel good leaving,” he nodded. 

“You little jerk,” Xuan Yuanbing stared at him for a while, then pulled him into her arms. At this point, she felt like there was nothing wrong with letting him go because she was already in his heart. 

“Hey, don’t hug me. I’m leaving… My sisters are waiting to send me off…” he said. 

“Let me hug you a bit, I’ll send you off later,” she said gently. She hugged the struggling Ye Lang tighter and very soon, he gave up struggling. 

Xuan Yuanbing let him go after a few moments, then dragged him to the road outside the Cloud Palace. 

They walked in the middle of Sheng City, holding hands…

People would stop them in the past because Xuan Yuanbing was the Sacred Lady. She wasn’t allowed to have close contact with a male. 

However, it was different now. Everyone understood the relationship both the kids had and knew they had no power to stop them. All they could do was get used to it. 

Even the ones who objected this felt like they looked so happy together and soon did not care. 

“Ye Lang, why are you late? The horses and carriage are ready.” Ye Lanyu frowned when she saw him as if she didn’t notice Xuan Yuanbing’s presence. 

There were many people around her too-- the seventh princess, Ye Zhiqing and many more.