The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 419

What if Athena had already mastered the fox tribe’s ancient art of hypnotism? Legends tell of golden-eyed foxes who could control your heart and your mind. Her eyes weren’t gold though, they were blue…

So what was this?

Due to the mask, no one could see the little tiger girl’s expression. If they did, they would probably have more questions. 

Under the mask, the little tiger girl was smiling, her heart brimming with joy. However, there was a dash of worry and anger there too, all directed at Athena. 


When their horse was facing her, Athena gently moved her boy so Ye Lang’s confused face was revealed. 

It was as if time stopped when she saw his face. She forgot all that was going on, willing to throw it all away just to run up to him. 

However, what Athena said next angered her. 

“Stop! Stay where you are, don’t come any closer!” shouted Athena as she watched Athena approach herself. She feared the tiger girl would be strong enough to grab Ye Lang by knocking her over. Athena gripped Ye Lang’s hand tighter. 

They both looked even closer now! 

Ye Lang, the main character of the story, was staring hard at something…

“Let him go! I’ll make you pay ten times over if you hurt him in any way!” threatened the tiger girl, her footsteps slowing down. 

“Master, what are you looking at? Why are you here? How were you captured by this fox?” the tiger girl asked Ye Lang, her tone very, very gentle. 

Athena confirmed Ye Lang’s place in the tiger girl’s heart. Yep, he was important enough that he could be a hostage. She would do anything for him! 

“Huh? I’m watching you all fight! I came to look for my Tigress, I wasn’t captured by anyone,” said Ye Lang, failing to notice who asked him the question. 

“You came for me? Why are you over at THEIR camp then? Were you lost again?” she asked, exasperated. Ye Lang must’ve gotten lost again! 

She would’ve gone mad if she knew he had mistaken another girl for herself…

“I wasn’t lost! I found Tigress, she’s behind me. See, she’s here!” replied Ye Lang immediately. He hopped off his horse and prodded a few men lying on the ground. 

“I’m behind you? What? Wait, Master, did you think she was…” The tiger girl could feel a headache coming. Looks like her master had made a mistake again, a very serious mistake this time. 

“Master!” she called again when he failed to respond. 


“What are you doing? Come here!” said the tiger girl. 

“Who are you? Why would I? ….but why does it feel like I SHOULD go there…” Ye Lang was very confused now. He didn’t know the tiger girl but why did it feel like he should?

“You don’t recognise me?” she asked. 

“You’re wearing a mask, how would I know who you are? This mask is very familiar though, I think I’ve seen this mask somewhere…” Ye Lang’s attention was finally on the tiger girl. He stared at her mask, confused. 

“Mask… I’ve forgotten about the mask…” She ripped it off, revealing a gorgeous face. 

“Ah…” Jaws dropped. No one had seen her face, ever, and they’d never expected the little tiger girl to actually be this young. She looked fifteen or sixteen, adorable as ever. 

This was a plot twist! 

“Eh? Tigress?! There are two of you?!” Ye Lang immediately recognised her when he saw her face. 

But why were there two of them? 

“Not two, only one! How could you think I look like her? Oh my goodness, I can’t believe you could make such a mistake!” huffed Tigress, feigning anger but everyone could tell she was happy to be there. 

She was ecstatic to finally meet Ye Lang again, albeit under such peculiar circumstances. Tigress had imagined how this moment would be like, she had a million guesses but none of them came close to what just happened. 

Hmmph, the reunion I wanted so much was this?! This is so stupid! 

However, how they met didn’t matter… As long as they were together…

“Her ears, her tail… It’s been eight years, Tigress should be a grown-up by now, more like her. You look like you could be Tigress’ younger sister, you look very young…” Ye Lang turned to Taeya, then to Tigress. 

“... I AM ME! This is called looking youthful, this woman is more like an auntie to you! It’s just eight years, I don’t think I would age THAT much!” exclaimed Tigress.


Of course, the word ‘auntie’ was an exaggeration. Taeya resembled an older sister. 

“Auntie?! Tiger girl, don’t be so cocky now! You’re just jealous you’re not as tall as me!” Taeya snapped. Even under the current circumstances, she could not swallow being called an ‘auntie’. 

“You’re from the tiger tribe, but you’re particularly…” Athena couldn’t help but remark, gesturing up and down to show her height compared to Tigress’. 

This was awful! 

“...” Tigress didn’t speak. She did not want to dwell on this topic. 

“Let’s not waste any more time! Surrender, my tiger girl, or you know what would happen!” said Athena. 

“Alright, I yield! You should be ashamed of yourselves, threatening me with him! If this were a real match, I would never forgive you!” Tigress surrendered easily, now walking up to Ye Lang. 

This time, Athena did not stop Tigress from approaching. 

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