The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 437

“Tai Ya, the eldest daughter of Mr Chief. Slave to humans since young sent back to the tribe at fourteen by her human master then spent years cultivating in the Valley of Ice and Wind. She previously showed off her skills at the mock war, speculated to have attained the Di Earth Level!” mused the assassin. This was what he knew about her. 

“What I didn’t expect was that you’re not a Di Level fighter but you’ve already attained the Tian Heavenly Level! Not bad for a young girl like you in her twenties, it is something to be proud of! This is indeed a miracle…” he continued calmly as if even a Tian level fighter was not a problem to him. 

“Tian level?!” gasped the crowd after listening to the assassin’s conclusion. They didn’t know the adorable girl had already achieved such a level of mastery. 

“I don’t know who trained a miracle like you… Also, I wonder who your human master was. Why would they send a treasure like you back?”

“That’s none of your business, you should focus here for I am about to KILL you!” said Tigress coldly. She had no time for small talk. 

“You want to kill me? You seem to be in such a hurry! Do you know there are sublevels within the Tian level? You’re only at the first level, darling…” waved the assassin. This meant he was way beyond the first Tian level. 

“Sublevels? What are those?” Tigress scoffed then lunged quickly with her spear again. He was now trapped in a corner. 

“?!” The assassin was caught in surprise again. He hadn’t expected her fighting style to be so decisive, flawless too. 

The flawlessness was what shocked him the most. He was aware that even his own fighting style had its weaknesses even if they were tiny. 


The assassin had no choice to block her spear with his longsword, putting all his strength into one direct slash and changing her spear’s direction. He had to pry the spear away to make space for his escape. 

“Slash of a Thousand Armies!” Before the assassin could recover, Tigress swept her spear horizontally across the side of his torso! 

The assassin did a backflip immediately to avoid the spear but that was not the end of Tigress’ attack. 

The crowd and the assassin had not seen the spear being used in combat like this. She expertly switched from using one hand to two hands…

Forehand to backhand…

A twist here, a slash there…

All her moves using Tai Ya’s blade were unimaginable! 


Tigress faked a move so the assassin would charge at her again, then immediately thrusting at his chest. He was shocked. Though he dodged in time, he was still hurt. 

It had been many years since he had seen his own blood, these years only involved him watching other people bleed! 

“Not bad! Sub levels are indeed not important! Miss Tai Ya, I now understand what you meant!” The assassin deliberately distanced himself far away from her then bandaged his injury at lightning speed. He smiled. 

He had no intention to continue with the fight for there was no meaning to it. Staying longer would only endanger his own life. 

This was what he learned from this fight too. He’d always thought that levels and sub-levels were the keys to determining the outcome of a fight but he could barely dodge Tai Ya’s attacks and she was of a lower level them himself. The fight even ended with him being hurt! 

“This was what Master told me. Levels are meant to be a reference but they do not determine the outcome of a fight!” she said coldly. “Are you going to leave? I’m not going to send you off if you are!” 

“?! Are you not planning to chase me?” asked the assassin in surprise. He was sure it was obvious he intended to escape, yet he didn’t expect Tigress to let him go just like that. 

“With your capabilities, it would be impossible to catch you! Master once said we shouldn’t waste our efforts on a losing chase!” she said calmly. 

“Haha, that’s a good one! Miss Tai Ya, you’re a good kid and the Master you speak of sounds interesting too. We shall have a chat if we meet again! As for the chief, please accept the course of fate and do not blame me…” The assassin smiled as he prepared to leave. 

“What did you mean by that? My father will not die. I do not care how many of your men you send, I will defeat them all,” warned Tigress coldly. 

He smiled. “Don’t worry, we only attack once. There will not be a second time even if we fail! As for your father, he will certainly die because…”

“He has been poisoned with the Call of Hades!” interrupted a voice. 

“That’s right, it’s the best weapon in the world… Eh?! How did you know?” nodded the assassin but suddenly realised no one should know. It was a secret! 

It had taken him too much effort to obtain the Call of Hades, very few people knew about it. 

He turned towards the source of the voice and saw a human teenager and a human girl by his side. The two humans were now standing next to the chief. 

At this moment, the tiger tribe’s chief was already lying on the ground, no longer as fierce as he was. 

Who were these humans? Why were they here with the tiger tribe? 

This human was obviously Ye Lang, who’d been running over. When he arrived, he took one look at the chief and immediately rushed over to take his pulse. 

...because Ye Lang knew an extremely powerful weapon was used against the chief! 

“It’s so obvious, who wouldn’t?” said Ye Lang casually. 

“If you know about the Call of Hades, then you would understand that his death would be certain!” the assassin regained his composure as he spoke calmly. 

“Yeah, it is likely he will die. I can’t believe he didn’t seek treatment, even using his douqi in a fight after he was injured. That’s suicide!” nodded Ye Lang. 

“So that’s why you’re here, so the chief would not have time to seek treatment. You even forced him to attack you himself!” The guards now understood the assassin wasn’t just here to kill the chief, he was working to drag time too. 

“Master, please save my father!” begged Tigress, panicking. 

Before the assassin could speak, Ye Lang spoke first. “That is impossible. Even the best miracle doctor in this world cannot cure a patient poisoned with the Call of Hades at this point!” 

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