The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 410

Little Xin’s updated program and Ye Lang’s current condition allowed her to sense Ye Lang’s commands within a one-hundred-kilometre radius. This radius would change according to Ye Lang’s mental power at the moment. 

However, if she was too far away she wouldn’t make it in time to save him so Ye Lang would never let her stray too far away! 

“Ptui! Human, I’ve wanted to punch you for a very long time! You made Master Tai Ya your slave! Brothers, beat him up!” 

Ye Lang didn’t expect these beastmen to start throwing punches and kicks after tying him up to release their pent up anger. Justice for Master Tai Ya. 

At this moment, Ye Lang had no choice but to take them all. Let them hit me, it’s all for Tai Ya…

Punch! Kick! 

After a rain of punches, the beastmen were tired and they thought the human must be almost dead by now. However, when they looked at Ye Lang, they realised he was still as energetic as ever. There was no sign of the beating he just received. 

“Are you done yet? Bring me to Tigress, don’t waste my time!” said Ye Lang, looking impatient. The punches didn’t affect him at all. 

Ye Lang had a strong immunity against physical hits- very few people knew of this because no one knew he had once trained…

Why would I tell anyone I’ve trained in the Golden Bell and Metal Shirt techniques of the Thirteen Taibao Practice? 

[Translator’s Note: People who practice 十三太保横练 or Thirteen Taibao Practice basically train themselves to be hard as rocks and practically invincible to hits, punches, kicks etc. They’re so strong it’s like they’re wearing a ‘metal shirt’. They also train their breathwork for extra power. ] 

Ye Lang was concentrating on his breathwork hence his face was ashen. The beastmen thought he was merely pretending to be fine based on his pale face. 

Humans were so weak, how could a boy withstand their punches? 

“Fine, leave him be. We’ll bring him to Master Tai Ya, let her deal with this evil human. Hasn’t she been thinking about this for years?” asked one of the beastmen. They’d already vented their share of the anger, it was time to get to more serious business. 

Very soon, Ye Lang was carried by a few men and brought into the tribe lands. 

He knew he was at the right place because he saw many tiger beastmen with features similar to Tigress. He was finally right! 

He’d long forgotten that the tiger tribe lands were supposed to be a distance away from here. This must be the place, Tigress should be here. 

He didn’t take the right way but his objectives were still met, no difference! 

There were many other races present other than the tiger race. Ye Lang could only identify a few because some races shared similar characteristics, i.e. the wolves and the canines. Others had very few obvious features. 

Not every beastman had the same features. Take the tiger race for example-- some of them had an entire tiger head, unlike Tigress who only had a few features. A portion of beastmen might be almost indistinguishable from humans. 

These traits were hereditary. Parents with few traits would have children with few traits. Children would never have traits their parents didn’t. 

Perhaps these beastmen were descendants of a half-beast, half-human…

“What kind of human is this?”

Many beastmen crowded around them when they saw the guards carrying Ye Lang, at the same time asking many questions. Who was he? Why was he captured? 

There were no wars between humans and beastmen now. Although the leaders were having their meetings, any human who passed through was regarded as a guest and not captured like this one. 

Unless this human had done something he shouldn’t have! 

“He must’ve done something wrong…” wondered some of the beastmen. This was the only explanation. 

The beastmen hadn’t done anything to provoke the humans. No one knew why Ye Lang would be captured. 

Although they wondered, they only stared curiously and then returned to their tasks. There was no chaos. 

They were curious, yes, but it was none of their business! 

Humans were different. Humans would approach, ask questions and investigate like a swarm of bees when something piqued their interest. 

However, this was perhaps why humans could be such an advanced race. Yes, the curiosity might kill the cat sometimes, but the cat would discover many new things too. Humans discovered new theories, invented new technology… All because of curiosity. 

The group of beastmen carrying Ye Lang were now rushing towards the centre of the tribe lands where the meeting was held. It was the conference area of the tribe lands. 

The ‘Master Tai Ya’ they were talking about was now in the conference room in a discussion with other beastmen. Naturally, they were headed for the conference area. 

On the other hand, Ye Lang was enjoying himself. He liked being carried and it was glorious looking up at the blue sky. He was sighing at how beautiful the sky was when he suddenly realised the sky disappeared…

“Eh! Where’s the sky?” 

“What?!” Someone nearby vaguely heard Ye Lang’s question but only heard the word ‘sky’. They wondered what he meant. They were indoors! 

The ceiling was made of ancient wooden planks. 

Based on these structures, the architecture of this place looked rough, it felt ‘wild’ like some of the structures outside. This was the building style of one of the wilder beastman tribes. 

The entire beastman race was a complicated group. Like humans, they too had different styles and preferences between different tribes. Humans had different tastes based on different regions while beastmen had different tastes based on different tribes. 

Based on the shape of the edge of the ceiling, Ye Lang deduced that this building was a very huge circle. 

“What are you doing?” 

Ye Lang heard a strong, powerful voice that with undertones of a robust Qi. The energy of the voice filled the entire room instantly, ringing. 

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