The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 431

Ye Lang continued the conversation. “Tigress, what have you been doing these years? Why haven’t you replied to my letters?”

“I was cultivating in the Valley of Ice and Wind so I can protect you better in the future, I’ve only recently ended my practice! I’ve read all your letters- Master, do you really miss me?” Tigress didn’t forget to ask. She wanted to hear him say yes. 

What she didn’t tell him was that she didn’t just read them once. She read them every time she was alone, pulling them out of her space ring then spacing out…

“Yeah!” he nodded. 

Tigress laughed. She was happy to hear this. 

“That’s not right, I sent you back so you could spend time with your family, why did you leave for cultivation? Then what did I send you back for?” Ye Lang asked. 

“We did spend time together! However, my father wanted me to fight better. He said I wasn’t as strong as my peers after spending eight years with you, hence he sent me to the toughest, most difficult place for cultivation! Once you entered the Valley of Ice and Wind, you can’t leave until you’ve reached a certain level of strength…” Tigress explained with a sigh. 

“So how strong are you now?” 

“I can defeat a Di Earth Level fighter!” Tigress replied casually. 

“Oh.” Ye Lang didn’t ask any more questions. He wasn’t familiar with the different levels, they weren’t important to him. 

Other people would’ve been shocked when they heard she could beat a Di level fighter. This meant she had attained the Tian Heavenly level. Since she didn’t say which Di level she could beat, she implied she could defeat them all. 

And if she was already a Tian level fighter, that meant there were two Tian level fighters by Ye Lang’s side. That was impressive. 

Historically, teenage girls attaining Tian level was unheard of- unless they were the best of the best who got lucky. However, there were two here by Ye Lang’s side! How lucky could he be? 

Thank goodness not many knew of this. Xuan Yuanbing had always been of a special character as the Sacred Lady in Sheng City, while Tigress hadn’t appeared near the mainland in a long time so no one knew about her. 

If Ye Chengtian knew about this, he would be so depressed! He was almost Tian level himself, while his son had two close friends of the Tian level already. How could he beat that? 

Long Anqi would be concerned. With two pretty, capable friends this close to Ye Lang, would the seventh princess be okay with this? She hadn’t attained the Di level yet but everyone knew it was only a matter of time. 

Long Anqi would wonder if anyone she knew could fight the two Tian level girls. Among the young ones she knew, perhaps Princess Longji could fight them if needed- though barely- and another girl… Ye Zhiqing! 

Why Ye Zhiqing? That’s simple. As long as Ye Zhiqing’s second personality appeared, even Tian Level fighters would stay far away from her…

If Anqi met Fei, perhaps she would be another candidate. Fei was one of the terrifyingly powerful girls around but both of them might not cross paths in their lifetimes because Fei wasn’t related to Ye Lang and they only met by chance. 

“You had already left the Soaring Sky Empire after I completed my practice… Master, did the eighth princess really murder her father to take the throne?” Tigress still couldn’t believe it was true. 

“Yeah, she’s insane. Thank goodness I had no beef with her or I would’ve suffered!” Ye Lang nodded. 

Ye Lang talked about the incident as if it was nothing. He didn’t realise he had, in fact, a lot of beef with the eighth princess since he was young. Now that he’d brought his entire family out of the empire, he had more beef with her than ever. 

“No beef? Have you forgotten how you used to bully her when you were younger?” Tigress was sure her master had long forgotten about this. 

“I do, but it’s all a blur. How did I bully her?” Ye Lang had a faint memory but he wasn’t sure. Tigress would probably know better.

He had always been with Tigress since he was five. After Tigress left, he only met the eighth princess twice- once when he was giving the accession candidates their questions and once when she murdered her father. 

What about before he was five years old? The eighth princess was still a baby then, he wouldn’t have been able to bully her. 

“You used to play a lot with the seventh princess and the eighth princess loved to tag along wherever you went. However, you always thought she was annoying and tried very hard to shake her off. You might remember that,” said Tigress.

“I do, she was just a child then. Very annoying too, always crying.”

Ye Lang was only seven then, while the eighth princess was three or four. 

“After a few times, she stopped following you around but you still met her occasionally. It was only after that one incident when she stopped hanging out with you!” continued Tigress.

“What incident?”

“You were both playing house, I’m not sure what happened either. I left for the washroom with the seventh princess and both of you were alone. I’m not sure what you did but she was furious! When I asked you about it, you said you didn’t know what happened either…” Tigress chuckled as she recalled how adorable Ye Lang was. 

“?? What? You basically didn’t tell me anything,” Ye Lang said. 

“I know but I had to tell you about it. That was a long time ago though,” Tigress said with a grin. She just wanted to reminisce, that was all. 

“Tigress, what is that?”

Ye Lang didn’t mind either. His attention was already on something else.

“Master, wait up…” Tigress ran after him. 


“Tigress, your spear techniques are already very powerful, plus you have your own twist on them too! Not bad…”

In the morning, Ye Lang and Tigress were exactly like before- one was practising her spear techniques while the other was reading and sipping tea. Everything they did was as if they were back at the Ye Residence. 

Tigress’ spear techniques had already advanced beyond the Yang techniques she used to practice. She was already at a level where she developed a whole new set of unique techniques for herself. 

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