The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 445

Although Athena didn’t interact much with humans, she knew what brothels were. She’d read a lot of material on humans, she was very familiar with how humans lived. 

“Brother, is that how Miss Athena always treats you as her elder brother?” Aili asked innocently because he realised Athena seemed to be upset at Ye Lang about everything and Aili was accidentally dragged into it too. 

However, that meant Athena didn’t really care about him.

“No, she’s usually alright. I’m not sure why she was upset either, it must be you.” Ye Lang shook his head, pushing the blame on Aili. 

“...” Hey, what’s that supposed to mean?! I’m innocent! Aargh!  

“Hmmph!” Athena glared at Aili. “Stay away from him, don’t ruin the kid’s mind with your filth!” 

“...” Aili fell silent. Ye Lang was the one who brought up the brothel first! “Miss Athena, our brother here was the one who…” 

“He’s not your brother!” raged Athena. 

“Uh, what should I call him?” Aili was stunned for a moment. 

“Call him Master!” Athena waved casually. 

“Master?!” Aili was stunned once again. Master?! Why would I call him Master?! Would that make you ‘my lady’ then? I’d be ranked lower than you both for no reason!  

Athena then followed her statement with, “Never mind, scrap that. What I mean is that you’re banned from going near him!” 

This meant Aili wasn’t even qualified to call Ye Lang his master… At this point, he could care less. However, it was in the future when he realised this kid was a master indeed.

After shaking off Aili, Athena asked Ye Lang, “Tell me why you’re going to a place like that.”

“What place?”  

Athena clenched her teeth. “I’m talking about the Romantic Floor.”

“Oh, that’s my property. It’s very normal to visit your own property,” Ye Lang said very causally. 

“...” Athena fell silent, not expecting this answer at all. This brothel was a piece of property under his name?! 

“You’re shameless! Why did you even start a brothel…” Athena blushed in embarrassment. 

“I thought it was a profitable business so I bought it. I was living inside for a month so it was more convenient for me to buy the place.” 

“You lived for a month inside?” Athena’s face darkened. 

“Yeah! I was fixing Fatty’s looks so we lived there for a bit. “

“Fatty?” Athena didn’t understand. 

“I don’t have time right now. I need to check which jerk took over MY property!” Ye Lang waved impatiently. 

“??” Athena was even more puzzled. Did someone take over his property? 

It was simple. Remember how the Romantic Floor was closed down by the empress? It was left alone for a while but recently someone re-opened the place in their own name out of convenience and lack of enforcement. 

Ye Lang had heard about this soon after he arrived at the city when he overheard a conversation about someone wanting to visit the opening ceremony of the Romantic Floor. When he asked around, he realised his own business had been taken over by someone else. 

And it seemed like everyone was familiar with the new owner of the place too, apparently the master of the Li Family, someone named Li Yan. 

“I’m leaving!” 

Once Athena and the rest of the members had settled down, Ye Lang left Little Xin there and slipped away in a cloud of dust. Athena was about to follow him but couldn’t catch up. 

“I can’t believe that jerk still insists to go to the brothel! He can stay there for the night, I don’t want him back here!” Athena clenched her teeth and stomped. However, she knew there would be a serious problem if he didn’t return by nightfall. 

Although Ye Lang often lost his way, he was very familiar with the Imperial City so he should be alright for the moment. She wasn’t too worried. 

Naturally, he was heading towards the place he wanted to visit most first. Ye Lang stuck out a hand to flag a carriage. 

“The auction house please!” 

He first wanted to go to the auction house, the Romantic Floor was second. As for Ye Residence, he could only go at night. 

However, wasn’t he afraid people would be suspicious if he walked like this in the streets? For that, his answer was: I don’t care! 

So what if they recognise me? I’ll escape the moment I get my stuff, they won’t be able to catch me! 

Ye Lang’s fox disguise was still on but he had already taken off his sunglasses. He travelled through the Imperial City with a magnetism that turned heads. 

Why did he take off his shades? 

That’s simple, if he took off his shades, no one would think he was one of the members of the tiger and the fox tribe’s foreign relations team. Hence they would not make connections between him and them. 

This was because everyone recognised the team based on their shades now! 

With the rest wearing shades, it was even easier to differentiate between himself and them! 

Athena needn’t worry for Ye Lang was not going back to mix with the team. He was definitely going to stay out of the Hundred Beast District, preferable at the Romantic Floor if he could. 

Ye Lang had stayed in different places within the Imperial City and the Romantic Floor was one of them. Other places might not be suitable for the moment. 


The first was the seventh princess’ palace. The eighth princess had this place closely guarded and it would be very risky for him to enter. 

As for the Ye Residence, it was as risky as entering the palace…

Never mind that, I hope there’s something good at the auction! 

Just like that, Ye Lang stepped into a place he had not visited in a very long time. A place he had missed dearly. 

At the auction house, since Ye Lang was ‘new’, he had to register his name and take a number…

“What is your name?”

“My name is Ford. Ford Fox.” Ye Lang gave a random name after a moment of thought. 

In reality, not many beastmen had a family name. Those who had one were from powerful clans, most of them at least half-human. 

There was coincidental, there was a half-beastmen family who was descendants of the fox tribes on the mainland. They were very wealthy and primarily dealt in trade--- most importantly, their family name was also Fox. 

Ye Lang had no idea he’d given himself a family name that already existed. Hence, everyone naturally thought he was one of the young masters of the clan and this saved Ye Lang a lot of suspicion and questions. This was how Ye Lang had, once again, another layer of protection from another clan. 

As for the name Ford, well, he was thinking of cars at the time. And Fox, naturally, was because he was a fox! 

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