The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 435

“You…” Athena clenched her teeth and swallowed her words. She had to. What was the alternative? Fight Tigress? A hundred Athenas wouldn’t be able to win one Tigress. 

The foxes were naturally weaker in body strength. While she was a martial artist, she was only a Level 3 fighter enough to fight a regular person but not a master. 

If a fox wanted to be successful, they either had to be a wise scholar, a priest or any job similar to a magician. There were many stories of powerful priests also being able to defeat Tian Heavenly Level fighters.

However, priests this powerful were rare. They were still at a disadvantage for having a weaker physique. 


While shopping, a huge rumble came from within the administrative region of the tribe lands where the most important buildings of the tribe were. 

“Eh, fireworks in broad daylight?” Ye Lang looked up to see a signal flare shoot up into the sky. 

“Father’s under attack! Master, I’m going to head over to check on them first, be careful…” Tigress left immediately upon seeing the flare, sprinting so fast she was a mere shadow. 

That signal flare was one designated to only be used when the chief was in danger. As his daughter, of course she was worried sick. While we cannot blame her for panicking, at least she left a message for Ye Lang. 

In fact, Ye Lang was very safe if he stayed here because he wasn’t the target of the attack. 

Unfortunately, he misunderstood her instructions. If she told him to stay, he would’ve stayed and continued shopping. 

It wasn’t important for him to head over anyway. The tiger tribe had many master fighters and with Tigress present they would be able to defeat any enemy. 

Unfortunately, he interpreted her words as Tigress was heading over FIRST, which meant he should catch up and head over too! 

Hence, Ye Lang and Little Xin started to run. 

“?! Master, wait…” Athena shouted when she saw him sprinting. She understood Tigress wanted him to stay away from danger. 

She’d grown to like this kid too, she would never what him to put himself in danger. The people there should be able to handle the threat. 

Athena ran to pull him back but was shocked to realise she could never catch up. 

Ye Lang was too fast! 


Athena was a mere Level 3 fighter, how could she run as fast as him? He quickly disappeared from her view. Right now, she had no choice but to continue running. 

Although she didn’t know where he was, she knew he was running towards the administrative region of the tribe lands. 

At this moment, within the administrative region, the chief of the tiger tribe was clutching his chest, glaring fiercely at a person clad in black. He was injured. 

The person in black was wearing a mask, also black. The mask wrapped around his face, only revealing only two eyes and a mouth. No one could tell which tribe this person was from. 

Even his physique was average, the kind you wouldn’t be able to pick out if he was in a crowd. 

“Who are you, what do you want?!” roared the chief. 

The chief was still in shock from what just happened. This person had appeared without a sign, as if he’d materialised out of thin air. 

A sharp blade lunged directly at the chief’s chest the moment this person appeared. If it wasn’t for the burst of defensive douqi he released at the last moment, the blade would’ve pierced through his heart and he would’ve been dead by now.

He couldn’t tell who this person was but at least he could confirm this was a very high-level fighter. One who specialised in stealth and assassination. 

“Save your breath. You don’t need to know who I am, I am only here to take your life!” the person in black waved his longsword, scowling. 

“Do you really think you can still kill me?” The chief heaved a sigh. At this moment, the person in black was already surrounded by guards of the tiger tribe. He should be escaping. 

“You can thank your lucky stars you’re still alive… but I have already anticipated that and therefore it does not matter to me! Aaargh!” The person lunged his sword at the chief again, completely ignoring all the guards. 


With a mighty roar, several guards pounced to circle the assassin, at the same time protecting the chief. These guards were no ordinary fighters, they were all masters and they outnumbered the assassin. 

Most would hesitate upon witnessing such numbers. Even legendary swordsmen would change their minds to leave instead of proceeding with the plan. 

However, this assassin was surprisingly determined. It was a conscious decision, not one of impulse. If he was so rash, he wouldn’t be here nor would he be able to hurt the chief. 

He radiated an aura of eerie calm, so calm it sent chills. 

If it wasn’t a mistake, this meant he was confident enough in himself to kill the chief. Or he had something else in mind. 

A blade flashed before their eyes! 



The chief widened his eyes. No one had expected the guards to be incapacitated within seconds, even the chief couldn’t tell what the assassin did. 

Although they were not the best fighters in the world, these guards were no ordinary fighters! It was unbelievable they were dealt with so easily! 

“Fire the flare!” 

The rest of the guards immediately fired another emergency flare, at the same time tightening their circle around the chief. 

Although they didn’t know exactly what this assassin was capable of, they were sure he had attained a terrifying level of mastery. Caution was of the utmost importance, there was no room for error. 

The guards must hold the fort before the tribe’s best fighters arrived! 


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