The Silly Alchemist - Chapter 461

“Hey, who said I’ve got no ideas? Who’s Athena? She’s smarter than me?” Coldblood Seven heard the name and instinctively knew that it was a girl. She wasn’t going to admit defeat. 

“Yes! She’s very smart! You cannot compare with her!” Ye Lang nodded, thinking that Athena was indeed smarter. In reality, they were both smart in a different manner.

In terms of wisdom, Athena would definitely overpower Coldblood Seven. However, Coldblood Seven was far more superior in the art of deception.

“I don’t believe you!” Coldblood Seven pouted.

Ye Lang spoke apathetically, “It’s up to you to believe it. Hurry, tell me your plans so I can compare who is smarter.”

“Fine!” Coldblood Seven began to take the plan seriously. She hadn’t paid much attention to it before this.

“Just tell me!” Ye Lang hurried her.

“What is your identity now? I need to know before I show you my plan,” she asked. 

“For now, I think I’m called Ford? And there seems to actually be a Fox family in this area…” 

“I know that. It is a family within the fox tribe and it’s rather popular within the human race. It’s just that, while they may seem suitable, they are not the best choice,” mused a curious Coldblood Seven.

“It wasn’t my choice. It’s all a misunderstanding, I was merely giving them a fake name! How would I know such a family actually existed?” Ye Lang said with resentment. The weight his fake name bore wasn’t intentional.

“...” Coldblood Seven was stunned and found it hilarious. From Ye Lang’s words, it seemed that all this was a coincidence.

“Never mind. While this name is not the most suitable, it isn’t too bad either. You can use it during the mission. Besides, I don’t think there will be many Fox family members here in Soaring Sky Empire, so you don’t have to worry about being exposed.” 

Ye Lang spoke this time, “What do I have to worry about? It was they who assumed I was Ford Fox from THAT family but never did I once admit it. Can’t I also have Fox as my last name?”

“Uh... Fine, since this is all already a misunderstanding, we’ll just let it slide. How much do you know about the Fox family?” Coldblood Seven looked at Ye Lang. She believed the kid would know nothing about it.

As expected, he replied quickly, “No idea, never heard of ‘em!”

“Coincidentally, I have some of their information here. Please memorise it before the operation or you will be exposed when they ask you about it,” she said as she handed him a document.

Ye Lang flipped through the pages and glanced at it for a while before returning it back to Coldblood Seven.

“What now? You hang on to the file. Memorise it, it’ll help!” Coldblood Seven raised an eyebrow. She wanted Ye Lang to remember a little even if he did not care.

“I already did,” came his reply.

“What?!” Coldblood Seven in disbelief. Ye Lang only flipped through the pages, how can he possibly remember everything?

“You memorised EVERYTHING?!” She glared at Ye Lang, attempting to catch any sign of him lying.

“Yes!” Ye Lang just nodded while returning a dubious look, as if wondering if there was any reason to ask.

Of course I’m in shock! You only flipped through the document once! How do you expect me to believe you when you claim to have finished memorising it?!

While she was in disbelief, she realised that Coldblood Five was rather indifferent about it. Although her personality as always been rather cold, it surprised Coldblood Seven that she was not even shocked in the least.

“Coldblood Five, did you know he could do this?” She felt that something was going on.

“I do! He can memorise an entire document with just a glance, he won’t forget any of it,” Coldblood Five nodded and spoke nonchalantly. This wasn’t the first time he did this, she was already used to it.

“What’s next?” Ye Lang reminded her to continue her explanation.

“If you want to lie your way into a woman’s heart, you have to first set up a romantic and unforgettable experience. If you can achieve that, you’re halfway there!” She replied sternly.

“Right. An unforgettable experience... it doesn’t matter if it is a bad or a good memory!” Ye Lang added.


Bad ones? Will that even work?

All three of the girls found it weird for him to say that. He should not include bad memories, right?

“Idiot! How would bad ones work? Do you want the relationship to fail?” Coldblood Five hissed.

“It’s not that! Don’t people say that if the man is not bad, the woman will not love him? That’s why a bad influence will work too!” Ye Lang stated blankly. Seems like many used to say this before.

“I don’t know where you’ve heard that. Seriously, why are you always coming up with the most ridiculous theories? How can a woman love a bad man?” Coldblood Seven said impatiently while knocking on Ye Lang’s head.

“A woman deciding to love a man should not be decided by whether or not he’s bad, right? Aren’t there a lot of women by the side of evil men? Sometimes even more so than righteous men!” Ye Lang said naturally.

“Those women are not good either! Those good ones by their side must have been with the men before they turned evil, or are tricked by them…” Coldblood Seven said directly.

“Am I not tricking Li Yue now?” Ye Lang cut in.

“You’re indeed tricking. But you have to leave a good impression! If you don’t, Li Yue will not even talk to you! This tactic is unusable!” she said helplessly.

“It’s different?” Ye Lang did not see the difference.

“It’s different!” The three said in unison.

“Fine. What do you suggest I do then?” 

“If you want to pursue her, it’s best if you pamper her by doing things she likes. She doesn’t seem to have any specific interest though, so this might be a little hard,” Coldblood Seven replied.

Just as she finished her sentence, Ye Lang immediately corrected her. “That’s not true! She likes to spar with others, wear a white dress, white roses. She also likes to drink while admiring the moon and hunt…”

“... How do you know so much?” The three girls were shocked. Never did they expect him to know her so well.

“I was once one of her admirers, remember?” Ye Lang gave them a look that regarded them as idiots. 

“...” Silence. They hadn’t thought of that. 

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