The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 413

The fox girl fell silent for a moment. They were not going to get answers if she continued asking him the same question. 

Let’s change the question then. 

“Then tell me this, what tribe is she from?”

“Tiger, can’t you see?” said Ye Lang, pointing at Tai Ya. 

The crowd fell silent, giving odd looks. 

The fox girl smiled as if she already knew. “Yeah, I was just testing you. Next question, you said Tai Ya is yours so do you know when Tai Ya went to work for humans, when she returned and how?” 

Ye Lang thought for a moment. “I don’t know how she came to us humans but I know I bought her 16 years ago. 8 years later, I brought her here.” 

“Alright, I understand! Tai Ya, this is your master, have you forgotten? I can’t blame you either, you knocked your head pretty hard that one time, you might not remember!” the fox girl smiled a very sincere smile. 

The crowd stared at the fox girl. From their looks, they were obviously very confused about what was going on. 

They couldn’t figure out what her plan was! 

“Ah?!” Tai Ya could barely respond, she did not cooperate at all. 

“Greet your master! I’m sorry, she’s a little unwell these few days, please forgive her!” said the fox girl. 

“Let me see…” Ye Lang took Tai Ya’s hand. She was about to retract her arm but gave up when the fox girl gave her a look. 

Although the fox girl was stopping her from resisting, she still wasn’t sure what Ye Lang was up to. What happened next was surprising. 

“Nothing’s wrong with her! Where’s the problem? There are no signs of trauma or injury on her head… Tell me, what happened?” Ye Lang was taking her pulse. Let’s not forget he was the confused genius doctor after all. 

“Ah, you’re a doctor?” the fox girl asked, surprised. 

“Kind of!” replied Ye Lang. He was a humble person, he would never brag and tell them about how he was number one in the world. 

However, the fox girl was smart to not dwell upon this subject. Some people might’ve attempted to question his skills by asking why he couldn’t tell Tai Ya was hurt. 

She immediately said, “She’ll be fine! I’m sure she’ll recover in a few days. We’ll let her rest!”

“Yeah!” Ye Lang nodded. Concussions and head injuries might not show if the accident was very recent. 

And he’d already checked and knew there wasn’t a problem with her head. But he had to observe for a few days just to be safe. 

“Athena, what are you doing? Get this human kid out of here, this is a waste of time!” Thomas was getting impatient now. He didn’t understand what the fox girl, Athena, was doing. 

“Let’s not anger the gentleman here, we can discuss everything in a civil manner!” Athena shot a cold glare to warn the rest of them against interfering with this. 

The people who knew her all understood she was doing something very important. More important than the meeting! 

Although they didn’t know what she was doing, it was obvious it was related to this peculiar human kid. 

“Just ignore me, you may carry on. Say, what are you doing?” Ye Lang spoke now, “This is an interesting formation on the sand table… Are you red or blue?” 

On the sand table, Ye Lang saw a group of red models and another group of blue models. The two powers were battling and based on the long battlefront, they were already at the peak of the battle. This was an important moment that would determine if they would win or lose. 

Thomas and the rest were about to stop Ye Lang from looking because this was a military secret. How could they let this peculiar human see? 

Although Athena had warned them to be courteous, they still couldn’t let him know. She was about to stop Ye Lang too. 

However, Ye Lang said something that rendered them speechless for a moment, “If you’re red, congratulations! You’ve won! But if you’re blue, please be careful and change your strategy or you will suffer a miserable defeat.” 


Athena gasped, “Why would you say that? Doesn’t blue have the advantage right now? All they need to do is to attack using this battalion here and red would lose without question!” 

She pointed at the group of models as she spoke. It was obvious that they were blue. 

“This is a trap! Red is using this formation on purpose so blue would do this. I think red would attack here, here and here. If blue doesn’t have hidden artillery ready in those areas, they would lose pretty quickly,” Ye Lang shook his head. 


Athena and the rest were silent. They didn’t expect the parts they thought were advantages to be used against themselves like that! 

Ye Lang was pointing where the main portion of blue’s forces was. They didn’t think the enemy would win if they attacked there. 

And if all three spots were attacked, they were finished! 

However, the red army wouldn’t have enough manpower to capture these three points. Unless it was a complete surprise attack… But the defences would be strong there and an ambush was not likely to be successful. 

“Based on where red is right now, as long as they attack in a way where blue thinks they have left their nest, blue’s powers would naturally move together. At that point, all they have to do is to use massive firepower, launch boulders at these three points… Basically, blue would be dead!” Ye Lang explained as he pointed at various points on the sand table. 


According to their speculation, Ye Lang’s prediction could likely be the final result. They were going to proceed with this plan because they didn’t believe their enemies had the strength to capture the three strongholds. 

However, they had forgotten about the movement of both forces while they were busy estimating how strong their enemies were. 

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