The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 409

Legend has it that several tribes lived in secret within the City of Beast Gods, especially the legendary royal tribe of the beastmen. 

However, this was merely a legend, no one could confirm if this was true! 

This story was unrelated to Ye Lang right now though. He only wanted to know one thing. “Are there any other roads to the tiger tribe lands?” 

“No sir, this is the only way. We can’t go around it,” the coachman shook his head. 

“Oh, if that’s the case I’ll walk! You may return…” Ye Lang came to a peculiar decision after giving it some thought. 

It was the only way, yes, but he was referring to vehicles. Walking was a much more flexible mode of travelling and one could take alternative paths that a carriage couldn’t. 

“But… Sir, they gave me clear instructions to bring you to your destination! I can’t let you travel alone no matter what!” said the coachman, panicking. 

Ye Lang’s method would work in theory but he’d forgotten that he was prone to losing his way. If he walked, no one knew where he would end up. 

This was what the rest of them was worried about too. That was why they told the coachman to bring him to his destination no matter what and he couldn’t leave Ye Lang alone under any circumstances. 

“It’s fine, I have Little Xin here. She can help me find the way, she won’t go wrong!” Ye Lang shook his head. She now had a newly added function--- she was a GPS locator so she could tell him exactly where they were anytime. 

That still didn’t mean he would take the right path, it merely meant he would know where he was! 


“It’s fine, you may leave. We don’t know how many days we’ll have to wait. I’d probably be able to find her and have a long chat with that much time!” he shook his head, refusing the coachman’s advice. 

The coachman thought for a moment. Ye Lang was right. Based on a typical meeting among the beastman tribes, no one knew when it would end. It might even be half a month long! 

“No matter what, I still have to follow their instructions. I still can’t let you travel alone!” the coachman shook his head vigorously again as if he was about to shake his brain out of his skull. 

“This is an exception, an unpredictable circumstance! You don’t want to wait here either! Alright, here is a hundred gold coins, it’ll be enough to cover your journey here a few times over! That’s it!” Ye Lang tossed the gold coins into the carriage then sprinted away. 

The coachman could only keep the money then look for new customers. He wanted to chase after Ye Lang but even his horse carriage wouldn’t be able to catch up. 

On the other hand, Ye Lang had initially intended to take a path around the meeting location. However, he stopped because of someone he met. 

“Hey, aren’t those tiger beastmen like Tigress?” Ye Lang wondered when he saw a few beastmen with tiger ears on their head and tiger tails behind them. 

Ye Lang approached them and asked, “May I ask, do you know where Tigress… No, Tai Ya is?” He had to take the opportunity to ask them since they were of the same tribe. If they didn’t know, he could at least ask them where their tribe lands were exactly. 

“You’re a human, why are you looking for Tai Ya?” one of the beastmen asked very cautiously. It seemed like he knew where Tai Ya was. 

“I’m looking for Tai Ya, I just want to meet her… What do you mean why? Please tell me where she is!” Ye Lang asked again, getting excited. 

“I won’t tell you, you’re a human! We will never reveal confidential information to you,” the beastman shook his head, eyeing Ye Lang suspiciously. 

Confidential information? Tai Ya’s location was a secret? Although it seemed like they were only guarding it against humans, Tai Ya must still be someone important. 

“She’s my servant! Let me tell you this, if you don’t tell me, I’ll make you suffer!” Ye Lang threatened with a fist in the air. According to his logic, any secret could be forced out with intimidation. 

“Servant?!” The beastman was stunned, then his expression changed. “So you’re the human who made Master Tai Ya a slave! How dare you step foot on our lands! You must be looking for death! Guards, lock his human up, we’ll let Master Tai Ya deal with him!” 

A group of beastmen surrounded Ye Lang instantly, all of them agile in movement. They all looked similar to Tigress- tiger ears and tiger tails. 

Although they were ‘beasts’, they did look adorable- especially the girls. He could see why humans wanted to keep them as servants. 

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