The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 442

To be honest, he had the perfect figure for a fox’s disguise. The male members of the tiger tribe were huge and muscular. His stature was far from their size, therefore he was much more suited to be a fox instead. 

The rest of them quickly confirmed that Ye Lang’s decision to be a fox was the right one. 

Once they left the tribal lands, every time they passed through a human town, Ye Lang would attract a lot of stares. Many women were even bold enough to flirt with him! 

“Haha, Master, you make a good fox! The ladies are swooning!” 

“That’s not a good thing! I’m attracting too much attention, I’ve got to switch it up a bit…” replied Ye Lang, scurrying back inside to put on more makeup. 

“Stop, it’s fine! You don’t have to change anything! This happens to us foxes a lot, you’re not the only one they’re flirting with. You would attract even more attention if you’re too ‘special’!” Athena ran inside with him too. 

She was right. Athena and the rest had been receiving many advances too. The fox tribe was an attractive group of individuals with a magnetism that humans cannot resist. 

“That’s true… I’ll stick to this look then. At least I don’t have to slather on even more makeup, it’s too tiring!” Ye Lang put down his makeup kit after listening to Athena. 

Athena made sense. Him not being attractive while being in such an attractive group would make him stick out like a sore thumb. 

“However, just in case, I think everyone should put on a pair of sunglasses. This is to attract less attention,” Ye Lang said as he put on a pair of sunglasses. 

Athena was stunned for a moment. “Master, I don’t think sunglasses would attract less attention… But I do think it helps with your disguise.”

The pair of sunglasses, unfortunately, didn’t make anyone less attractive, instead made them look more mysterious and cooler. However, it helped. 

“Alright, give everyone a pair then. The tiger tribe too, they should wear these to look like strong bodyguards!” Ye Lang produced many pairs of tinted glasses from his space ring to Athena’s surprise. 

Although sunglasses were common here, they were considered luxurious items in the higher price range. Naturally, she was stunned when Ye Lang randomly pulled out a handful of them from his ring. 

The next day, humans stared in fascination as a suave group of individuals passed through their town- a group of cool, fierce tiger tribe members in shades and a group of mysterious, gorgeous foxes also in shades! 

This team seemed to become even more attractive, causing a larger commotion wherever they went. 

However, as a whole, it was more difficult to distinguish between the members when they wore shades. This was also Ye Lang’s aim. 

Sigh, this was the sad part of being a team. Although the team became very famous, no one really knew who was who- and nobody cared either. 

Just like that, this very attractive bunch arrived at the Imperial City of the Soaring Sky Empire after about a month. There were little incidents that happened along the way, of course, but none of them was worth a mention. 

No one ever suspected Ye Lang’s true identity. Everyone who saw him only thought he was a very cool fox tribe member, not the most wanted criminal of the empire. 

The reward and urgency for his capture were the largest across the empire, far exceeding the manpower delegated for other masters like Ye Yi-- as if they didn’t exist at all. 

Ye Yi had already set up his family base far from this land and maintained their neutral position. Naturally, the empire slowly decreased its efforts in capturing his family. 

However, Ye Lang was the number one traitor of this land. Her Majesty, also the eighth princess, was still waiting for someone to bring her Ye Lang or any news of him. 

She had been busy stabilising her empire these years. If she had more time, she would’ve sent her best team to capture Ye Lang. No matter where Ye Lang had escaped to, she would’ve still wanted him back. 

Many people never understood why the young empress cared so much about Ye Lang. Had Ye Lang once bullied her? 

Of course, this was what they thought… If they ever spoke this aloud, they would’ve been sentenced to death! 

This young empress had psychotic tendencies indeed. She had murdered her father, then massacred her siblings… but the people could not deny that she was admirable in ruling an empire. 

In Ye Lang’s words: a good ruler must be at least a little crazy…

After her ascension to the throne, the eighth princess had re-structured the entire government with an iron fist, focusing all power on herself. Every aspect of the government from the military to political positions were controlled by herself. 

Then, she focused on slowly unveiling her own ruling policies and wiping out all opposing parties within the empire. Yep, she wiped them out. Not just ‘suppress’. 

In her words: anyone who refuses her orders must die! 

However, while she was brutal, the commoners thought she was not a bad empress at all! Her policies all benefited the people and their lives had been improving with the development of the empire. 

This was why the Soaring Sky Empire still maintained its glory despite the major changes in government. This was very obvious within the Imperial City, Ye Lang thought it was busier than when he left the place. 

“I want to go to the auction house!” 

The first thing Ye Lang wanted to do was visit the auction house because it was the place he missed most. He didn’t miss anything else as much as this place! 

“Stop!” Athena was quick to grab his collar, stopping his escape. 

“What are you doing? We can go our separate ways now!” Ye Lang swatted at her hand, gesturing for her to let go. 

“Master, you can’t leave us now even if you wanted to. We’re in plain sight, don’t you think people will be suspicious if they see you walking away alone?” huffed Athena. 

“Will they? I don’t think anyone will notice,” said Ye Lang, nonchalant.

Athena furrowed her brows, turning in a direction. “That’s not true, I think we’re being watched very closely…”

“??” Ye Lang was puzzled. As he turned towards where Athena was looking at, he saw a familiar face, though he could not recall where he’d seen this person. 

However, Ye Lang could confirm that these people were from the military. They were clad in armour and rode horses- they were obviously soldiers!

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