The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 441

After Athena spoke, Shadow once again visited Ye Lang, now led by a group of tiger tribe guards glaring daggers at him. He must have an answer today. 

“We accept your conditions. Please pay in advance! If we fail, your money will be refunded!” This is the reply the First Assassins had for Ye Lang. 

Ye Lang quickly gave him a cheque worth a million. Shadow left once the payment was settled. 

“Tigress, pay attention to anyone who is killed these weeks. Check if they have any ties to your father. If the First Assassins did not wipe them out, you must send your own men to kill them, do not hesitate or there will be second and third attempts!” instructed Ye Lang calmly. 

“I understand!” Tigress nodded. 

A few days later, Ye Lang and the tribe’s foreign relations team left the tribal lands. Many people were present to send them off. It was an important trip after all, for it was related to the chief’s life and death. 

One of them was Tigress, of course, as both the chief and Ye Lang were the ones she loved most. 

“Master, with this disguise…” Tigress regarded Ye Lang, “They will never recognise you!” 

Ye Lang had already put on his disguise. The results were surprising, even Tigress was shocked when she saw him.

“Tigress, where is Master?” Athena and Taeya arrived looking for Ye Lang. However, they couldn’t find him so they had to ask Tigress.

“He’s here! Hehe, I bet you can’t tell!” Tigress was grinning with delight, waiting to see her reaction when she saw Ye Lang. 

“Where IS he?” Athena and Taeya looked hard but couldn’t find him.

However, Athena noticed something odd. She turned to one of the fox tribe members and asked, “Who are you? Why haven’t we met before?”

“I’m your elder brother!” said the fox. 

Athena and Taeya were stunned for a moment because Athena did not have an elder brother! 

“Nonsense, I don’t have an elder brother! Hey, you, you… Ah…” Athena pointed at the fox in shock.

“Haha, you got me!” the fox laughed as if his victim had fallen for his prank. 

Athena turned around the fox, looking him up and down. “Master, this is amazing! No one would know if you go like this!” 


Yep, this was indeed Ye Lang. Even Tigress was surprised by his choice. 

Everyone expected Ye Lang to disguise himself as a character that was at least human. Instead, the kid had decided to be a member of the fox tribe! 

“The ears, the tail, oh my! They’re so real! And they move too?! Master, how did you do it?” It was obvious from Athena and Taeya’s expression that they still could not believe it. 

Tigress was satisfied with their reactions. Their shock was a lot more dramatic than hers! 

“It’s simple. I found a real fox tail and ears, adjusted its structure then fixed it with alchemy. That’s why it can move whenever I want it to! Look, my ears are moving, and my tail…” Ye Lang wiggled his ears and tail exactly like how a fox beastman would. 


With this gimmick, no one would know he was human- let alone recognise him as Ye Lang. Tigress, you don’t have to worry about the kid. 

Athena was no longer worried for Ye Lang because she wouldn’t have noticed him even if he didn’t change the rest of his features. Right now, he even gave himself long hair and he was now a changed man. 

To match his fox features and cover his human ears, Ye Lang gave himself a head of silver hair like Athena’s. 

And just like that, a foxy teenager, Apollo, was born. He would create ripples in this world…

“Master, you have to be careful! Don’t tell anyone who you are and return as soon as possible once you retrieve the armour. Don’t get involved in anything else, remember to look for Anna’s team this time. I don’t want you following the wrong group again,” reminded Tigress once again. 

They had arranged for Ye Lang to meet Anna’s Mercenary Group once he had retrieved the item so they could immediately escort him back to the tribal lands. Anna’s group was the best team they could trust for now. 

“I know, you’ve told me five times! I’m not an idiot, I remember!” said Ye Lang. 

“You ARE an idiot! You can be very clueless at times… Athena, remember to watch him!” instructed Tigress.

“Don’t worry, I will! I don’t think you’re his servant, tiger girl, you sound more like his mom…” teased Athena. She thought Tigress was overthinking the mission. 

“Hmmph! As long as you do your job!” scoffed Tigress. 

Athena’s words were not far from the truth. Tigress had always been by his side since he was young. She played many roles in his life and being a nagging mom was one of them. 

“We’re leaving. Don’t be so naggy!” Ye Lang said very honestly and hopped unto a carriage containing boxes of goods. He sat on one of the boxes and waved them goodbye. 

Their tribe did not own any guest carriages, all their carriages were meant for goods transport. That was why Ye Lang wasn’t allocated his own comfortable carriage. He didn’t mind though, they were all the same to him. 

The rest rode their own horses instead. Ye Lang had to travel by carriage because he didn’t know how to ride one. 

Soon after, the entire group slowly left for the Imperial City. Tigress stood watching as they grew smaller, then returned home once she could no longer see them. 

“Master, why did you choose to be a fox? Why not a tiger?” asked Athena at some point. 

“The foxes are weaker, they don’t have to do anything. Tigers are expected to be strong and carry heavy stuff- I don’t have that time, I’m very weak!” Ye Lang replied honestly. 


So that was why he chose to be a fox! He didn’t want to move his ass, spending his days lazing around. Perhaps living a fox’s life was the most comfortable route for him, for they did not participate in laborious tasks.

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